Season 86 All-Drafted Players Team

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Season 86 All-Drafted Players Team

For this scenario, I created a 53 man roster of all created players, with a few conditions:

  • The roster had to meet the RZ rules requirements
  • All players are in-game drafted (so not real guys)
  • ALL teams must have representation
  • No team shall have more than 3 players represented

All that being said, some tough decisions were made, and some very good players were cut in the process. I also took into account little things like devs and injury ratings when making certain cuts. Starters will be bold and underlined.



George Curran (93), SF

Christopher Mouton (84), PIT

Conrad Swift (82), HOU


Not surprise here, as the former Super Bowl champ and multiple award winner gets the starting nod to lead the squad. Mouton has developed nicely since converting from WR, and a surprise pick in Conrad Swift finishes out the QB room.



Dwayne Hix (97), ARI

Theo Pendleton (95), MIN

Chris Thomas (91), CHI


I am using all three guys in this offense, with Hix taking the short-yardage power runs (even though he wants to be a receiving back so much!), using Pendleton as the change of pace, and utilizing Thomas’ speed as the receiving back.



Jimmy Tovar (79), BUF


It’s a fullback. What do you want me to say here?



Ray Kennedy (92), TEN

P.J. Fusco (87), MIN

DeAngelo Harvin (94), BUF

Clayton Richardson (86), LV

J.D. Benedict (82), MIA

Derek Boatwright (79), DAL


Any coincidence that 5 of the 6 guys here are 95 speed or faster, and all are 6’0 or taller? This is a BM dream team, and good luck to anyone trying to stop them. I like to put very speedy guys in the slot to mismatch with LBs who might slide out on them, and they don’t get much quicker than Harvin.



Trevor Smith (96), WAS

Kaleb Gatson (89), CAR

Keon Montague (91), TB


Smith might be one of the most undervalued, unknown, and underappreciated players in the league, for those who have not been tortured by him in a game. He’s not going to wow you with speed, but he’s a guy with pillow soft hands and does it all. Reminds me of a young Greg Olsen.



Bradley Jacobs (85), SEA

Damarius Tull (80), GB


Andy DuVall (78), WAS


Brian Delgado (81), BAL

Billy Young (80), PIT


Brett Nugent (83), SF

Cody Miller (83), PHI

Rudy Crowther (78), ATL


Tyler Gaffney (83), JAX

Jarred Mayweather (82), CIN


The only thing I will say with the offensive line is man… I wish we could develop these guys better. These are the best of the best, and I wish I could say they were higher rated at this point. Thanks EA.


Defensive Ends

Titus Boston (90), CHI

Sheldon Downing (88), BAL

Titus Wayne (86), SF

Warren Durant (86), IND

Jabari Stewart  (84), LAR


It is nice to have DE depth, as a constant rotation of these guys will keep the OL trying to guess what’s coming next. Maybe I will get crazy and throw 4 of them out there at the same time and watch them race to see who can get to the QB first.


Defensive Tackles

Mike Spain (85), KC

Ben Watts (86), LAR

Tim Edison (87), TB

Alex Wright (82), DEN


I know it just secretly makes JP so mad any time that he sees anything positive with Mike Spain, so naturally I gave him a starting nod here.



Antwan Pickens (89), LAC

Deacon Dobbins (86), NO

Javon Sandridge (85), KC

Davon Holloman (86), KC

Dionte Kramer (78), IND


Sure, it might be confusing throwing some pass rushing OLBs together with some off-ball OLBs in my depth chart, because it would probably be too difficult for EA to label them as pass rushers and off-ball LBs. The KC guys can go help the MLBs when needed.



Joe Graham (92), WAS

David Knight (89), CHI


The only thing stopping these two from getting a ton of tackles would be because the other guy got there first, and they are rarely going to miss or let the tackle be broken.



Isaiah Jennings (94), NYG

John Baker (89), JAX

Matthew Brown (87), DET

Daniel Griffin (83), DAL

Spencer Rhodes (81), NYJ


The list of CBs to choose between was VERY large, as there are 25 players that are 80 OVR or better. It is nice, though, because I can hand select guys at will with so many options to pick from.



Zach Bryan (89), SEA

Deon Morrison (80), NE


Before today, I had never heard of either of these two guys. I blame their lack of media showcasing their actual talents.



Jameel Albert (91), MIN

B.J. Penn (89), NE


I unfortunately know Albert all too well, as I get to see him 2-3 times a year. And shoutout to the Patriots for having some great young safeties that I had no idea about!



Matt Graham (79), GB

LOL…. Fat Kicker.



Neil Merritt (75), CLE

It only took until the 53rd guy for Kelly to get a guy on the roster. I guess that’s what happens when you set yourself on auto-draft and the CPU takes like 6 WRs in a row one season.


There you have it folks, the complete 53 man roster! I have also listed the teams and numbers of players below, for your reference.


ARI         1

ATL         1

BAL        2

BUF        2

CAR        1

CHI         3

CIN         1

CLE         1

DAL        2

DEN       1

DET        1

GB          2

HOU      1

IND        2

JAX         2

KC           3

LAC        1

LAR        2

LV           1

MIA       1

MIN       3

NE          2

NO         1

NYG       1

NYJ         1

PHI         1

PIT          2

SEA        2

SF           3

TB           2

TEN        1

WAS      3


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