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Welcome to Pro Sports Gaming (PSG). PSG is a sim style Madden league that has been around since 2012. At PSG, we pride ourselves on having a fun league with no cheese plays and players. Basically, play as a normal coach would. If you don't see it on Sunday, we do not want to see it here. Our group consists of adults, so there is no drama. We have various skill levels, so everyone is sure to fit in. If you feel like accepting the challenge, post in the chat or contact one of the commissioners directly. We will see you on the field!


Parksthegreat - 715.557.1424
Bwidow34 - 757.715.1635
Hunterforanimals - 936.714.5971

ADVANCE TIMES: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 PM EDT (9:00 PM CDT)

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