“Injuries.Momentum Bar.Whatever. Just win”

by FootlessMoney86 8 months ago

Hours before the game even started the Giants would be hit with devastating news, Sequan would not be able to play vs Bucs do to Covid, he was tested several times doing the week and all test would come back negative, the final test before getting on the plane to go to Tampa bay, this one would come back Postitive, crazy right? That's the first red flag

2nd flag, the Giants would have to spot the Buccaneers 13 points when the game start due to a lost bet between the owners. Also giving bucs a COMPLETELY FULL momentum bar. Two major problems Giants would have to overcome to compete in this game. 

Coming into this game Giants knew, as bad as it sound we would have to make Brady throw the ball, we can not lose in the run game, Brady having 29 interceptions on the season we knew bad decisions would come and it's up to us to take advantage of them. Control the box and make the Wrs beat us, was preached every day this week. (Brady threw 3 interceptions)

We also would have to establish a run game so our Wrs can get work, losing Barkley last minute really put us back, but we had one person that we knew would come and get the job done, we don't know if he will be around long term but we know whenever we need him he would be ready to go. Mark Ingram literally was called 2 hours before the game and he made a way to get to Tampa bay, very high Football IQ, but we kept it simple for him, a lot of inside zone  and just let him go to work down hill. 11 rushes and a huge touchdown to help Giants clinch a win. We will see how his role goes when Barkley returns. 


CypherSimile 8 months ago

The story buildup lol

Thetruth1566 8 months ago

I see conversations become taglines and articles lmao.

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