DaddyLeagues.com has provided an excellent service for many online leagues since Madden 13. It is by far the best place to use for support of your online league. Not everyone has the luxury of being at home in front of their PS4/XBOX all day. This website allows you to do a lot of things for your team , and your league from any computer , which are found in most workplaces now in days or on peoples smart phones.

Below are the things you can do from your leagues website :

We are not longer offering these services below.

These are most of the things you can do with your league on this site, and all of it can be done from the website on a comp or a smart phone. It is a great service for online leagues. If you have never tried it , i think its time your do if your in online leagues. Not ready to start using it now? Just check it out , and come Madden 17 , put your league there and see how much it helps it out. Also who knows what new features may be added once the new Madden comes out.