A New Day In Detroit

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A New Day In Detroit

August 26, 2021 | 3 Min Read

"Alot of change is on the way, we haven't been good in sometime and that is about to change". - Rod Murray

New GM and Coach Rod Murray was stern during his opening press conference as the new GM and Head Coach for the Detroit Lions. Rod Murray recently signed a guaranteed 5 seasons (+5 season coaching option) deal for $75 million two weeks ago and have been acculumated with the city every since. The newly aligned coaching staff features, Anthony Lynn (OC), Aaron Glenn (DC), and Marquette King (ST). Rod Murray kept the press conference short stating, if you saw the team, "We don't have much to talk about yet". Murray made sure to state that former GM Matt Patricia, in some NSFW words, was not a great man for the task and that alot of jobs are in the air. He left stating,

"Alot of people in this building should feel uncomfortable, nothing is set in stone. No position is settled, no contract guaranteed (except mine). Detroit deserves a team to be proud of and right now the Lions are not that."