Revo League Rules

This is a Sim style Madden football league. We’re here to have fun and play games. Stat padding won’t be tolerated.

Gameplay Settings:
-8 minute quarters
-Created Coaches or Owners
-48 hour advance schedule at 10pm

Gameplay Rules:
-Mix up plays on offense and defense. You have a playbook of 500 plays, you shouldn’t be running the same plays over and over on offense and the same concept on defense.
-Don’t stat pad. If you feel like you’re scoring too much you probably are. Get the win and get out of Dodge. (See stat caps for more detail.)
-Must rush 3 players at all time on defense.
-Can not call hike while a player is in motion unless play art calls for it.
-This is a sim league so no abuse of anything you would do in online H2H games. Excessive rollouts, money plays, no huddle, cheese routes, nanos etc. Again, if the games over, put in back ups and PM your opponent and see if you can chew clock and get the game over with.
-Any complaints please PM a commish. We’ll take it under consideration but without video evidence we can’t do much. Twitch is your friend.

Score and Stat Caps:
-QBs with games over 500 yards and/or 5 TDs will be reviewed.
-WR/RB over 200 yards and/or 4 TDs will be reviewed. Over 250 will more than likely result in a suspension regardless of game score.
-Cannot score over 49 points unless:
Losing team has more than 21 points. Winning team can score up to 56.
Losing team has 22-34 points. Winning team can score up to 63.
If both teams have over 35 points. Play to win.
-Any manipulation of these stats (running backwards to lose yards, letting the losing team score) may result in a user suspension.
-Any user that breaks these stat caps with a player that player is subject to suspension.

4th Down and 2pt. Rules:
-Must punt or kick a FG on fourth unless:
You’re on your opponent's side of the field and it’s 4th and 2 or less and the score is within a touchdown.
Down 21 in second half.
Down by 8+ with 6 minutes left in the game.
Down by any amount under 3 minutes.
-Allowed one coach’s decision to go for it whenever at any point in the game.
-One fake per game, punt or FG.
-Can go for 2 points after a TD at any time.

Roster and Trading:
-You must have at least 50 players on your roster and enough so that the game will not substitute a WR to RB or LB to DT, etc.
-Trades all need approved before sent on console. - To get a trade approved send to a commish, Texans, Titans, Raiders, Cardinals, and Ravens, with the DaddyLeague links for all players and who the trade is with. Need 3 yes for approval.
-Cannot cut and resign players
-Cannot sign and trade free agents.
-Any player is interchangeable inside their position group. Need approval for any:
RB <-> WR.
WR <-> TE.
DB <-> LB.
-LB to DL and vice versa is allowed.
-Cannot move defense to offense or vice versa.
-We will have a waiver wire in the preseason before each season based off of the previous season’s standings. DO NOT SIGN FREE AGENTS AFTER THE DRAFT.

-DM your opponent ASAP through GroupMe to schedule.
-We will advance early on the day of advance at 6pm if we have not received notification that you’re game is scheduled.
-FW will be granted if you do not respond to your opponent within 24 hours of their message and they can not play on your time.
-If both users can’t agree on a time because they are both unavailable equally the game will win unless both users agree to a FW or going AP.
-If a user misses a scheduled game time without notification and you can not reschedule you can play AP or get a FW. We will give a 30 min grace period because shit happens.
-If you miss more than 4 games in a season without reason you will be under consideration to be replaced.
-If you miss back to back games without notification you will be under consideration to be replaced.

-If your user game disconnects you have 3 options:
A clean restart
Play the game to get the exact same score and time.
If the game was decided and in the second half the losing team can concede. Commishes need proof of this.

Playoffs and CPU Games:
-Playoffs will be a 24 hour advance schedule.
-All playoff games must be twitched by the away team unless the home team decides they want to.
-Only time we will delay advance is if both parties schedule within the first 8 hours of advance.
-Can quit a CPU game to have the game simmed.
-CPU games must be twitched.
-No supersim.