The Basics

48 Hour Advance League, Contact Made Within 24 Hours For Scheduling – Advances Are At 9PM EST, Playoffs Advance Every 24 Hours
All positions are at 125% XP except for OL/DL which are at 175% XP
League Uses Discord For Communication – Must Have
League Has Daddy Leagues Webpage – http://www.daddyleagues/com/PEL - League News Articles Are There
All Madden Simulation Gameplay Settings
Fatigue Increased To Encourage Roster Development
You Must Be A Created Coach or Created Owner ONLY
Relocation Will NOT Be Allowed In Madden 22
Injuries Are Turned OFF For Advances
No CPU Games Are Played In The PEL – You Either Play An Opponent, Receive A Force Win, Or Take A Fair Sim
Streaming/Archiving Is Required By One Member When A Game Is Played. Recording The Game Is Also Acceptable If Streaming Is Not Possible. This Is For Evidence Of Any Gameplay Issues.
Arguing In The Main Chat Is A Major No-No – Take It To DM And Settle It, We Are All Grown Men. League Chat Is For Streams, League Discussion And General League Chat Among Multiple Members Only

The Good Stuff

Draft Preview Show – League Management Will Typically Hold A Draft Roundtable Discussion The Night Before The Draft Going Through Each Team And Discussing Their Needs And Where They May Go In The Draft
Draft Recap Show – For Every Owner That Actually Participates In The Draft, We Do Draft Grades And Post Draft Analysis! CPU Drafts Do Not Receive Grades Or Analysis
League Update Shows – Throughout The Season, League Update Shows Will Be Done To Talk About What Is Going On In The League And More

League Incentives

15 Articles/Videos Completed - 1 Ratings Upgrade & 1 Salary Reduction
25 Articles/Videos Completed - 2 Ratings Upgrades & 2 Salary Reductions
35 Articles/Videos Completed - 3 Ratings Upgrades & 3 Salary Reductions
Ratings Upgrades – 1 +2 boost of any attribute that is not speed.
Salary Reduction - A player of your choosing will receive a 50% reduction in salary - this will come off of the total salary, not the bonus money. This MUST occur in the Resign Period before Free Agency begins!

Scheduling Games

48 Hour Advance, Will Advance Early If All Games Are Settled – Was Voted On By The League
Must Contact Opponent Within 24 Hours Of Advance Via DM Or @ In Scheduling Chat
NEW – When Game Is Scheduled By Two Teams, A Post In Scheduling Chat MUST Be Made By One Team Advising The League When The Game Will Be Played And @ The Opponent When That Post Is Made
If No Post In Scheduling Chat Exists, On Advance Day League Administration Will Assume The Game Is A Sim And WILL NOT Reach Out To Teams For Game Status.
Claims Of Non Response To Schedule A Game Must Be Provided With A Screenshot Of DM Attempt AND The @ In The Scheduling Chat. League Members Are Expected To Follow Up When @ Is Received In Scheduling Chat Or DM Is Received. Saying “I Didn’t See It Or I Didn’t Get It” Is Not A Valid Excuse.
Do NOT Wait To Be Contacted And Expect That To Be A Valid Excuse For A Force Win. It Will Be A Fair Sim If Neither Party Contacts The Other
If You Will Not Be Available For A Period Of Time, Please Communicate To League Management. Going “Ghost” For 3 Unplayed Games Results In An Automatic Boot From The PEL
No Games Will Be Scheduled After The 24 Hour Contact Period To Be Played Within 1 Hour Of Scheduled Advance Without Approval

Trade Rules

No Year One Trading Until The Offseason AFTER Year 1 Is Completed
League Previously Voted Not To Have Trade Committee And Unlimited Trades
League Previously Voted To Have A Limit On The Number Of First Round Picks A General Manager Can Have. That Limit Is A Maximum Of 2 First Round Picks
League Management Reserves The Right To Reverse Any Trades Made That Are Deemed One Sided And Detrimental To The League Going Forward

Roster Rules
Every Preseason There Is A One Free Agent Signing Limit Per Team For The ENTIRE Preseason. This Is Done To Prevent Hoarding
This DOES NOT Apply To Kickers And Punters. This Rule Is Tracked By League Management Strictly
If Violated, Any Players Signed Over The Limit Will Be Edited To Terrible Players Until Released. When Released, Players Will Be Fixed Back To Normal By League Management
Practice Squad Stealing Is ON In This League, And It Starts In Week 2 Of The Regular Season Each Year
Players CANNOT Be Cut And Immediately Resigned For Salary Purposes. This Was Voted On By The League. Any Player Cut By A General Manager MUST Be In Free Agency For A Week Period Before Being Eligible To Be Resigned By The Cutting Team. Tracked By League Management.
In Offseason Free Agency, General Managers MUST Bid At Least 50 Points On ALL Free Agents Looking For Contracts. This Was Previously Voted On By The League And Prevents Unrealistic Contracts

Position Changes

Please Reference Below For Allowed Position Changes In The PEL:
Quarterback  – RB, WR, DB
Running Back – QB, LB
Fullback – TE, RB
Tight End – FB
Wide Receiver – CB, S – No Wide Receivers Can Move To Tight End Or Running Back/Fullback
Offensive Line – Any OL or DL Position
Defensive Line – Any OL or DL Position, LB
Linebacker – Any LB Position, DL, RB, FB, TE – No Linebackers To Safety Or Safety To Linebacker
Cornerback – S, WR
Safety – CB, WR – No Safeties To Linebacker Or Linebackers To Safety
Kicker – P
Punter – K
League Administration Will Edit Unapproved Position Changes Back To Original Position When Necessary

Gameplay Rules

Generally, We Punish People In The PEL In A Progressive Manner. Unless It Is Gross Misconduct, First Time Is A Warning. Second Time Results In 1 Game Suspension Of A Player Or Players. Third Time Results In A User Games Suspension, Then 4th Time Results In Booting From The League


Playcalling Must Be At A 70%/30% Ratio On Offense And Defense – Your Offense Must Be Within This Ratio If Run Or Pass. Your Defense Must Be Within This Ratio Relative Zone or Man Coverage. You Can Do Up To 70% Of One, And At Least 30% Of The Other.
Actual Plays On Offense And Defense Cannot Be Called More Than 3 Times In One Game. This Is Pretty Lenient And May Be Lowered If We Ever Experience Issues With This.
Actual Pass Routes On Offense Cannot Be Completed More Than 5 Times In One Game. This Was Voted On By The League. In The Past We Have Had Abuse On Post And Drag Routes.
Wide Receivers Are Allowed A Max Of 10 Catches And 250 Yards In One Game.
Defensive Formations Must Match Offensive Personnel – To Explain This Easily, You Cannot Come Out In Anything Higher Than Nickel Unless There Are 3 Wide Receivers On The Field. If There Are 3 Wide Receivers On The Field, You Can Play Any Defense You Would Like.
You Can Only Play Special Teams Plays When Special Teams Are On The Field – For Example, You Cannot Run FG Block In Goalline Situations
One Fake Punt OR One Fake Field Goal Can Be Run Regardless Of The 4th Down Situation Once Per Game
Onside Kicks Are Allowed At Any Time Unless The Mercy Rule Is In Effect
QB Rollouts With No Pressure Are Not Allowed. If There Is Pressure, This Is Fine
Once Your QB Rolls Outside Of The Numbers , The QB Must Run With The Ball. Only Exception Are DESIGNED Rollout Plays such as Rollout Smash
Moving More Than One Player Pre-Snap On Defense Is Against The Rules. Line Shifts, LB Shifts, and Coverage Shifts Are Allowed Through Pre-Snap Audibles
No Pre-Snap Movement Is Allowed On Special Teams – For Example Pulling Extra Blockers Back For Punt Returns
Must Rush 3 Players On Defense At ALL Times – QB Spy Does NOT Count As A Rusher
Chew Clock Is Only Allowed In The Final 2 Minutes Of The 4th Quarter. Obvious Delay Time Tactics With A Lead Are Not Allowed Either
Line Drive Punts In Order To Try And Force Fumbles Are Not Allowed
Running Up The Score In The PEL Will Result In An Automatic Boot – Everyone Is Treated With Respect Here
Any Gameplay Issues Should Be Handled By Pausing The Game And Telling Your Opponent They Are In Violation. If It Continues, Alert A Commish And Have Evidence/Time When It Occurred
Disconnects Can Be Handled Between Both Parties, However If Agreement Cannot Be Reached League Management Will Decide On Resolution

Mercy Rule

Once You Are Up 28 Points, Run The Ball With Chew Clock To Get The Game Over With. Passing Is Only Permissible On 3rd Down To Try And Get A First Down And End The Game. If There Are Less Than 2 Minutes Left And You Are Up By 2 Or More Scores, Meaning 10 Points Or More, Please Run The Ball Or Take A Knee To End The Game. If You Are The Opponent And The Game Is Under These Conditions, Do Not Go Against These Efforts To End The Game By Calling Timeouts And Extending The Game. If That Happens, I Will Not Fault The Opponent For Continuing To Play.


The ONLY Time Conceding Is Allowed In The PEL Is Under Mercy Rule Conditions, In The 2nd Half Of A Game. Quitting A Game In The PEL Will Result In Automatic Boot. A Convenient “Disconnect “ Will Be Reviewed By League Management As Well. Opponent Must Be Notified Before Conceding Takes Place

4th Down Rules

You May Go For It On 4th And 5 Or Less ACROSS The 50 Yard Line Anytime Up 7 Points Or Less
You May Go For It If You Are Down 21 Or More Anywhere On The Field At Anytime
You May Go For It In The 4th Quarter Or Overtime Anytime You Are Losing
If The Score Is Tied In The 4th Quarter Or Overtime You Are Allowed To Go For It If It Is 4th And 5 Or Less Anywhere On The Field

No Huddle

If You Are Down 21 Points Or More You Are Allowed To No Huddle Anywhere On The Field
No Huddle Is Allowed In The 1st Half No Matter What The Score Is. In The 2nd Half It Is Allowed If The Score Is Tied Or If You Are Losing
No Huddle Is Allowed With No Limits In The Final 2 Minutes Of Each Half
No Huddle Should Only Be Used 3 Times In A Row Unless Within The Final 2 Minutes Of Each Half Or Down 21 Points

Offseason Schedule

Offseason Schedule Typically Posted When Super Bowl Is Scheduled

12-24 Hours Typically Given For Resign Period – Try To Resign Your Key Guys During Regular Season If Possible
NEW - Salary Reduction For Players MUST Be Given By The Resign Period - This Will ONLY Be Done During This Stage Of The OffSeason
Free Agency Will Typically Advance Every 6-12 Hours With A Variable Advance Window To Prevent Sniping Of Free Agents At Last Second – Bids Must Be At A Minimum Of 50 Points Or Player Must Be Released
Drafts Will Typically Be Held During The Week At 8PM EST – If You Cannot Make It, Please Make Arrangements To Trade Draft Picks Or Set Your Draft Board Accordingly
There Is No Time Limit For The First Round, But There Is A 1 Minute Limit To Make Picks Starting In The 2nd Round
There Is A Limit Of 2 First Round Picks That A Team May Have In Each Draft
Any Other Pertinent Offseason Questions Should Be Directed To Commish AceCoach704 In DM
Trades Will Be OFF During All Drafts To Avoid Any Violations Regarding Draft Picks