Monty Python and the Holy Locks Episode 4

by Montazuu 10 months ago

Monty Python and the Holy Locks: 

We are 3 weeks into the Holy Lock segment and as the season goes on the winning percentages increase. No one is below a 50% winning percentage, showing these handicappers know their stuff when it comes to Primer football. We had 4 players who went perfect this past week and they were Smitty, Spades, Doc and myself. We all either had the Chargers +3 or the Bills +13 which both hit. We have two people tied for 100% as well as the 2 brothers tied at 83%. 

Updated Winning %'s:

Monty- 67%   Smitty- 56%   Spades- 83%   Blades- 83%   Madnaiss- 100%   STD- 50%   Doc- 100%  

Monty's Picks:

Packers -1 Vs. Chiefs- I think this will be a shootout between two high powered offenses but seeing what Aaron Jones can do on the ground and knowing they need to chew up clock late they'll be able to makes me lean towards the Packers. Knowing Gramz loves to bring heat on early downs though makes me hesitant but I thin Rodgers having gun-slinger will make a huge difference.

Chargers +5 Vs. Eagles- I don't trust Hurts to be able to pull this one out against a tough defense led by Bosa and James. I think Hurts and the Eagles to even have a chance Hurts will have to be creative on the ground. The chargers offense I think will be too much for the eagles defense to handle especially now tih Curtis Samuel picking up a developmental upgrade.

Vikings -3 Vs. Ravens- I think the Vikings will have trouble with Lamar on the ground but I think they'll be able to take advantage of him through the air. The Vikings looked tough in their close loss to the cowboys last week giving me hope Kellen Mond will be able to bounce back. I also think Vikings pull this one out with ease if he can get Dalvin Cook going early. 


Smitty's Picks:

Dolphins -8 Vs. Texans

Panthers -2 Vs. Patriots

Cardinals -3 Vs. 49ers

Spades Picks:

Cowboys +11 Vs. Broncos

Chargers +3 Vs. Eagles

Panthers -2 Vs. Patriots

Blade's Picks:

Chargers +5 Vs. Eagles

Ravens +3 Vs. Vikings

Chiefs +1 Vs. Packers

Madnaiss's Picks:

Cardinals -3 Vs. 49ers

Ravens +3 Vs. Vikings

Colts -4 Vs. Jets

STD's Picks:

Vikings -3 Vs. Ravens

Colts -4 Vs. Jets

Steelers +1 Vs. Bears

Doc's Picks:

Chargers +5 Vs. Eagles

Packers -1 Vs. Chiefs

Ravens +3 Vs. Vikings

Rice's Picks:

Dolphins -8 Vs. Texans

Packers -1 Vs. Chiefs

Falcons -7 Vs. Saints

Monty's Moneyline:

I forgot to make my selection for my 3 team underdog moneyline parlay but that won't happen again as we are here to win money on primer games!


Steelers ML

Patriots ML

Chargers ML

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