The Resurgence of David Njoku

by baconj40 | 3 years ago | 0 Comments

Tight End David Njoku:

2019 Stats: 62 catches, 820 yards, 3 TDs

2020 Stats: 58 catches, 730 yards, 12 TDs

What happened in 2019? In his second season in 2018, he caught double digit touchdowns with rookie QB Baker Mayfield, but in 2019 that number dropped to a measly 3, only to go back up to 12 this year. So why was his third season such an outlier? It's simple: The offense and coaching staff had to assimilate rookie WR David Sills V and WR John Ross in his first full year (he caught only 10 passes after being traded for in 2018 and getting injured) , which left David Njoku as the odd man out. In a resurgent year for the Browns, the chemistry between Baker and Njoku has returned, and the chemistry remained with everyone else. He's come on as of late. Through the first 11 games he caught 5 TDs and in the last 4 games he has caught 7. A big reason has been a redzone scheme change. After starting running back Nick Chubb went down to injury, the Browns had to sign free agent running back TJ Yeldon, and they were down to two total backs. Because of the lack of a power back, the Browns had to resort to throwing to their matchup nightmares in the endzone- the two Davids: David Njoku and David Sills V. Njoku is too big to be stopped by a safety and too athletic to be stopped by a linebacker, making him a nightmare on fades, corners, slants, digs, outs, and just about every route in the tree. Mayfield has established a rapport with every member of his offense, and the unit is starting to get healthy and click at the right time. They still need to win out to make the playoffs, and the offense has averaged nearly 39 points per game through their 5 game win streak. Look for the Browns offense to be red hot and carry into their final two games and potentially the playoffs.