League Start Info

by Defiant_35693 2 months ago

***League Update/Start Timeframe*** ***Expecting*** To Advance to Regular Season Tuesday. Only hold up now is a glitch that is not allowing ANY week 1 (sometimes week 2 also) games to be completed. Regardless, we’ll advance to week 1 regular season tomorrow morning!!!! WORST CASE SCENARIO… we may have to advance to week 3 simming the games. So be prepared for 2 L’s… - MAKE SURE to cut roster down to 53 TODAY! Practice Squad Stealing will be active! - 3 FLs and you’re out! Only exception is if you notify Sam Corbin or Myself PRIOR TO FLs that you’ll be unavailable. Quit/Concede is AUTOMATIC BOOT also! - Salary Cap Penalties will be cleared tomorrow morning! After that, you’re ON YOUR OWN!!! Ain’t no “the CPU messed my player contract up…” or “I only have 30 players, and can’t sign…” or “Jeremiah dumped all of his big contracts on my team…” And DAMN SHO releasing & signing for 1 year will get ya XF/SS player’s abilities dropped to SLOW AF Dev!!!!!! - No Trade Committee, No Trade Protection! Snakes are ALL AROUND! Check EVERY DETAIL of trade before accepting! - Check rules n position change chart just to be safe!
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