A Season of Turmoil

by Sam_32378 8 months ago

The Cincinnati bengals seemed to face a lot of challenges, after a questionable decision to trade Joe Burrow, who was expected to be the face of the franchise for many years to come, the team rolled into a 2-15 season behind former first round pick Jamies Winston. Despite the down season management of the team has all but doubled down on their choice to stick with head coach Joey Kidd, “We brought him here because we loved his style and we believe he can lead us to winning ways” GM Duke Tobin said of his first year coach. Although Kidd's offense unit ranked 30th in the league there was some bright side with defense ranking just outside of the top 10 coming in 13th. When factoring that six of those 15 losses came by only one score or less and another one by 10 points head coach Kidd feels strongly his team can be competitive. “We have the talent we just need to work on closing out on those close games, and use the momentum to translate into more wins.” 

The Bengals currently hold the first pick in this year's NFL draft and although many have speculated they will be using that pick to select a new franchise QB, word on the rumor mill is they may actually be moving the 1st pick for additional draft capital. “You know I think Jamies is an extremely talented quarterback and I am confident we can win games with him at the helm so if there is an opportunity to get more pieces around him, I am absolutely open to that idea.” said coach Kidd. In normal cases we would consider this move surprising but considering the move away from Joe Burrow at the beginning of last year it would not be out of character for this bengals team. As far as expectations coach kidd has shown Promise in other leagues before becoming the Bengals head coach and has a track record for always improving from previous years. So the future looks at the very least better for this Bengals team.

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