- Revised on March 10, 2017


    The commissioners in the NRG League are committed to results. Truth be told, it was the lack of passion and discipline that drove to the creation of this league. Witnessing other commissioners with bad habits and favoritism forced our hands in this direction. In the NRG League, we strive for excellence; sportsmanship, fundamentals, freedom and fairness.

Section 1 - Advance Schedule & Communication Expectations

    ~ Advance is every 48 hours! Extensions can be requested.

    If all games are completed before that period, the league will be advanced as soon as a commissioner can advance.

    ~ All members must be in our league chat on Discord!

    Users have 24 hours, from point of advance, to contact their opponent or reply to their message. If a member has not posted in the 24-hour time frame they will be placed on Auto-Pilot (AP) and their opponent will be given a Forced-Win (FW).  If you put yourself on ap, or give your opponent a fw, 4 times in a season, your draft picks for the upcoming draft will be skipped.

    ~ Going on Auto-Pilot is an automatic loss.

    In the event that your opponent is the cpu, you will receive a FW. Do not attempt to play the game. We understand people have lives; special events and emergencies happen, but we won’t allow people to keep the league in the dark and hold up other members. As long as members effectively communicate with the league there won’t be any issues.

    ~ If both opponents want to play, but their schedules don't match up, the game will be Simmed.

    In a situation where two members played their game and were unable to finish (for whatever reason), both parties will agree on whether to continue from where they left off (same score and similar time), sim the game or one of the members go on AP. If the game was one sided before the abrupt stop, then both parties could agree on a forced win (FW). If neither member can agree on what to do, then the commissioners will make the final decision.

    If the losing party goes MIA or request to go on Auto-Pilot that will be considered conceding a lost.

Section 2 - League Settings

    Difficulty: All-Madden: Default Sliders
    Quarter Length: 7 minutes
    Game Speed: Normal

Section 3 - Basic Gameplay Rules

    ~ Be attentive of the Discord chat when playing a game!

    Your opponent and/or a commissioner may be attempting to contact you. Also, DO NOT press 'A' after your opponent pressed 'start'. He may have to use the bathroom or answer an important phone call. Be patient. If it gets out of control, contact a commissioner immediately.

    ~ Mix up your offensive play calls!

    The same play should never be called back-to-back unless you are kneeling/spiking the ball. Calling an offensive play once every 3 plays is not mixing it up. Offensively, a member may call the same run concept out of different formations, but they may NOT call the same pass concept out of different formations. Read option plays, also, should not be your entire offense. Please DO NOT use one formation for an entire drive.

    ~ Glitching the game to gain an advantage will not be tolerated!

    This includes nano blitzes, face catching, rocket catches, shake blitzes or "shaking motion". Overload blitzes, where you send more then what the offense can block, is fine. “Scum” kickoffs, or anything similar, are also NOT ALLOWED. You CANNOT pick a fake Field Goal play, then audible to FG kick, to avoid being iced. 

    The run commit glitch is also not allowed. If you only have a total of 3 men rushing the qb, you can not run commit on defense on that play.

    When using a rpo play, running/scrambling with the qb is not allowed.

    When lined up on offense, u are only allowed to flip a play a max of 1 time.

    If any of these are done, immediately pause the game and notify a commissioner. We will handle it accordingly. The guilty party will be penalized.

    ~ You CANNOT manually move any Linebacker or Defensive Back into an A, B, or C gap!

    If you click on a player that is already in the gap, you can ONLY move him out of the gap pre-snap, if you desire. Positioning a player into a hovering/stacking  position over a defensive lineman is NOT ALLOWED as well.

    ~ Dime, Big Dime, Dollar, and Quarters CAN only be used against 4 and 5 WR sets!

    There are certain situations where you CAN use any personnel you desire:
          a) 2nd and 14+
          b) 3rd and 10+
          c) 4th and 10+
          d) going against an empty set(as indicated in the play selection screen
           e) under the 2 min warning in either half
    ~ PLAYBOOKS: Please, show your opponent your playbooks before staring the game!
          - Offense: Any Playbook: NO custom Playbook
          - Defense: Any Playbook: NO custom Playbook

    ~ CHEWING CLOCK: Only allowed in the following situations...
          a) Inside the 2 minute warning
          b) Anytime in the 4th Quarter or Overtime
          c) Both players agree to turn it on

    ~ 4TH DOWN: You can go for it ONLY on 4th and 2nd or less anytime during the game!

    In the following situation you MAY break this rule:
          a) Inside the 2 minute warning
          b) Losing by at least 14 in the 3rd Quarter
          c) Anytime in the 4th Quarter and Overtime

    ~ NO-HUDDLE / HURRY-UP: Allowed only in the following situations...
          a) Inside the 2 minute warning in the 2nd Quarter
          b) Losing by at least 14 points in the 3rd Quarter
          c) Losing in the 4th Quarter or Overtime

Section 4 - Sportsmanship Policy

    ~ HAVE FUN!

    ~ Having a 28 point lead In the 4th quarter, that user MUST do the following:
          - Put chew clock on
          - Run the ball 2 out of every 3 plays.

Section 5 - Trading


    ~ ALL trades MUST be submitted to the commissioners; Commissioners are not excused!

    ~ Members are allowed to make (TWO) trade during off-season.

    ~ Members are allowed to make (TWO) trades during the season.

    ~ 1st Year - CANNOT trade any players

    ~ 2nd Year - CANNOT trade any players with a 90 OVR or higher (Under Team Salaries)

    ~ 3rd Year - CANNOT trade any players with a 95 OVR or higher (Under Team Salaries)

    ~ 4th Year - MAY trade any player

    ~ NO MEMBER IS allowed to perform trades that would put their team in a negative cap

    ~ Players that are 30 years old or older ARE permitted to be traded; no matter their OVR. This starts in Year 2

    ~ Rookies are NOT allowed to be traded

    ~ Trades are NOT permitted during the Draft

    ~ During year 1, if we haven’t gone past the trade deadline, we will allow any real life trades to be carried out only if BOTH parties agree. If one party is the cpu, then it is solely the decision of the other user. Rookie members WILL be allowed to complete a trade in this scenario.

    Even though the Trade Committee can accept or decline your trades, that is not it’s purpose. We want to make sure that both parties are getting as equal a value as possible. Note that some positions hold more value then others. An 80 OVR QB for an 80 OVR DT is not an equal trade value. Trades that are unrealistic will be declined. Be fair to each other.

Section 6 - Free Agents

    ~ You ARE allowed to sign ONE free agent a week. The only exception to this rule is if you are given permission to sign someone.

    ~ All members are allowed to sign as many free agents to their practice squad as they feel fit. Signing players to your PS is not the same as signing players to your active roster.

    ~ If you need to fill your roster simply speak to a commissioner. Do not sign the entire free agent list. You will be given permission to sign players that are 63 overall and below.

    ~ A user may not release a player above an 80 overall from week 11 until the conclusion of the super bowl.
    If there is a cap scenario in which u need to release a player in order to sign someone, u must speak with a commissioner and seek approval.
    During wks 16-17, any players that are released with commissioners approval, can not be signed by a user team.

    ~ Members are allowed to sign as many players as they can afford during the off-season free agency

    ~ Players with an 88 Overall or higher are NOT to be released from their contract unless that player is 30 years old or older

Section 7 - Substitution and Editing

    ~ Manually editing a player’s position is ONLY allowed with our permission .  There is no warning for this rule, if broken, the player will be stripped of any ss or xfactor status and you will be placed on ap.

    Changing a player’s ability is not allowed.

    When can you change a player’s position(after receiving permission)?
                    Position changes must be done all in the same week. You can do the changes in preseason wk 1, OR week 1 of the regular season. This is a one time thing. You can not change players in the preseason, then again in the regular season.

    Can you change the positions of superstar and x-factor players?

    Position changes that are allowed:

    Dline to any dline position
    Dline to Lb, and vise versa
    Oline to any Oline position
    FS to SS, and vise versa

    ~ Manually subbing a Defensive Back to Linebacker is NOT allowed!

    Neither is subbing a Cornerback to Safety, or vice versa. However, you ARE allowed, and encourage, to use sub-packages. We are aware of formations like 46 speed, Nickel Over G, Dime 236, and Quarters, where the Safety and Cornerbacks are interchangeable. We are also aware of some Nickel formations where a Safety can be a Linebacker with certain sub-packages. This is all legal

    You CAN also place a Running Back or Tight End in the Full Back positions and vice versa on your Depth Chart. However, Running Backs are Not allowed in the Tight End position.

    ~ Editing player names is only allowed for players created by the Madden game itself; meaning rookies that are drafted. No member is allowed to change current real-life player names. All names must be realistic

Section 8 - Other

    ~ No one is allow to remove any members from the Discord chat. Only the Commissioners. There is no warning for this offense. Anyone caught will receive a 1 game AP. Repeat offenders will be removed from the league

    ~ Every game must be streamed and stored/archived. The link of the stream must be posted in the league chat. If both parties can not agree on who will stream, the away team must stream. It is the responsibility of both parties to discuss the streaming of the game. If a game is played and it was not streamed, the two users will be on at least a one game ap. If a game is played and not archived for at least until we advance to the following week, that user will be placed on ap.

    ~ If a disconnect occurs, and one party feels that it was purposely done, he may present his case to the existing committee. If the committee votes that foul play may have occurred, the guilty party will be on ap for 3 games.

    ~ During the 2nd half, if a user would like to concede, he must first get the permission from his opponent BEFORE doing so. If a user concedes without permission, it will be handled as a quit.

    ~ When the kickoff time for the Super Bowl is known, 3 different off-season schedules will be presented. A vote will then occur. Majority wins.

Section 9 - Punishment

    All punishments are consecutive. Which means that being put on AP can spill into the playoffs and the following season if necessary.

          1st Strike = Warning
          2nd Strike = 1 Game AP
          3rd Strike = 3 Games AP
          4th Strike = BOOT
          Quitting a game/conceding a game = 5 Games AP, and your draft picks for the next upcoming draft will be skipped. In addition to this, your 1st round pick(or earliest pick available) will be taken away. You will be forced to trade the pick to a cpu team for garbage.