Jags in disaster!??!?! Multiple Roster changes/ (0-3) Start

by MickeyTrapmouse 1 week ago

It is not safe to say that the Jaguars are facing disaster yet. They however had a terrible start this year with 0 wins, and 3 losses. However, this were all to decent teams, and gamerboss911 is still a legendary coach despite this start. The Jaguars coach/user gamerboss911 decided to take a lot of huge risks in terms of making multiple trades, and roster moves to make this franchise head in a new direction that benefits his coaching style. It is not safe to count the Jaguars out just yet though, as gamerboss911 had a similar stint with the Colts. That stint, and insane roster moves with his Colts tenure proved to work, as he made multiple Super Bowls, in which he won one of them as well. Time will tell if gamerboss911 should have stayed retired after the suspension, or if this was the move needed to put the Jaguars back in playoff-contention.
     Week 4 will be a huge test for the Jaguars as they traded away Trevor Lawrence, and a few other pieces like rookie Greg Billups (CB) to the Commanders (RSTSLT) for Sam Howell/Jaire Alecander. And they then replaced lawrence by trading 3 mid round draft picks for 2026 to the 49ers (Kaden) for Brock Purdy. This will be a completely new squad heading into week 4, and it will be interesting to see if Sam Howell, Brock Purdy, or rookie Kyle Leaf wins the starting job for week 4. If the Jaguars beat the Texans (og tacoma), then gamerboss911 might not be in a bad spot afterall!!!!! As mentioned earlier time will tell if gamerboss911 is legit again/contender, or a pretender!!!!

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