Letter from Coach Que

by qnkxtd | 4 years ago | 0 Comments

      It’s almost that time for the Premier Madden League to kick off its Madden 20 season! With 3 spots being left to fill, JT has organized a “Sim-Style” tournament (Hosted by Fin) for coaches to show off their talents on the field and through content. With a few old names and some new ones, this is going to be a true fight for the last three teams. (Buccaneers, Saints, Falcons) Some of the lineup will consist of Chums, Lqnoble, Mulkey, FKNJP, SavageSam, hills, scubascoop, novocaine, multialumni, thundrlightning, Cameron and lastly but not least Que. I can tell we’re in for some great games and even better content from this group. We did have a letter sent in by Coach Que that he asked us to release publicly. It follows:
“     I just wanted to start by saying I appreciate the opportunity to showcase my talents and have a chance to be apart of PML. I met some good guys and felt like I was apart of a family. It was never a dull moment from me being clueless, to my fat fingers, to losing Jared Goff in the off season and getting nothing in return. And I love the support and push from the community in wanting to see me be a better Madden Player. With that being said… I was truly disappointed with not having a team and having to fight for my spot. But, honestly I understand why. From inconsistent gameplay, to content, to just being clueless on some things I should know. It was definitely a learning experience , and I’ve always strived to be better despite the na sayers. I didn’t come here for all that … I got Chums first round and hopefully I see you on the other side of this brother … but you’re going down! This tournament I will show why I deserve to be apart of PML! I will also be sending a letter with my plans for the remaining three teams if I were the coach. See y’all tonight ….” 
With this statement being made by Coach Que, it definitely looks like he has something to prove to the PML Community and to himself. If you want to be apart of something great, you have to be great! Who do have you in your winner bracket for Chums vs Que ?!