League Rules for the Madden 23 cycle

As we get ready to venture into the Madden 23 cycle, I wanted to take the time to once again thank you all for another fun run over last year’s game. I am thankful for everyone's dedication and effort in making this community a great one over the past few years and am looking forward to bigger and better things for Madden 23. With that said here are how things will work for the Madden 23 cycle.


Our "Team Selection Draft" order for team selection will be based off of overall commitment to the league through player participation. For those who played all their games and complied with the streaming component, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a bump up the list of team selection. Any tiebreakers will be decided based off of parity, meaning the weaker player based off of play during the cycle will get the nudge ahead of the other party. As always, we allow people to trade up 5 spots with somebody but they'll be forced to give the user they are trading with their 1st round pick for that upcoming draft. Should you trade up and select a team that doesn't have a 1st round pick for that draft. You'll be forced to give that user a "Superstar" dev player of your choosing on the roster you select. From there we will proceed into our preseason.


How Cornerstone Players will work this cycle is that each owner will have to select 1 player on offense and 1 player on defense to be deemed a cornerstone player for your team. This can be done in any offseason and once submitted to me they cannot be changed for the entirety of the cycle. In doing so we will bump them up 1 dev grade for you the owners. The catch with this is that you cannot trade that player and you have to do everything in your power to make sure they stay on your roster. They are not allowed to hit free agency for the entirety of the cycle regardless of your roster situation. No exceptions will be made. We will only update these players during the preseason. They don't have to be named in the first offseason and you can holdout until after the draft if you like. Once the regular season starts, you'll have to wait until the following offseason in order to select a "Cornerstone player" If a new owner comes and takes over an open team. They are required to keep these players for 1 season before they can change their cornerstone players to their liking.

** Please note: Imported players will not be an option this cycle **


This year once again we will proceed with the Free Agency Draft to start the cycle by "Saving y'all from yourselves". Gone are the days of me offering people the opportunity to make moves with the chance to clear cap penalties from some of the bad roster moves you have made as owners. Instead, I will address it right at the start of this cycle by holding a "Free Agency Draft" at the end of Pre-Season Week 2. Until then nobody will be allowed to sign any free agents and it is recommended you take this opportunity to make any trades and/or cut some of the bad contracts that you may have on your rosters. Once the Free Agency Draft is officially complete. I will remove ALL Cap penalties for all owners and we will proceed into our regular schedule.


All Madden difficulty

Simulation mode

8-minute quarters

Accelerated play clock (Forcing people to not spend the entirety of the play clock searching for plays and milking the clock)

We advance every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 pm eastern unless all games finish earlier

Playoff advance schedule is every 48 hours

Plays limited to 3 times per game. No cooldown period


All members must create a coach so that they do not have an advantage with the coaching points required for this cycle. We do understand that there are assistant coaches for their respective teams with coaching points already associated with them but we will leave those as they are in its current state. Should you want to relocate a team, I am only allowing long time members that opportunity and they will have to convert to an owner in order for that to take place. Once the steps for relocation have been put in place you must change back to a created coach.


I am no longer doing this for the cycle. It’s just too much to take on once the draft is complete and you all will have to take it upon yourselves to stay present and get in on free agents.


Pre-Season games will be advanced daily. Injuries will be turned off during the Pre-Season so you can milk your rookies for the XP gains you want to achieve for the regular season. If you do not want to play your preseason games. Cut your roster down to 53 players and please put yourself on "auto" so that your opponents can play their games.

All PLAYER VS PLAYER games are to be streamed.

This is done for two reasons

It ensures that we all follow the rules of the league and adhere to the guidelines set in place. It is one of the tools that we use to settle any disputes among fellow members in the league, keeping the drama outside of chat and ensuring a fun experience for our users

It is a way for others in the league to scout each other as if we were in a real football environment. It also serves as a teaching tool for the weaker players in our league to help them learn and catchup to the rest of the league in regards to skill level.

** I will be enforcing this more strictly this cycle with suspensions. I don’t care if you’re in another league and you don’t want others from there to study you. **

I personally take the footage and upload it to the league YouTube channel (nothing fancy, just a tool to view games in one spot) so that it is visible for everyone. For those whom have issues with low internet speeds and streaming. You can record your game play footage onto your console and then send me the footage once your game has been completed.


Please contact your opponents as soon as possible when scheduling games. This makes it easier to get times in and handle any scheduling conflicts right from the onset. If you have issues with your opponent not communicating, inform us 24 hours before advance and we'll give you the option of a sim win or the chance to play the cpu. Please note that injuries will not be turned off for simmed games. This is to encourage both parties to make a legitimate attempt to get your games in. If injuries happen because of the simmed game. That is the price you pay, you can always play the cpu instead. Remember we advance every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10pm eastern unless all games are completed before hand. The playoff advance schedule is every 48 hours

CPU Games

If you are in a situation where you have the option to play the cpu. Don't run up the score or stat pad. We have added a maximum threshold of stats players can have against the cpu that go as follows.

QBs cannot pass for more than 480 yds

HBs cannot have more than 220 rushing yds

WRs/TEs cannot have more than 220 receiving yds

Defensive players cannot have more than 5 sacks

Players can have no more than 5 TDs

Any user that abuses this will be punished and face a possible ban from the league


If both parties disconnect within the 1st half you will have to recreate the point differential the winning party had at the time of the disconnect and continue to play from there.

If both parties disconnect in the 2nd half you will have to recreate the point differential the winning party had at the time of the disconnect and continue to play from the start of the 2nd half

If both parties disconnect in the 4th quarter and the winning party is up by 21 pts or more. They will be awarded the sim win or allowed to play the cpu

If both parties disconnect for a third time the person winning the majority of those games at the time of the disconnect will be awarded the sim win and the game will be simmed


This league is meant to be a challenging but FUN experience. Trash talk is always welcomed and encouraged but PLEASE shy away from personal attacks and make it a point to be courteous to one another.

DO NOT RUN UP THE SCORE ON YOUR OPPONENTS. If you are up by 21 points or more in the 4th quarter, PLEASE shy away from slinging it up and down the field and play ball control football. Milk the clock rules apply if up by 28 points. If you are within FG range kick the FG. If you score an offensive TD, you will be punished. Defensive TDs however are allowed so if they throw an interception or fumble you are allowed to return it for a TD. This rule is the one that consistently gets broken and we will punish you if you do break it. We don't care if it's a "dev scenario" and that back breaking TD will earn you a dev upgrade. Follow the rules and be considerate of whom you are playing.

Once in the 4th Quarter if you are up by 21 points or more you MUST NOT continue to bomb it down field. Don't be a dick and Please play clock management football. This means running the football more and simply run short to medium pass plays to milk the clock more. We don't want people bombing it to the goal line just to run it out and kick the FG for stat pad reasons. Be respectful of your opponents.


You can for it on any 4th and 10 attempt or less if the ball is past midfield. (This is just to prevent people from going insane and doing a 4th and 26 from the 48-yard line)

You can go for any 4th down if you're down 17 or more at any time.

You can go for any 4th down if you are tied or losing in the 4th quarter.


You are not allowed to chew clock at any point in the game unless you meet these criteria.

You are up by 28 pts or more in the 4th quarter

You are up with under 2 minutes remaining in the game

In a blowout situation both owners agree to it. (Communications on this must be submitted to the commissioner so there aren't any issues afterwards)

This rule will be strictly enforced


We are allowing the use of "custom playbooks" for our games on both offense and defense. We have added a limit of 3 times a play can be called during a game. We encourage you all to mix up your playcalling on both offense and defense. If on defense you are caught running the same concept all game long (example. Cover 3 out of every formation you can get a hold of) You will be banned from the league. Mix up your playcalling this isn't Weekend league or Ranked.

Please note:


Owners are not allowed to put WR's at the TE position. The only exception is in the formation packages preset by EA. Anyone caught gaming the system to exploit this will be removed from the league. Safeties can only play the LB slot if they are in the SUB LB slot on your depth chart. You can only have 1 safety subbed into the SUB LB spot on your depth chart. They ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE SUBBED INTO ANY OTHER LB SPOT PERIOD. Rule breakers will be put on AUTO FOR 3 WEEKS. Safeties and CBs can be alternated to any of the secondary positions as you see fit.

HB's can only play the FB position if they have a speed rating of 86 or lower and weight 240 lbs and up. The only exception to this rule is in the subpackages already provided by those formations. Remember everyone, we have a 53-man roster for a reason. Please use the roster depth appropriately.

Linebackers can be swapped to any LB spot and even the DE spot. They cannot play DT under any circumstances. DE's and DT's can be swapped back and forth as needed BUT if you converted an LB to a DE, he cannot play the DT spot.

OLinemen can be swapped back and forth as you see fit. WRs can be swapped to HB and vice versa. ALL OTHER ROSTER CHANGES MUST BE SUBMITTED TO ME FOR APPROVAL


If you sign a free agent you are required to keep that person on your roster until the next advance. Anyone that releases a player on their roster with the intension of resigning them to a cheaper 1-year deal will be BOOTED from the league. However, in the Offseason window you can release them and bid on them with everyone else.

When owners want to make a trade, they need to be submitted to our TRADE COMMITTEE. We vote on all trades that players have agreed upon to make sure they are fair for both parties. To submit a trade, you will reach out to either Swauny, Abrack or Trini and provide the following details.

Name and age of player

Dev rating and overall rating

Draft pick number and year of the pick if applicable

Once a trade has been approved by the Trade Committee both owners must complete the transaction in game. We do not care if you do not have the cap room to complete the trade. If that is the case you will need to release the appropriate player/players to free up the necessary cap room in order for this transaction to be completed. The onus is on you the owners of your respective teams to pay attention to the cap situation your teams are in and to be sure you can make the necessary roster moves to make things work. We will not be adjusting cap penalties later in the cycle. Once you acquire your newest addition from a trade. They must remain on your roster for the season before they can be involved in any trade negotiations. If your trade is rejected, DO NOT pester us with messages asking what you can do to get this deal through. The only answer we'll give you is whom the trade is favoring. Nothing more than that. It's up to both parties to renegotiate the deal and resubmit the trade for review.

** Owners whom decide to take it upon themselves to push trades through without approval, and/or setup with another owner a time to release/exchange players behind the scenes will be BOOTED from the league. NO EXCEPTIONS **


Due to gross abuse of a few owners stocking up on draft collateral over the years we have added a limitation on the number of draft picks each owner can have per round. Below are the parameters in which we will follow.

1st round pick: No more than three per round

2nd round pick: No more than three per round

3rd round pick: No more than four per round

4th round pick: No more than five per round

5th to 7th round picks: UNLIMITED