NFC North Preview Article

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So I just finished up the AFC North so I feel it's only fitting to go to the NFC North. It's definitely an interesting division. It's not one of the best and it's not one of the worst. It should be a very competitive division. If Travis can be a good player then anyone, besides cabin, can win that division. 

If you missed the AFC North it's right here:
Chicago Bears - BTG:
Who's Brick gonna piss off  and who's he gonna cry about this year. Last year a user made a spreadsheet of his playcalls and he called cover 3 more. Then he cried about pinching the line of another user and he threw to his TE 80% of the time. Luckily for him he's in a division with two of the bless squad and Travis usually has more of a whatever attitude. The Bears absolutely suck. Like the worst team in madden almost. They're so bad. They drafted horribly and they suck. Did I say they're bad?
Offense: What's there honestly on this offense to get excited about? Trub? Maybe if QBs actually matter. It's always more fun to start with a rookie QB who you can make what you want. Especially one with some speed and throw power. Jordan Howard is the only bright spot on this offense. 22 with 90 speed and a power back. Brick did pretty good with Ivory last year so he should be ecstatic about Howard. Kevin White used to be a huge get but now he's completely nerfed besides having 93 speed, 25 years old means he isn't going to be able to be developed into the monster he was two years ago. The offensive line is dead center in blitz pickup. Only 2 starters are under 28 and they're 25 years old. Adam Shaheen isn't a blazer but he's young and 81 speed should be usable since everything else is going to need upgraded
Offense Analysis: Ew. This team reeks of dead rot. Trub and Howard will be around the length of the cfm and possibly Shaheen, but this is madden and speed kills. The Oline is going to need to be upgraded and to get younger very quickly. Cameron Meredith isn't exactly a madden WR so if Kevin White can't be developed WR is priority number one in the draft. Stop gaps, Markus Wheaton, Kendall Wright, Ruben Randle, and Victor Cruz aren't gonna cut it. This ain't the 2010 Giants. 
Defense: luckily the defense doesn't need as much work as the offense. But that's not saying much. Cornerstones for the length of this cfm will more than likely be Eddie Goldman, Adrian Amos, Leonard Floyd, and for the most part Kyle Fuller. Aging players like Akiem Hicks, Prince Amukamara, Danny Trevathan, Quintin Demps and Pernell McPhee can hold their own til players are devved or drafted. There really isn't a good young user LB. Bryce Callahan has madden speed but no skill. This team is stuck at mediocre on defense. Moves need to be made. 
Defense analysis: because of the lack of a great user in this division this defense as it's constructed now could be used to win the division and make the playoffs. If BTG wants to start the youth movement now it wouldn't be the worst idea. I'd stick to a 3-4 for one year with Bullard, Goldman, and Hicks. Let McPhee and Floyd rush the passer and keep the slower MLB. But this team isn't going to go deep when he's going to have to face savage, me, Randy, or possibly sheff if he got good again. Luckily for him the NFC isn't as deep as the AFC so he could be ok for a season 
Scrappy players to use:
Jonathon Bullard - Dline - a young strong dlineman who can play dt or 3-4 de. 
Tarik Cohen - Rb - 92 speed rb with 90 juke and 22 years old
Overall: Brick isn't really the offensive mastermind. So maybe having a shitty offense won't hurt him so much. It definitely needs upgraded asap though. I can see brick drafting top 5 or early playoff spot because of the lack of talent in this division. A WR and a user LB are the first positions I'd upgrade. Callahan and Fuller can be your corners for a few years while Prince declines or goes to safety. Goldman and Bullard should solidify the middle of a dline for a long time. The first season will say it all. I think whoever wins this division year one will be the one who wins it a majority of the time. This could be Bricks division to give away if he can fix this team a bit. 
Wins: 10
Playoffs: 50%
Farthest they'll go: Divisional Round
Biggest rival: Tony
Biggest bully: Savage
Detroit Lions - Tony:
Tony's always been a middling player, hovering around 7-9 to 9-7 unless someone hands him over a 9-1 team. Tony's usually not a terrible user. I wouldn't call him elite but I think he's one of the players who could use a new madden and it catapult him into a playoff contender. Sorta like Marc. Which is weird they're both part of the Stafford cult. The good news is he isn't in a division with Reece, Danny, and semi kumar. He could be a pretender because of the weak division or he could use it as a stepping stone to being a great madden player. You got this baby Randy. 
Offense: Another so-so offense. Stafford is getting old but qbs are usually regression resistant so he should be ok for a few years. With 98 throw power he could likely be the lions QB for the length of the cfm. Golden Tate is a solid WR but he's getting old and he doesn't have the madden speed. The offensive line is just outside the top ten in blitz pickup and the good starters are getting old. Tyler Decker will be good as a LT for the cfm but that's about it. Ebron will likely be the focal point of this offense in the sky until Kenny Golladay can step in and become Megatron 2.0. In guessing Abdullah will be the work horse and Lions homer Tony will use him the whole time. Hopefully he doesn't die every year like he did last year. 
Offense Analysis: only a Lions fan would like to use this offense. Golladay could be fun and Ebron is a prototypical Madden TE. Other than that it all needs upgraded. Abdullah lacks break away speed but if shifty backs matter again he should be useful. As long as regression doesn't murder Stafford he'd be fun too. But the offensive line needs addressed immediately and a WR2. 
Defense: Studs Darius Slay and Ezekiel Ansah help ease you into realizing that this team doesn't have too many other playmakers. Rookie Jarrad Davis will be a great user and Tahir Whitehead will hold the LB core. But the rest of the defense is either young and needs developed or past the madden age to be devved. Nevin Lawson and DJ Hayden can play a little corner but they're going to need upgraded. None of the safeties jump out at you. So unless Slay can cover 3 guys this secondary needs improving from day one. Ansah can create some pressure and A'Shawn Robinson could be great but the dline is going to be trash. With Run Run Run BTG that's going to be a problem. 
Defense analysis: Its not a playoff caliber defense from day one it needs help. But if Brick goes into tank mode or can't win year one I believe the secondary could at least help Tony take this division. I'd draft another edge rusher or fast olb to play de in the first few rounds but I'd address the safety first and foremost. 
Scrappy players to use:
Teez Tabor - CB - I'm always hyped about 21 and under players. 
Overall: It's not that sorry of a squad. Nothing about it really excites me besides Jarrad Davis. The secondary is going to need upgraded to compete. The other LB are meh. The dline needs devved and sometimes that's hard to do. Usually getting a top notch wr in the draft means drafting top 5 and if Tony wants to win in year one he's obviously not going to be able to do that. Everything else on offense is good enough to use and win with but nothing feels exciting. Guess you have to suffer an 0-16 season to be hyped about this team. With all that said. Year one will be the easiest year for Tony. Travis is really the only one I see to compete with him if Brick tanks because of the Packers roster. 
Wins: 8
Playoffs: 16.5%
Farthest they'll go: wildcard round
Biggest rival: Brick
Biggest bully: Randy
Green Bay Packers - Travis:
Travis is another schizo user. He doesn't know if he wants to be good or not. Usually he can hang with the good users and he beats the bad. I remember in m15 when Travis was able to consistently have a top passing offense. The Packers are definitely the team to do that with. If good Travis comes out then he could rule this division or at least compete with Brick for it. If not he's going to throw 10 picks a game and break my interceptions in a year record by week 7. 
Offense: Aaron Rodgers is one of the best passers in the NFL and with 97 thp he should be around for awhile in revo even though he's 33. The weapons around him aren't as young as they used to be but they're still really good for a year or two. Jordy is a great possession WR for a run in year one. Cobb and Adams aren't madden WRs but they're solid enough to be used for a few years. TE needs upgraded because Bennett is old and slow. The offensive line is top 5 in blitz pickup and outside of one player they're all in there madden prime. Ty Montgomery is a solid all around runner who could be used until a better option comes around.
Offense Analysis: Outside of TE this offense is meant for a year one playoff run. If Travis can't make it with this offense in year one in this division then the future is bleak. Yes after a few years this offense could be better with a drafted WR to develop into a true number one and a TE. This offense is great on paper in year one. 
Defense: Starting with the first weak spot on this team, the secondary. It's not a glaring weakness. The safeties are good but not fast. HaHa is a great in the box safety but the lack of speed makes him vulnerable in the pass. Kevin King will be a great CB if devved and Randall should be serviceable if he's able to be devved quick or has a great year. I'd run a 4-3 with Perry and Clay on the end with Clark and Daniels inside. Jake Ryan is the best LB on this team and Blake Martinez could be useful until an upgrade comes along. With a user MLB the defense front seven is set from the beginning. 
Defense analysis: if Randall was younger I'd go LB early in the draft but if a trade can't be found for one of those two positions it's going to need addressed. The dline should be able to stop the run and rush the passer without having to send extra guys. Especially in year one but if Clay falls off quickly then an edge rusher will be needed. 
Scrappy players to use:
Josh Jones - S - 89 hit power. 92 speed. 22 years old. 
Kentrell Brice - S - 84 hit power. 91 speed. 23 years old. 
Overall: the best overall team in the north for sure. The offense is there to put up points because we all know Travis can't play defense. The defense is good enough to cover and stop the run from day one. I'd look to go deep year one and make a big trade for a CB or LB. Like I said earlier, if Travis has a great year one it could spring board him into the lead for this division and give him a leg up for every season. 
Wins: 9
Playoffs: 33%
Farthest they'll go: wildcard round
Biggest rival: Halpin
Biggest bully: Steel
Minnesota Vikings - Cabin:
To be honest I don't know much about Cabin. I think I only played him once and that was in rfd. He played me pretty tight. But going off of past success and others thoughts he's going to be in the bottom third of users. Luckily he isn't stuck in a division with a dominant player. So he can get his footing in a weaker division inside a weaker conference. 
Offense: first things Teddy in the game? I'm guessing he will be, madden gave him ratings. Even though he broke his leg off madden doesn't care and gave him 82 speed and he still has 90 throw power while being 24. The Vikings picked up Latavius Murray who will unseat probably one of the best madden backs ever in Adrian Peterson. But will he start with a stable of Jerrick McKinnon and rookie Dalvin Cook behind him. Stefon Diggs and your choice of either Laquan Treadwell or Michael Floyd as starting receivers. Kyle Rudolph is a good possession tight end but with 77 speed will he be able to break away from fast linebackers and safeties. The worst part about this offense is the lowest rated blitz pickup offensive line. 
Offense Analysis: the skill positions are pretty good. Unfortunately Rudolph is better suited on the bench or only when you need a definite catch or redzone purposes. The offensive line is abysmal and is going to need upgraded with multiple early draft picks. If offensive line matters Teddy might break his other leg off with all the instant pressure. The skill positions outside of Murray should last the length of the cfm otherwise. I'd look to trade a RB for some offensive line help. 
Defense: Now the defense on the other hand has very little holes. The defensive line across the board is one of if not the best in the game. Hunter-Joseph-Floyd-Griffen will rush the passer and generate push in the rushing game. With users like Eric Kendricks and Anthony Barr you can get one more LB to play on first down to help stop the run. If the defensive line wasn't so good the secondary would be the highlight of this team. The corners can go four deep with Rhodes, Waynes, Mac Alexander and Terrence Newman. Harrison Smith is one of the best in the box coverage safeties in the game. He lacks speed but he makes up for it with 92 zone. Sendejo is an ok stop gap but I'd probably put Newman in there. 
Defense analysis: A linebacker and a safety and this defense could stick around for a few seasons as is. Yes most of the players are in their late twenties but the linebackers have to speed to stay relevant and dline doesn't take as big of a hit in regression. No offense to Cabin but if the Vikings had a good user this team is Super Bowl ready from the start. 
Scrappy players to use:
Bucky Hodges - TE - heir to TE imo. 87 speed 89 accel 92 jump. At 22. All you need. 
Overall: It's an amazing team to start with. You have a stable of running backs you could pawn off. Starting WR who will catch the ball. A young QB and TE that could last the length of the cfm. The defense is top 5 in my eyes. They can stop the pass, have the line to control the run and a few user LB who could be made to be great very quickly. To be in the hunt for playoffs you have to upgrade that oline right away. Maybe Cabin can use the better overall team as a launching point to having a great m18. I doubt it though. 
Playoffs: 0%
Farthest they'll go: be relevant til week 8
Biggest rival: Billy 
Biggest bully: BTG
The NFC North is a weird division. Could be three teams vying for a spot every year or it could be one team just running through it winning the division year in and year out. I hope it's more competitive than I think.