WELCOME TO LEGACY - Brought to you by Sim Players Association.                                                      Join us on Discord (link below)

Sim Players Association is a top-shelf, hardcore spots simulation with an extensive rule-set that has been running full since Madden 17 and have expanded now to multiple games, LEGACY (Madden 22) and DYNASTY (MLB The Show). We play the game like the real teams play it. Our owners are dedicated to playing by the rules, building their teams, communicating with each other, and treating each other with respect. The Madden league is ran in a democratic fashion with 5 commissioners and 8 reps. We work to consistently improve the league in order to provide our owners with the best sports experience possible.

COMMISSIONERS: Moe, Nick, Trey, Pollux, Fitt | LEGACY DIVISION REPS: DGIce, Potato Boy, YulBrynner, Cookie, NQ Blazian, Supastar, and Xx Death aF xX |

Advances are every 72 hours after the last advance.

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