A New Hope Emerges From a Lopsided 24-21 Loss to GB

by BTMax1983 | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

The Lions and Packers renewed their rivalry once more this weekend and it did not dissapoint. What appeared to be a blowout early in the game came down to a one possession contest. This was not a close hard fought battle for Detroit but rather a test of their mettle. It was good to see the Lions continue to fight and show the league that playing for pride still has its place in our society.

In the first half Rodgers was uncanny. He looked like he could not be stopped. The Lions certainly could not stop him as the Packers put up 17 unanswered points in the 1st quarter. On offense, the Lions picked up close to zero yards on the ground and everytime Stafford dropped back to pass the whole stadium worth of fans held their breath waiting for another interception. Stafford threw 4 INTs in the game, 3 in the 1st half.

Down 17, can't run the ball, can't pass the ball, and can't get the defense off of the field. Most teams would have waved the white flag and hoped for mercy. The Lions clentched their teeth and dug in their cleats and put together an gritty effort to cut the lead down a little at a time.

At the start of the 4rth, the score was 24-14 GB. Lions had the ball and drove the length of the field to the GB 11 yard line. On the next play Stafford tried to throw a pass to the highest point where only his reciever could make a play but underthrew the ball for his 4rth interception. The defense that couldn't stop anything in the 1st quarter allowed GB to drive to midfield before forcing a punt. On the next possession, Stafford marched the Lions down field again and this time threw a TD to bring the score to 24-21. The Lions need one more stop but were never able to come up with it. GB marched the length of the field to the Lions 1 yard line and took the victory kneel to run out the clock.

The Lions clearly have some areas that need to be improved but showed something tonight that Lions fan should be excited about. This team is not going to give up, not going to stop trying to get better, and plays with a passion for the game that lets you know these Lions want to win for their fans. Detroit is long overdue for a Championship contender, and though this team is still a few seasons away, the fans had to leave tonights game with something they have been lacking for a long time. That's hope for the future.


B.T. Maximillian, Senior Sports Writer

Detroit Free Press