Game 3 of play-in tourney

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Game 3 of play-in tourney


Reporter: That was a hard fought game from the 1st quarter to the 4th, how were you able to prevail


Coach Noble: I’ve played Cameron a lot over the past madden cycle, I have an idea of what he likes to do in terms of offense, my goal was to have him come from behind and have he beat us in the passing game. 


Reporter: How did you think your team did?


Coach Noble: we could’ve played better in my opinion, I believe we have to work on not letting our opponents back into games  that’s when I believe we’ll be at our best. 


Reporter: You are a game away from the championship, is this what you expected? 


Coach Noble: I definitely expected this, I think i’m the best madden player in this tournament. And no one has proven me otherwise.