Jags Preseason Week 4 Recap

by Miggy_Ray | 4 years ago | 0 Comments

This was just an ugly game all around but especially for Jacksonville as they continued to rest their starters and faced the Broncos regular starters for at least the entire 1st qtr. Rookie QB Eric Dungey came crashing back down to earth in this one facing more regular starters this week and the Broncos still have some talent on that defense. Dungey was harassed in the pocket constantly and threw 2 Ints and had a completion percentage under 50%. The Jags offense was in a word pathetic. The Broncos defense held the Jags to just a FG and an embarrassing 114 yards of total offense. The Broncos almost doubled the time of possession 25min-14min but the Jags defense playing almost exclusively backups held their own limiting the Broncos to just 16 points and only 245 yards total yards of offense despite being out there so long. Final score Broncos 16-Jags 3.