Is Mariota a Franchise Qb?

by Antdog1291 | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

  The question every NFL team faces, Do we have our franchise quarterback? The most important position on the team. The leader. A guy the team can look to. The Tennessee Titans are now faced with this question. It is the last year of Marcus Mariota's contract and the Titans have to decide, Let him walk or pay him big! Mariota was taken #2 in the 2015 NFL draft and was seen as a emerging superstar at the quarterback position . But has he lived up to that tag. Mariota in his first 4 seasons has thrown for a total of 13,363 yards with 76 touchdowns and 69 interceptions, a completion percentage of 60% and a passer rating of 82.3. Some say blame cant be put all on Mariota. Lack of offensive line , not enough playmakers to get the job done the list goes on. The offensive line has been horrendous allowing 144 sacks in Mariota;s 4 seasons. One thing i do know is a qb will not last in NFL if hes taking that many hits throughout the season. The Titans made 1 draft pick to adress the offesnsive line and 2 free agent signings of undrafted lineman. In the offseason the titans picked up wrs Donte Moncrief and Corey Coleman. They also drafted slot wr Chris Platt and Jared Cornelius. Mariota this upcoming season will have the weapons to throw to. And will have no excuse for why he is not getting the job done. Mariota has alot to prove on his last year of his contract. Mariota is arguably coming off his worst season of his career. Throwing 18 tds 35 interceptions a total of 3,887 yards with a completion percentage of 58% and passer rating of 66. Ultimantly the Titans want to see Mariota make smart decisions. They know the physical attributes are there. Mariota is a dual threat qb with above average speed and above average arm strength. What prevents Mariota from getting a long term contract will be his ability to read NFL defenses and make good decisions when throwing the football.