Back from the Kliff

by Eaazeho 1 year ago

New Hirings within the Lions are reported today all the way from Thailand as Kliff Kingsbury accepts a position at Defensive Coordinator. A shock to many in the Football world as everyone wrote him off with the purchase of his one-way ticket to the Southeast Asian Country. with his smoking hot girlfriend.

Coach Johnson spoke on this before his press conference scheduled this monday: 

"I can speak on that briely here, we picked him up knowing he can be a better fit for this defense than what we had before unfortunately, I can't speak on much else. All I can say is that was a selection by Holmes, not myself. We can talk about all that on monday."

That was all that was said by Coach Johnson, eluding to an odd situation in Detroit. Is this a good choice by Brad Holmes then? What exactly will Coach Johnson do if he's not picking his own staff? What's happening with Detroit now, and why is it feel like a long time between now and Monday?


WillyWonka2197 1 year ago

Kliff should go back to Thailand #AZCardsFan54

JLawXV 1 year ago

what a shitty start in detroit lmao imagine hiring Kliff #povertyfranchise #bringbackMCDC - Ch13fsF@n18

MikeDzK 11 months ago

two dumpster head coaches relegated to defensive coordinators on similar trash heap franchises... and the drama of what appears to be an unprecedented trade of coaches - it just stinks! #couldntbeme @CoachUrbanMeyer

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