49ers Dominate the Lions 44-20 in Front of New Owner

by BTMax1983 | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

The San Francisco 49ers came into Detroit and dominated the Lions 44-20. Matt Stafford looked uncomfortable all game and threw 4 INTs and 1 pick six. He was not the only Lion that struggled in this game. The wide receiver core as a whole had a very poor game and did not help Stafford with 8 dropped passes.

The Lions stuggled mightily on defense as well. At one point in the game Garroppolo had completed 17 of 17 passes. The defense performed decently against the run but struggled at the most inopportune times. When the 49ers faced a 3rd and 3, they converted it.

There were a few standout players. Bryce love continues to impress, going over the 100 yard mark. Winovich added another sack to his total. Outside of those two there were not many players to be excited about.

Before the game Ralph Gilmore revealed that he had sold a minority share of the Lions to billionare playboy Bruce Wayne. Wayne will act as the team president and the eventual successor to Gilmore to own the Lions outright. Wayne has already begun making management decisions and is bringing in personnel to help him with General Manager duties.

This was a tryout game for the new owner and he most certainly did not like what he saw. Poor quarterback play, lack of dependable recievers, and a porous defense are all the areas Wayne must fix over the offseason. The next few weeks, Lions players better show up ready to perform becuase make no mistake they are all being evaluated on their value to the teams future.

Things don't get much easier next week. Green Bay comes to town and has been an offensive juggernaut this season. Should make for exciting times in Detroit.


B.T. Maximillian, Senior Sports Analyst Detroit Free Press