Midseason Awards

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RFOX's Way Too Early Awards

MVP - Nick Chubb


Nick Chubb - 128.6 Rushing Yards Per Game - 8 touchdowns - 5.7 YPC

Chubb is clearly the MVP to me at the halfway point this season, no other player is as important to their teams success this season than Chubb. Nick Chubb has been the entire Browns offense this season. Without Chubb, I don’t think the Brown are sitting at .500 right now, let alone being 5-2 and starting out 5-0. 

Tua Tagovailoa - 357.9 Passing Yards Per Game - 25:7 TD:INT Ratio - 64% Comp

Tua has had a major glow up in year 3 of his career. Tua is currently 1 td away from breaking his career high for td’s thrown and we’re only 8 games into his season. Tua has also done a great job at limiting his turnovers as he has only thrown 7 through 8 games while he threw 23 all of last season. I think Tua will have a hard time keeping up with Rodgers as the season goes on but if he can, he’ll have a real shot at the MVP.

Aaron Rodgers - 332.9 Passing Yards Per Game - 23:8 TD:INT Ratio - 75% Comp

Aaron Rodgers was part of a huge three way trade that saw him going to Cincinnati, Burrow going to Green Bay, and Love going to Atlanta. Rodgers has been playing lights out ever since he joined the Bengals. Rodgers has thrown 3+ touchdowns in 5 of his 8 games this season and has been a big part in the Bengals being 6-2 and leading their division. 


Offensive Player of the Year - Tua Tagovailoa 


Marlon Mack - 90.5 Rushing Yards Per Game - 12 Touchdowns - 5.2 YPC

Marlon Mack has been the most productive free agent signing from this past offseason and it isn’t close. Coach Biggs has managed to plug and play any running back he wants and they produce so when you  pair a good running back with one of the best rushing schemes in the league, you’re gonna see some huge numbers. Mack has had a touchdown in 7 of the 8 games this season and has had 2+ in 4 of those, the only thing that is holding him back from being the front runner for OPOY for me is his yards. 

Nick Chubb - 128.6 Rushing Yards Per Game - 8 touchdowns - 5.7 YPC

Nick Chubb is averaging more rushing yards per game than 21 teams in the RZ, that is insane. Chubb has had 100+ rushing yards in 5 of the 7 games this season and all 5 games were back to back. 

T.J Hockenson - 49 Catches - 124 Receiving Yards Per Game - 4 Touchdowns

Hockenson has been a major bright spot in a very underwhelming Lions offense. Hockenson currently has  5 100+ yards games and is coming off of a career day against the Falcons that saw Hockenson bring in 13 catches for 219 yards and a touchdown. If Hockenson can produce some more touchdowns as the season goes on, he’ll be a front runner for OPOY.

Tyreek Hill - 49 Catches - 113.7 Receiving Yards Per Game - 10 Touchdowns

Tyreek Hill has been the focal point in this Chiefs offense that ranks #1 in the RFOX POWER RANKINGS and it shows in his stats. Hill has had at least 1 touchdown in 6 of his 7 games this season and leads the lead in receiving touchdowns. Hill is also tied for catches with Hockenson on the season. 

Aaron Rodgers - 332.9 Passing Yards Per Game - 23:8 TD:INT Ratio - 75% Comp

Tua Tagovailoa - 357.9 Passing Yards Per Game - 25:7 TD:INT Ratio - 64% Comp


Defensive Player of the Year - Danielle Hunter


Deion Jones - 81 Tackles - 17 TFLs - 2 Sacks - 2 INTs - 6 Deflections - 1 Forced Fumble

Jones has clearly been the best player on the Falcons defense and is playing like the best linebacker in the league. Jones has had major success in the run game as he has a TFL in 7 of the 8 games this season and has had 3+ in 4 of those. Jones has also had a big impact on the passing game with his 2 INTS, 2 sacks, and 6 deflections. The only reason Jones might not win DPOY this season is from having a low amount of turnovers.

Danielle Hunter - 17 TFLs - 11.5 Sacks - 1 Forced Fumble

When Hunter is playing well, he’s playing REALLY well. Week 2 against the Giants, Hunter had 4 TFLs and 3 sacks. Week 5 against the Bears, he had 5 TFLs and 4.5 sacks. If Hunter can continue to put up these kinds of stats every few weeks, he’ll have a strong case at DPOY.

Justin Reid - 6 INTs - 2 TFLs - 13 Deflections

Reid is the 2nd player from the dominant Vikings defense here. Reid has been picking off opposing QBs left and right this season as he is currently tied with Tre’Davious White for most picks on the season. Reid is also 2nd in the league in defelections.

Tre’Davious White - 6 INTs - 4 TFLs- 10 Deflections

When Tre’Davious White is playing well, he’s the closest thing we’ve seen to a lockdown corner this cycle. White is tied with Justin Reid for the most interceptions on the year and has been a major part of why this Bills defense is top 6 in PPG and 6-1 on the year. White has also been one of the best run stopping corners as his 4 TFLs are tied for 2nd amongst corners


Offensive Rookie of the Year - Jarred Hatchett


Sidney McKinley - 79.9 Rushing Yards Per Game - 3.8 YPC - 4 Touchdowns - 2 Fumbles

The Jets have been using McKinley like he’s an everydown back but he simply isn’t and it shows. While McKinley does lead all rookie running backs in yards and touchdowns, he simply hasn’t been nearly as effective as he should be. With that being said, McKinley has shown several flashes that are very promising. McKinely has had 3 100+ yards games this season but has also had 4 games under 60 rushing yards. If the Jets can find a solid power back to complement McKinley, he’ll be much more productive and will hopefully be able to lead this horrendous Jets offense.

LaMichael Carter - 73.1 Rushing Yards Per Game - 5.2 YPC - 4 Touchdowns

LaMichael Carter was on the Bills radar ever since Coach Fox laid his eyes on him. Carter was brought in to bring a power aspect to this Bills rushing offense and he has certainly brought that to the table as he averages 2.2 yards after contact per carry. While Carter doesn’t see enough snaps to win OROY, he certainly has been one of the better rookies. 

Julian Teague - 35 Catches - 89.4 Receiving Yards Per Game - 4 Touchdowns

To say thatJulian Teague has outgrown his expectations is an understatement. Teague has been the best player on this Jets team, although that isn’t saying much. Teague has consistently put up 50+ receiving yards every week and has had a few huge games that elevate him into the OROY consideration. 

Jarred Hatchett - 28 Catches - 82.4 Receiving Yards Per Game - 6 Touchdowns

Coach Monty had huge expectations for Jarred Hatchett as he traded up and took him at pick 4 in the RZ70 draft. Many people criticized this trade but Hatchett seems to have silenced those discussions as he has been a great WR 1 for the Giants this season. Hatchett has had 4 100+ yard games and 3 2+ touchdown games already and will look to continue this great start to his RZ career.


Defensive Rookie of the Year - Kordell Bayless


Kordell Bayless - 64 Tackles - 8 TFLs - 3.5 Sacks - 2 INTs - 4 Deflections

Kordell Bayless has certainly lived up to the hype of being a top 10 pick in RZ as he has been playing like one of the better linebackers in the league throughout this season. Bayless has had a consistent impact in the run game and has shown the ability to make plays in the passing game as well. Look for Bayless to be one of the best linebackers in the league by the end of the cycle.

Clyde Macklin - 64 Tackles - 10 TFLs - 2.5 Sacks - 1 INT - 3 Deflections

Nearly everything said about Kordell Bayless can be said about Macklin. Macklin has been one of Seattle's best run stoppers this season and hasn’t been bad in the passing game either. If Macklin can continue to develop, he’ll be a great replacement for Bobby Wagner.

Devon Russell - 4 INTs - 4 Deflections - 2 TFLs

Devon Russell has been a great asset to this elite Bengals defense this season. Russell and Bates form a great duo on the back end of this defense and consistently make plays. 

Zac Barton - 8 TFLs - 5.5 Sacks - 1 Forced Fumble

While most of the pass rushers from the RZ70 draft have yet to make a big impact, Barton certainly has. Barton has been a great pass rusher for the Chiefs and has also had a big impact on the run game. Barton and FA signing Von Miller have been a huge reason why the Chiefs defense ranks 2nd so far this season


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