AGS Insider: Team draft selection

by ValiantPax 11 months ago

  AGS Insider: Team Draft Selection


What really happened leading up to the draft and during? Though many have speculated, a coach with all the info has stepped forward. To protect him and his family, we have decided to redact his name from this document. We hope our readers at home can understand. Remember Coach **REDACTED** brung us the news, and I am here just to report.

Sunday August 15th 2021, 48 hours until draft time:
Commish MHC began to plot during the early evening hours,  while riding his peloton. As he was on his cool down of his hour-long bike ride through the Himalayas, MHC picked up his phone and messaged the admin group, “Dear Admins, the coaches are getting feisty enough.. It’s time to have our draft. Let's meet in admin voice in 30 minutes and discuss.” MHC hopped off his bike, grabbed a muffin, and headed to the showers to further plan his following actions with precision.

As he hopped out of the shower, he saw he had 5 DM messages from coach GOM.

“Are you ready to rig this again?”
“I am a little nervous the coaches will riot”
“Tyrant is onto us.. We have to appease him”
“Let's make sure we throw Jerm under the bus again”
“Please answer, we MUST talk before we talk to the other admins”

MHC voice calls GOM, “It’s all going to be okay. I am a BACK 2 BACK champ.. I have a new found confidence and nothing will go wrong with this plan….. Obviously we can’t be the same picks as last year.. Lets just swap im 2 and your 1. It's so obvious that it's rigged, people will think it isn't. We will give Tyrant a top 5 pick, he will be too busy trying to figure out what team to take that he won’t say anything. As for the other admins, they know the rules. They get an automatic top 12 pick for the work they put in but one of us has to fall on the sword and be outside that. Of course we will rig this as well so Jerm is once again outside the top 12.. Can’t have the most powerful coach getting a great team. We will also need to throw in some guys with low balls that will just end up picking teams they enjoy, not for the greatness of them. Skittles, Cynax, Task and Dog should do great.

Gom interrupts instantly, “ CYNAX??? MHC no…..”

MHC chuckles, “Cynax is an easy win man. Did you not watch the superbowl where I CRUSHED him?? Plus if he passes on WFT he will never live down the nickname “SIN-AXE”

Gom relaxes, “Yeah that's true… How are we going to appease your brother? You know he knows all and sees all…. He can bring this operation down in an instant.”

MHC shrugs, “Taste can be a bit unpredictable.. I’ll just DM him letting him know he will be a top 10 pick and that he is the superior brother.. Should keep him content for the time being.. Will definitely have to let him know some of the superstar draft picks ahead of time though, like always.”

GOM with curiosity in his voice, “Who do you think your going to take at 2?”

MHC, “ Yeah after we give the browns three superstars, that is going to be my pick. Make sure you leave them for me. Some great teams for you to choose from.

GOM, “Don’t worry friend, they will be there for you…..”

Tuesday August 17th 2021, draft time begins:

Gom on the clock: Gom sits at home, sweating nervously. “We put this all together, but do I betray MHC? The Browns are clearly the best team to take at one but MHC said he WANTED them. But then again I am wanting to repeat as the top winningest regular season coach. This gives me the best chance and I have a 97 speed rookie WR that no one is talking about.” Gom goes ahead and writes his submission of the browns and sends it to MHC. Instantly, MHC gives a voice call. Gom chooses to decline and DM’s MHC, “No hard feelings. M22 is my year to go back 2 back.”

MHC on the clock: MHC hops on the peloton with joy for his 2nd bike of the day. “OMG he fell for it. I don’t want trash can Baker at QB no matter how good the team is. Now my plot for 6 super bowls can commence. Of course I have to act upset and then forgive him. The packers are mine.. A stacked roster that has 3 things… a good Red zone threat WR, a young superstar corner with acrobat, and an XFactor Qb I can trade to get so much more.” MHC’s wife hears evil laughing coming from their office but doesn’t begin to understand what AGS is going to be plagued with for 6 seasons of madden 22.

Maloney on the clock: Maloney sits pondering patiently, unbeknown to the mischievous activities that took place before him.  “I can’t believe Pax used the blessing of the yeet on me instead of himself… I could run it back with the bills thanks to the Overlord Commish Tyrant’s new camp system, but I find its time to take my talents to the west coast. Warner plus my user LB skills, the NFC better watch out.”

Skittles on the clock: “I am tired of playing smithy year after year… Plus they did Hurts dirty.. Time to swap conferences and shake up this draft.. GIVE ME KING HENRY.”

Tyrant on the clock: “Oh boy its my turn… let me go eat dinner real quick and slow this process down.. They let both the ravens and chiefs fall to me. Hmm. These guys saw what I did with Casey Thomas, they will now feel my terror with Lamar.

Cynax on the clock: MHC takes a deep breath as he sends the DM. As Morpheus looked at Neo and offered the red and blue pill, MHC looked at Cynax and offered WFT and KC. As in the matrix, there was only one way for Neo’s story to go forward, and the same was for Cynax.. We are all blessed Cynax chose his home team of WFT.

Task on the clock: Task comes in from his mountain trek and sits down at his computer. As the coffee reaches his lips, he spits back out as MHC says the chiefs still remain.. With an insta lock, Task secured one of the most talented rosters in the game at pick 7.. And let's all be honest, is there any better man than Task to take the chiefs?

Smithy on the clock: I am tired of being in Skittles division every year. I can’t even build a team after Dak’s contracts and the powers above nerfed Zeke to the ground.. It’s time for me to take my talents to the AFC. I see no one has taken a team in the AFC East.. Ill take the best team in the bills to guarantee Ill have a spot in the playoffs year after year. Even if gorilla takes the dolphins, my team is way better and some scrubs will take the jets and patriots.

Dog on the clock: The reigning champs and the highest overall team fell to me at nine?? This is heaven. Finally ill have a qb that can throw the ball. Now it's time to go get nick chubb…

Taste on the clock: MHC I want speed on defense. And young. And did I mention speed? Pick the right team for me or I bring this operation down.

Mouthoff on the clock: Give me that boy KYLER! I’m ready to show ags how to really play this madden. Now that I'm out of the superteam league, the west is mine.

Gorilla on the clock: OH BABY. My dolphins are here.. Ive been hyping them up.. However I took them in AGS PS5. I bet smithy took the titans for Derrick henry since we nerfed Zeke. Give me sunshine HAHA. coming for you smithy :D

Soup on the clock: Its time to take my Kingdom out west. I heard they have plenty of money to supply my taxes. Lord Russel and co will do nicely. My  D will cause plenty of havoc and fumbles.. So long north, after winning a superbowl, you no longer have to pay my taxes.. However, there is one you will have to pay.. Beware.

Josh on the clock: OH BABY. RAIDERS! Time to GM this league into oblivion. speedster ruggs gimme gimme.

Jerm on the clock: here we gooo falling on the sword. Surprise surprise. Oh wow dolphins are still up.. Someone took bills. I'm not scared of anyone to be honest with all my hardware. 97 speed WR rookie superstar… plus I have lots of practice with Tua. TWO superstar corners… I don’t even need to look at the masterlist for this one. Lock it in coach.

Flap on the clock: The mad man really didn’t take the cowboys. Flap looks off camera as Thanos did and says, “Looks like I gotta do it myself.” Flap is here to bring the boys the rightful trophy he thinks they deserve. Obvious with WFT off the board, flap looks to destroy Cynax as he did in the last playoffs on madden 21.

Kuppa on the clock: Wow the chargers are still here??? The PAIN is over baby. Madden 22 Kuppa is here to shatter the record books.

McGee on the clock: WHAT. No way the eagles are here. Both skittles AND Maloney past on them.. Three first rounders and madden God’s at WR.. This will go very nicely. Fools of a took!

Oracra on the clock: 99 speed MLB? Say no more. Give me them steelers.

Intel on the clock: Time to do right by me. Justice your staying home this madden. Hopefully you and dalvin can bring home the goods. With soup most likely gone, the taxation is over! We can celebrate in the north again.

Slick on the clock: Look guys i’m just happy to be here. Can’t believe I made it this far up. Obviously with my superior knowledge on everything obvious, the obvious pick here is Fields and the bears.. This shall go quite nicely in the north.

Aphetto on the clock: As long as I don’t have to start with the patriots again i’d be happy. What.. Q nel and JT are still here?? Is there a mid range team that could fit Aphetto more perfectly? I think not… AFC south beware, aphetto is here to make his home.

Ping on the clock: Oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot who do I take?? Well I remember last madden when daddy Gorilla pwned me time and time again with the Giants.. Maybe he will train me in the ways of destroying kids..

Pax on the clock: All these good afc teams have been taken.. I know its going to be a gauntlet again.. But how can I say no to my beloved New York team? They had my heart once, and they shall have it again. Rookie Zach Wilson is New York and record breaking ready.

Mustang on the clock: Wow you guys let a superstar rookie corner fall all the way to me.. Easy pick. Im about to be the real Mile High Champ.

Ding on the clock: Ready to showdown.. A rookie first rounder is still here? Daddy Mac and co bout to show the east who belongs. Papa Bill is coming around the bend to re take control of the east.

Leek on the clock: With my newly fixed gaming setup, input lag will torment no longer. Inside stuff, Deon Jones, and pitts are going to fit just nicely. Give me 2 more years detroit and then you will be mine.. You need to sit in the oven just a little bit longer.

Darkman on the clock: How are Jalen ramsey and Aaron donald still here? Easy lock in, give me the goats MHC.

Brock on the clock: Wow I actually have a choice of a team.. Bring me home to NO.. It’s time to party all over the south

Bouncer on the clock: I got a team and a bunch of first’s with the Lions. At least i'm not HOUSTON!

NotaVeg on the clock: Heads I take Bengals, Tails I take houston… PHEW.. I would never want that trash team.

V1 on the clock: please dont trade watson please dont trade watson please dont trade watson. 

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