AMG power rankings Season 9

by Mi11erThri11er 1 year ago

AMG Season 9 Power Rankings


  1.  @AMG_Colts


Back to back titles. Best in the AMG...Enough said…


  1. @AMG_BillsMafia


With that electrifying offense and that stifling defense, hard to stop this team. Will be competing for a SB EVERY season.


  1.  @AMG_Lions


Best offense in AMG? Better believe it! NFC SB



  1.  @AMG_Rams


Don't let last year fool you. They will still be one of the teams to beat. Look for them in the NFC championship this year.


  1.  @AMG_Giants


The one of the most consistent team in AMG. Come playoff time, they always lock in and play tough.


  1.  @AMG_Panthers


I believe success from last year will help propel this team to a deep run this year.


  1.  @AMG_Jaguars


People tend to forget, this team won the SB not too long ago. Never sleep on this team.


  1. @AMG_Cardinals


Very good team that constantly makes too many mistakes. If they clean up the turnovers, look out.


  1.  @AMG_DaBears


Defense has and will always be this teams strength. Defense wins championships and hoping their offense does enough to get em there.


  1. @AMG_Titans


Dynamic passing game and an average run game with King Henry. Always shows up in the regular season but does not perform as well in playoffs. What will it take to get them over the hump?


  1. @AMG_Ravens


Team was decimated with injuries last year and had alot of unfortunate games. Look for this team to take back the AFC North crown and make a run.


  1. @Raiders_AMG


With this team and how dynamic that offense can be, I see another division title in the future.


  1. @AMG_Eagles


Consistency. Team needs to find it. When they are clicking on all cylinders, they are very dangerous


  1. @AMG_SF49ers


Surprise team last year. I believe they carry that into this year and put alot of pressure on the NFC West teams all year.

  1. @AMG_Falcons


Team had alot of turnovers last year with poor mistakes. They need to clean that up and basically win shootouts with a subpar defense.

  1. @AMG_WFT


QB Ben Vaughn is the definition of a gun slinger. WAS added new weapons for him in J. Waddle and E. Elliott that may put this offense into a new stratosphere! Punch the playoff ticket! 



  1. @AMG_Buccaneers


QB Daniel Singh elevated his game to superstar status last season. I’m interested to see if he can lead this loaded Bucs roster to some wins. The only thing slowing him down, two OL retirements leaving gaps in both tackle spots.



  1. @AMG_Jets 


NYJ’s playoff run didn’t last long a season ago. I heard on the rumor mill the team was shopping its whole WR room. Not sure what’s going on inside those halls but the focus of this team will be on winning the division.



  1. @AMG_Cowboys 


No more Zek, no problem! Devontea Mixon, it’s your show now. DAL looks prime to make use of its new every-down back. Mixon is my dark horse to lead AMG in rushing yards.


  1. @AMG_Chiefs 


I don’t think I’ve seen a QB fall from glory quite like Pat Mahomes. At one point he was being considered the GOAT of AMG, now he looks more like a commoner.


  1. @AMG_Chargers 


WR Keenan Allen has left LA, no worries though. Replaced him with WR Michael Thomas. Herbert has a new weapon in town, success needs to follow.


  1.  @AMG_Texans


Look out for newly acquired  HB Najee Harris, HOU really hasn’t had a bell cow like this beast. HOU has been at the bottom of the division for a while now, it’s time to fight back and climb up!


  1.  @AMG_Pats


The addition of Russell Wilson has me intrigued if NE can compete in their division. Russ and his cooking skills may be just what the Pats need. 


  1. @AMG_GBPackers


GB loads up on picks just to take 2 QBs. QB Cortez Walford will be fighting for his job trying to hold off these 2 young rookies. 


  1.  @AMG_Bengals

Come on Joe Burrow, do something! If Burrow finds his groove this team may be sitting at the top of the division.


  1. @AMG_Broncos


DEN moved up in the draft to get stud CB Larry Humphries, rounding out one of the up and coming secondaries in AMG. 


  1.  @AMG_Seahawks


The chef hat has been passed from Russell Wilson to Barry George. Time for Barry to cook now! 


  1.  @AMG_Vikings


Kings of the draft, MIN needs to find a way to turn draft capital into wins.



  1. @AMG_Steelers


PIT lead the AFC North for a few weeks last season but finished 3-14. Competing in the division is the goal. 



  1. @AMG_Saints 


NO had a chance to take a Franchise QB at pick #8 instead, a RE was taken. I think they may regret that decision.


  1. @AMG_Miamiphins


 #1 pick Chase Tennant is poised to win the starting QB job in MIA. His mission? Make sure MIA isn’t picking #1 next draft.



  1. @AMG_Browns 


Optimism is high every year after the draft in CLE and this year is no different. Is this the year these great draft picks play out in CLE? I’ll stay optimistic…

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