With the season underway we thought it a good time to highlight the best prospects in this year's class. With no notable schools having players considered to be one of the elite few this year it will surely shake up before draft day!

#1-byron perry WR Arkansas: •perry entered the transfer portal after his sophomore year at Alabama and not seeing significant playing time. After he joined the razorbacks the sky was the limit. He shows all the traits necessary to be elite...[ Continue reading ]

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Lions 23 v.s Eagles 14: •the Philly offense stalled behind carson strong maybe he should've stayed cut by the team!. The lions continued there theme from hard knocks and showed the league they aren't to be taken lightly. Packers 37 v.s. Vikings 23: •unlike their real life counterparts this packers young wide outs showed up. The Vikings trade for hurts was a splash but he needs to improve this season for them to have a chance. Commanders 30 v.s. Jaguars 20: •the Jaguars...[ Continue reading ]

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