Restarts, Bootlegs, Sweet Chins, Throats Cut, and Fun, oh my! A madden 20 story

by Papafranchise | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

In m20, we were able to complete 10 seasons. Throughout that time we saw some notable users exit. Wesley traded his whole squad to ravens, settled down with Ciara and left. Mikey pulled off one more heist and found himself in NRG prison. Ryan went into business on his own and started a cfm. Like most small businesses, he did not succeed. Rod started a twitch channel, got blown out, then left. He later returned with a guy that had a number for a name, which is ironic cause he didn’t like committing to a number/time to play. Bobby’s 3-4 pinch defense couldn’t save him from controlling his emotions. Speaking of that defense, I think I saw that in an AFC championship game recently. Jennifer played hard to get, and left us. There were more that came and went, but like Chea’s confidence, this league was not effected by their departure. We just keep on rolling. 


This cfm was pretty competitive. Each conference won 5 titles, though if we hadn’t restarted, jags would have won 8 more titles in the next 5 years. At least that’s what he says. No one won more than 2, and some were able to win their very first NRG Super Bowl. One of the users to achieve this was cowboys. The man that kept getting those shiny stars that light up under his players  back in the restarts. At least that’s what some say. Some will also say that team in the bay benefited even more from a restart. To them I say “I got them rings though”.  A little rascal became a man and won his first two titles. But then he started doing a world tour, spreading covid like all the youngings, and he was never the same. Mr Bcar won titles with two different teams proving he could win with anyone. And the little engine that could got the job done with NO and won his first title. It was bigger than his college graduation this year. At least that’s what some say.  


It was a fun year full of tears after breaking the rules, headaches from wiping your tears, and then me just laughing at your pain.  We restarted a couple times, I had to boot some of ya’ll, but at the end of the day I had fun. Hopefully you did too. My advice to you guys is to remember this is just a game. No need to get upset and puff your chest......... especially when u did something against the rules. Your Xbox has a power button, turn it off and go enjoy life in the real world.  47 seasons completed, let’s keep having fun.