DADDgamer's DGFL Mock Draft

by DADDgaming 3 months ago

DADDgamer Mock Draft
Round Pick Team Pos Name HT WT College Draft Projection Remarks
1 1 Chargers DT Evan Cooper 6'2 305 Georgia Top 5 WIth only 2 Defensive Lineman on the roster, LAC fills a huge hole in the defense with the consesus #1 Player in the country
1 2 Ravens QB Jamarcus Russell Jr 6'7 260 LSU Top 5 After starting a Punter for half the season, the Ravens get the guy they wanted all along in Jamarcus Russell Jr.
1 3 Eagles CB Cody Adams II 6'3 215 Oregon Round 1 The Eagles select the player with the most upside in the draft. He is immediately CB1 for them.
1 4 Texans LT Jordan Brooks 6'7 358 Michigan Round 1 After drafting their QB of the Future last year in Brody Thomas, Tyler Nixon gets him some protection on the blindside. Brooks will start at LT day 1 and remain their for the next 15 Years.
1 5 Rams LT Arkemus Pearman 6'7 336 Northern Illinois Round 1 After missing out on their primary target of Brooks the Rams settle for Pearman. The Rams were all in on Brooks and will have to take a huge chance on Pearman, despite not scouting him as well as they should have.
1 6 Panthers WR Jordan Ross 6'0 200 Washington Round 1 The Panthers are desperate for weapons for an aging Aaron Rogers. They go with Ross after Master Jhief struggled to impress at the Combine and in the Prospect Games.
1 7 Saints QB Pete Leco 6'3 210 LSU Top 5 With Brock Purdy as the only QB on the roster, the Saints go with the hometown kid in Pete Leco. Interesting choice after his father relinquished his GM duties to ChefBoyCody in the offseason to join the Bills Coaching Staff.
1 8 Bears LE Trent Brewer 6'5 267 Oregon Round 1 The Bears look to create more pressure on the opposing QB's to help create more opportunities for Denzel Ward and Adoree Jackson. He will be a great fit next to DT D.J. Reader on this defense.
1 9 Jaguars FS Nick Newhouse 5'9 205 Wisconsin Round 1-2 With their top 2 prospects off the board (Brooks and Pearman) the Jags address another position of need at FS. Newhouse is a reach at 9 but will start immediately and could make plays with Micah causing opposing QB's to make mistakes.
1 10 Steelers QB Luke Campbell 6'1 200 Colorado Top 5 You can flip a coin between Campbell and Zach Adams with this pick. Both are can't miss prospects but the Steelers need to get their QB of the Future to replace Teddy Bridgewater.
1 11 49ers WR Marquice Gates 5'10 181 Virginia Tech Round 1-2 The 49ers look to add a weapon for Justin Fields. Gates is the fastest and most electric WR in this class. Pairing him with DK Metcalf on the other side puts fear into opposing DB's.
1 12 Lions
(via MIA)
LG Otis Dosovic 5'10 330 Colorado State Round 1 GM Justin Rose will be dissapointed on missing out on the top QB's available but he also wont reach for one here at 12. He goes with the Mammoth of a Man in Otis. The entire league took notice of the ease that he put up 46 Reps on the Bench. One GM said it reminded him of Larry Allen.
1 13 Jets RT Braxton Groves 6'4 313 Michigan State Round 1 GM DaRealBBall/Hoosier/theManWithNoName reassures his believe in Trever Newberry and gets him some protection. Groves is a solid O-Lineman but lacks an elite skill.
1 14 Patriots QB Andrew Gard 6'3 202 Boise State Day 3 The Patriots are the most desperate team for a QB after letting both Malik Willis and Derek Carr walk in the Offseason. They could potentially look to move up in the draft but will likely have to settle for taking a massive risk on Andrew Gard who has been impressive in the Prospect Practices.
1 15 Vikings LOLB Jeremy Slate 6'2 241 Ohio State Round 1-2 The Vikings address a big need for the defense. Slate looks every bit the part of a future pro-bowler at OLB.
1 16 Titans ROLB John Carrington 6'4 254 UCLA Round 1 Also in need of an OLB the Titans take the next best OLB on the board. Carringtonhas shown an elite ability to get to the QB while at UCLA.
1 17 Seahawks
(via WAS)
QB Luke Prince 6'3 215 Wisconsin UDFA GM Cody Vreeland looks to give his King a Prince at pick 17. With zero QB's on the roster after allowing Faker Mayfail to walk in the offseason, and with a lack of need at any other position the Seahawks take a chance on the QB out of Wisconsin.
1 18 Texans
(via NYG)
LE Paul Hutchins 6'4 254 Clemson Round 1 After addressing the O-line with their fist pick, GM Tyler Nixon adds another weapon to his D-line with his second 1st round pick. Hutchins will have immediate success along side the DT Christian Cleveland the Texans 1st round pick last season.
1 19 Chiefs LE Devin James 6'4 256 Miami Round 1 The Chiefs may look to move up as Paul Hutchins is their primary targe at pick 19. They settle for James but are left with a bad taste in their mouth knowing they went with the safe pick instead of getting the guy with the bigger upside.
1 20 Lions
(via ATL)
WR Johnny Bryan 5'10 170 Iowa State Round 1-2 GM Justin Rose leaves the 1st round having not found his QB of the future and will give Scott Ward II a shot at QB. Instead he looks to add another weapon for Ward II to throw to and drafts the exciting big play reciever in Johnny Bryan.
1 21 Packers CB Tevin Hurd 6'2 205 Oregon Round 1 After addressing their biggest need at TE in free agency, the Packers look to add some depth at CB. Hurd brings a great size/speed combination to a secondary that wont need to rely on him to cover the #1 guy on every play.
1 22 Bengals DT Mack Townsend 6'4 303 South Carolina Round 2-3 The Bengals recently swtiched to a 4-3 scheme and look to get a playmaker in the middle of the D-line. Every seems to forget Townsend and Cooper entered the season being talked about as the best DT in the nation. Cooper had a dominating season and ended the discussion but Townsend still showed flashes of greatness all season.
1 23 Buccaneers RE Lamar Samuel 6'3 279 Boise State Round 1 The Buccaneers look to get any sort of pressure on the QB after struggling on defense all season. They get the guy they wanted all along in Lamar Samuel. They fell in love with his ability to rush the passer and to also be effective against the run.
1 24 Chargers
(via IND)
HB Zach Adams 5'10 235 Texas Round 1 With needs at just about every position on the field, the Chargers get a gamechanger at HB in Zach Adams. Adams compares well to former Longhorn Legend Bijan Robinson
1 25 Giants
(via HOU/CLE)
MLB Kalen Royal 6'4 244 Texas A&M Round 1 The Giants take Kalen Royal and look to move Myles Jack to OLB. Royal was the unquestioned leader of the Aggies this season. The Giants will hope that leadership ability follows him to the DGFL.
1 26 Cardinals CB Phillip Jones 6'4 210 Wisconsin Round 1-2 The Cardinals simply couldn't pass up the Size/Speed combination of Phillip "Preach" Jones. The Cardinals moved him up their board after he ran a blistering 4.38 40 at the DGFL Combine.
1 27 Cowboys WR Adrian Perdy 6'4 259 LSU Round 1-2 Having never had a Receiver with 1000 yards with Lamar at QB, DADDgamer looks to give Lamar a dependable target on the outside and takes the physically impossing Perdy out of LSU. Rumor has it alot of teams asked Perdy if he was willing to convert to TE to which he replied "if you think I'm a TE don't even bother saving my phone number"
1 28 Bills CB Jaylen Connor 6'3 198 Ohio State Round 2-3 After struggling to stop faster recievers all season, Master Football and Neon look to find a playmaker in the secondary. Jaylen Conner moved up draft boards with his amazing play in the College football playoffs when he held LSU WR Adrian Perdy to just 1 catch for 5 yards.
1 29 Raiders TE Master Jhief 6'7 285 Air Force Top 5 Tom Brady gets his next "Gronk" after GM Tony Andrus takes the enormous TE out of Air Force. Despite having a disappointing season and looking very raw during prospect practices, the talent is there and on display. He has the biggest catch radius in the class.
1 30 Panthers
(via WAS/SEA)
HB Spencer Mack 6'4 275 Alabama Round 1 The Panthers were 31st in the league rushing. That ends immediately after they draft the "Mack Truck" Spencer Mack at HB. Mack and Jordan Ross give the Panthers Offense to immediate gamechangers to help Aarons last ride for a title. Linebackers in the NFC South are already regretting having to face the Mack Truck 2 times a year.
1 31 Dolphins
(via DET)
CB CJ Bishop 6'3 210 Michigan Round 1 The Dolphins were 32nd in the league against the pass. With picks 31 and 32 they look to fix that immediately drafting the Bishop Brothers to torment opposing QB's.
1 32 Dolphins
(via DET/DEN)
SS AJ Bishop 6'3 220 Michigan Round 1-2 CJ and AJ have played on the same team since Flag Football and that continues in the NFL when the Dolphins draft both star DB's out of Michigan.


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