Week 1 Nail Bitter

by Antdog1291 | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

Texans vs Titans week 1 matchup was one for the books. Both teams brought their A game.

Texans 38          Titans 36

Both qbs did very well with Deshaun Watson ending his day 27-40 with 359 yards passing and 2 touchdown. Mariota went 26-50 with 322 yards passing and 1 touchdown.The titans defense managed to hold Lamar Miller to 39 yards in 14 carries. Even with the lack of big runs Miller was able to find the endzone 2 times. Derrick Henry rushed for 136 yards with 3 touchdowns on 17 carries. The passing game for the Texans had Will Fuller with 106 yards and one touchdown, Deandre Hopkins with 122 Yards 0 touchdowns Sean Mckeon with 12 yards and a touchdown. Mariota spread the ball around alot more. Davis 79 yards recieving, Walker 72 yards , Lewis 80 yards , Taylor 9 with 1 td, Moncrief 55 yards, Coleman 23 yards and Smith with 4 yards. The offensive line did outstanding for both teams with Texans allowing only 2 sacks and Titans with 1. The game was controlled by both offenses with 0 turnerovers the entire game. The game ultimently came down to special teams and thats were the game was lost for the titans with kicker NIck Rose mising 3 of his 4 kicks. Titans coach was asked after the game on the kicking game. He responded with " Our team did what needed to be done to put points on the board. The game was ours for the taking and we didnt execute. Cant have misses like that. I need to be able to trust my kicker and he has to be able to do his job. It will be fixed. " Nick Rose was released the following day. The Titans are in good spirits and know that the season is long and all that needs to be done is continue to Grind and win games. Titans head to Miami to Play the Dolphins who are also coming off a loss and look to bounce back.