Divisional Round - Fantasy Leaders

Introducing something new for the upcoming season, a weekly breakdown of the top five highest scoring ppr fantasy players at each position. More content will be coming as time allows, Pythagoras may make his long awaited return as well. If you have any comments or feedback on this please let us know in the comments.


Top Fantasy Qua...
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by Alfydakid06 | 2017-10-09 | 11 Comments | League News

Revo power rankings 

Everyone is half way through their season so I feel...
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So I just finished up the AFC North so I feel it's only fitting to go to the NFC North. It's definitely an interesting division. It's not one of the best and it's not one of the worst. It should be a very competitive division. If Travis can be a good player then anyone, besides cabin, can win that division. 

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by Alfydakid06 | 2017-08-06 | 1 Comments | League News

With madden releasing in 3 weeks worldwide, or in 18 days for the GOAT edition or even 13 days where EA Access users get to play ten hours before the game is dropped I figured I'd do my first article for the year. As I ignore my kids swimming in the pool while I'm on vacation I'm going to dive deep into a game I hated last year for a group of individu...

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Alright guys. I haven't done an article for a very long time. You may remember it. It was the Cheese rankings. Today I'm going to look at some of the playoff contenders and pretenders. With everyone playing at least 12 games let's see who will finish strong in the last quarter of the season and who will inevitably fizzle out. Let's get it started ...

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by Alfydakid06 | 2017-02-24 | 3 Comments | League News

San Francisco 49ers (5-3)

I would dare to say that the 49ers are the surprise of the season. After having back to back 2-14 seasons followed by a 6-10 last year, no one really thought I would do much this year. At the half-point of the season, the 49ers are 2 games ahead of the closest rival (Cardinals), are 3-1 in the division and undefeated at home. Granted, the 49ers schedule has been rather nice to ...

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by Dalze | 2017-02-15 | 1 Comments | League News

                Star Cornerback Arrested

The Indianapolis Colts have confirmed the rumors that cornerback Von...

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by Whitecolombian1 | 2017-02-15 | 0 Comments | League News

 Three seasons ago the 49ers had one of the worst rosters in the entire NFL. Their offense consisted of Colin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert at Quarterback, Torrey Smith and…Torrey Smith at Wide Receiver, Vance McDonald at Tight End and an O-line which best player was an aging Joe Staley. Their defense wasn’t any better, outside of Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner, Navorro Bowman and Eric Reid, the Niners had nothing. Give this roster and my lack of stick skills, it’s ...

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by Dalze | 2017-01-28 | 2 Comments | San Francisco 49ers

Pythagoras is back, kind of. So with DL back I could've been doing these power rankings for a few weeks but that takes work and ain't nobody got time for that. But, now that I found a way to pull our league data from the app I was able to make a nice program that does all the work for me. So I'll post these every week or two, and I can add more stats, features or whatever if people have ideas for it. Lemme know.



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