More Help For Tua

by Michael_87513 | 4 years ago | 0 Comments

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The Miami Dolphins front office strikes again. This time giving young QB Tua a new toy to play with in Ronald Jones III. 


This doesn’t come as a shock to most as they look to rejuvenate this offense and watch the young talent grow. 


Acquiring Jones did come with a price to pay as they shipped of DE Joey Alfieri after just one year of play. New Ownership felt like he just wasn’t the fit they was looking for. Had a Quiet Rookie year 51 Tackles and 6 Sacks much room to improve unfortunately the dolphins aren’t going to wait around and see if he can become a household name in the NFL. 


As for Jones still a raw back. But in the mode the dolphins are looking for. So I hope to see leaps in offensive production this year. Just another piece to the puzzle of success.