NRG Madden 22 Mock team selection

by Teddy_66630 | 4 months ago | 0 Comments


  1. Niners (ray)- do I even need to explain. He finally gets a young QB that will be the cornerstone for the rest of madden 22
  2. Browns (Jay) - defensive minded user that’s taken the home team and offensive juggernauts in his last few team picks. He decides to take a team that has a young defense ready to go.
  3. Jaguars (Myles) - had his fun playing with some new teams but time to take it back to his hometown and enjoy the new franchise Qb. 
  4. Bengals (Sean) - he will more then likely take a young rebuilding team and the bengals fit that description. Burrow , Mixon , and jamar chase will be a fun trio to build around and they will have cap as well.
  5. Ravens (Spyda) - once again do I even need to explain. He gets a lot of his core back with the addition of spot great draft picks that give him some more youth and potential all around.
  6. Chiefs (Teddy) - as tempted as I am to be the giants , if the chiefs fall to This pick I feel inclined to take them. The cap will be hell but we will work past that.
  7. Falcons (Bobby) - already won a bowl with the falcons and the addition of Kyle pitts is game changing. The falcons are no brainer as he goes back to the home town team
  8. Broncos (batman) - he has made it clear this is his team and with his bowl victory, he is finally in position to take them
  9. Cardinals (JTC) - the Cardinals are stacked after their offseason acquisitions and JTC loves himself a glitchy mobile Qb like Murray. 
  10. Cowboys (kyce) - this pick is more guaranteed then Teddy losing in the first round of the playoffs.
  11. Vikings (Joey) - taking some time off in the past, but he’s back to being consistent and decides to try his luck at bringing a trophy back to Minnesota.
  12. Raiders (Reid) - takes it back to his hometown team to try and bring home that trophy.
  13. Bills (Current Texans) - has a tendency to lean towards a mobile Qb, and josh Allen is one of the glitchiest Qb’s in the game.
  14. Packers (Matt B) - packers fall to pick 14 and Matt is ecstatic. Even if Rodgers is gone , he still has love and a plethora of other players to be happy about ... and he gets the hometown team.
  15. Buccaneers (Chea) - chea goes for all the marbles in year one and takes one of the best teams overall wise on the board. If he can handle the Brady replacement , he will have solid team the rest of the way
  16. Seahawks (Marte) - Seahawks on the board is a no brainer for someone who hasn’t had a mobile Qb in awhile if ever. He gets Russel, metcalf , and more. Great team at a later pick
  17. Chargers (Godlover) - he finally gets a well rounded offense that can help him take advantage of his play style. Not to mention some great pieces on the defensive side of the ball. 
  18. Saints (Real talk) - after loosing out on broncos he takes one of the best team available and will figure out Qb at a later date.
  19. Panthers (Kev) - panthers are a great team and Kev has ties to sam darnold already. Gets a well rounded team with a young Qb that can be developed.
  20. WFT (Nick packers) - he gets his ideal choice at this spot getting a team with a great foundation and it also happens to be the hometown team
  21. Dolphins (Rampagetv) - can’t pass up on the young team with tua and waddle at the helm.
  22. Colts (Nick bears) - another solid team that slipped way to far on this list , but many people have seen that having a great QB to start is a huge advantage. But this line and Taylor to tough to pass on at this stage 
  23. Steelers (Q) - horrible quarterback situation but a solid young defense with the addition of najee Harris makes this a enticing late team choice.
  24. Giants (Gman Raymond) - giants have a great madden squad despite the quarterback. This team could have went earlier but the defensive issues from a madden standpoint hold them back. Ross , Toney , saquon , and golladay will be a fun and easy offense for any one this late.
  25. Jets (Rkgess) - after dealing with a horrific quarterback situation i his first taste of NRG, he decides to pick a team with a franchise quarterback worth developing. The jets will take a lot of work but oftentimes a solid QB enough to get a team going. 
  26. Eagles (Ddavis) - had madden given jalen hurts better THP i believe this team could be selected in the top 20. Regardless he gets a young QB with and electric player in devonta smith as well as an amazing o line for madden purposes.
  27. Rams (Eagles) - as per usual a person this late will see Aaron Donald and jalen Ramsey sitting there and it’s very hard not to take that at this point in the selection.
  28. Titans (Captain steelz) -never the most exciting team to choose with some Low ceiling players at certain positions, but this man loves his Titans and I’m sure he’s hype to land em here.
  29. Texans (Bcarr) - this pick gotta be Texans if Watson somehow isn’t a 7 overall kicker come M22. This would be a great fit for a user who knows how to damage with very little , all he needs is that X-factor Qb and he’s good to go. This team will take a lot of work after suffering a plethora of off season loses.
  • if Watson ends up not being in the game , then Bcarr ends up with Chicago trying to develop young Justin fields.