RML M20 S5 Keepers and RRD Announcement

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  • A team may only keep 1 “keeper” entering the M21 cycle. 

  • To be keeper-eligible a player must be a madden created player(M19 Keepers do not count).

  • Keeper-eligible players can be traded, but when we close the M20 cycle then you must pick a player from your M20 roster.

  • There will be a keeper pool, but the catch with opting in to the keeper pool is that player will only have star dev(we want people to keep their own players)

  • There will be no restrictions on OVR or any other attribute(same as last year)

  • As far as development goes(SS and x factor mainly) this is something we will re-visit as we don’t know if/how Madden will implement abilities and such next Madden. But we presume that it will be similar and should be easy to translate from M20 to M21 but who knows


Real Rookie Draft

  • We will once again be doing a Real Rookie Draft after a successful RRD during the M19 cycle

  • It will include Real life 2020 draft prospects(this year)

  • It will occur during this upcoming offseason(perhaps a little earlier) so we can keep up with the pace of the league

  • It will be 2 rounds(snake) and you must pick 1 offensive player and 1 defensive player

  • The order will be determined by a weighted lottery with the worst teams from S4 having the best chance at a top pick. Non-playoff teams will have the 1st 20 picks of each round. There will be a separate lottery for spots 21-32. The lottery will be streamed at a TBD date.

  • The draft will be snake and be 2 rounds. 

  • First round picks will be given an 2 year 6 mill contract

  • 2nd round picks will be given a 1 year 3 mill contract

  • These players will not be keeper eligible and can not be traded

  • A google sheet containing the list of players and attributes will be made available prior to S5’s playoffs