Colts start out strong... Dark Horse Playoff Team, or Bust!?!??!??!

by MickeyTrapmouse 1 week ago

Due to real life personal issues, offensive struggles, Jonathon Taylor trade rumours, locker room issues, and having an inexperienced team; the Colts (Currently coached by/user = xxLincoln Hawk) performed way under expectations and finished as one of the top 5 worst teams in MickeyLeague in season 49! However all of these issues have been magically fixed with few roster moves, and the chemistry is back and better than ever! Not to mention that Requis Demehgod was a solid draft pick for the Colts as well, and has already been performing at an elite level this season! The only doubt is that hyped up teams like this in the news always get cursed. The Colts have beat decent users to get to (3-0), so their path has not been easy yet; however, they will be pressure tested against an elite team of the Jets (owned/coached by Projekt Z8), who made the Super Bowl last season. This will be a perfect test to see if the Colts are just an average potential playoff caliber team, or if they are legit.

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