NRG Tribune 2023 Season Wrap Up

by Teddy_66630 | 4 months ago | 0 Comments

It was quite an unusual season from start to finish. Ranging from bad trades, Bobby calling everything and everyone with a heartbeat trash, members quitting, and much much more. The season commenced with a bang in typical Jay fashion. Jay said fuck the offseason we don’t need that. He blames madden.... so I suppose the season was right on par with the NRG norms. Moving forward many were distraught with the loss of the offseason until they realized that the CPU drafted them a useable player and then very quickly the noise stopped and people moved on. 

Many of the typical contending teams got off to their usual start and the trash teams well.... stayed trash. One development was the rise of a few sleeper teams in the nfc.... or should I say lack of competitive teams led to more playoff openings. With the the departure old packers, VenmFire Jr, and the bucs making it rain in the Salvadorian strip clubs, the nfc was more wide open then it had been in recent years. And by wide open, more people to try and knock of the hawks. 

In other news one of the better stories was the verbal and physical abuse endured by the old WFT coach. The Seattle Seahawks coach was fed up and let the coach have it after a dominating win ... talk about kicking a man when he’s down. Seattle coach after the game stated, “If you not good then just find another league bro”, followed by “Everybody got ya number now better go back to YouTube to find smthn else”. Normally the WFT coach had thick skin and would make a joke out of it, but it appeared this was the last straw and he quietly exited the league. (Rumor has it he is on a pilgrimage in search of the the glitchiest defensive ebook known to man and he will return once he fulfills his prophecy of breaking the league.) 

In other news chiefs and Bills have been too focused on doge coin and this has negatively impacted their play on the field as well as Bobby’s ability to talk to shit In the chat. Although it has been a nice break... if Bobby isn’t blowing up the chat is this even NRG?

Moving forward in regards to football , Ray decided it was time to expand the playbook  for young gunslinger trey lance and let it fly.... 37 interceptions and a classic 8-8 cowboys recored later .... he still loves the guy. Will trey lance return then to formal glory? At least he can’t be worse than fat Willy beamen.

The super bowl hangover has been confirmed season after the falcons went from super bowl champs to league spectator in 2 seasons. 6-10 record is not going to cut it and many have to wonder if the falcons are done.

Let’s talk NRG playoffs....

Many had some favorites heading into the playoffs but that went to shit very very fast. The first seed browns didn’t lose in the first round ... because they had a bye week so they got to lose in the second round. The First seed Seahawks always seem to get caught by the dark horse coming outta the nfc, must be some of that magic I always hear about. Bills were not ready for prime time and they got their ass whooped on national television. It’s become very clear that trash talk is the driving factor in his success and he needs to back to his roots. The ravens despite injuries and all odds made it the super bowl... just to lose again. The ravens have become a regular contender in the dance but sadly it seems they like they just enjoy watching the super bowl half time show live. I’m sure they will make it to the dance many more times in the future and if statistics mean anything they will start to win them in bunches...




Nfc closing notes

Does Kyce really not care about madden?

What the fuck happened to Russel and adams in Philly?

Did bucs ever make it home from the jungle?

Wills Myles ever let Jalen hurts throw the ball?

Does Ray actually believe In lance or is it an act?

Why was Joey throwing bombs at the end of the bowl with a lead?

Is new packers actually bald?

Did chea mahone his name or did he not know how to spells mahomes *?

will marte ever trade again or is he still traumatized from last madden?


Afc closing notes


Will bengals break the century mark... for interceptions?

Will Madden ever not be the reason chiefs lose?

Why do the Patriots have a 91 overall team ?

Will the browns ever develop a running back?

Is Bobby trash without abilities?

is JTC a real contender or just a playoff thorn?

Is it true that Sean is trading for another running back to throw the ball to?