Hot Seat Interview w/ Falcons

by Club_Shay 11 months ago

Shay: Hey Coach, How are ya? First off, Id like to say Congrats on winning the best draft ???? ????. Thats clearly no easy task. Did you have a plan/strategy going into the draft?
Coach: My strategy wasn't any different than anybody else's I had pick 16 so we was always in the middle we watch started division pick their players and we had to choose wisely.
Shay: I gotcha. So how would you grade that plan based on how your picks happened?
Coach: I grade my plan A+ obviously because I won best draft
Shay: Straight like that huh. Who were your “must have” guys? You can pick from players you actually landed or someone you were trying to land.
Coach: I mean all my picks where special my favorite pick is DK.
Shay: Yea DK definitely a dawg. We saw you played a good game against the Eagles week 1 but came up short. Why do you think you came up short?
Coach: We had a really good game week one I'm proud of my guys we just have to make better decisions and attack the Qp more and push for 3 and outs we definitely mad when we threw a pic to try to come back but Mac Jones is a rookie he will show up more hopefully
Shay: I can agree wih that. What are you expectations for you team this year? How many wins? Playoffs? SuperBowl?
Coach: I believe we will have a great season we hopefully are going to go to the playoffs but if we don't we will build this team to be super bowl champions 
Shay: Well yall heard it here first. Falcons definitely coming for that trophy. If not now than it will definitely be in the near future. Again coach I preciate ya stopping in to the hot seat.

Coach: Thank you for having me Shannon Sharpe highly appreciate it
Shay: Til next time. This was Club Shay and the hot seat
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