Sheldon Henigay - Sharp Cheddar

by Bufordtgains | 10 months ago | 0 Comments

Sheldon Henige. Nerd. Cheeser. Amish bitch. 


In a league full of cheese, Henige prevails as the cheesiest.  From Leo and Coke’s slot streaks to Legit’s PA Post, or even YoAss drags, nothing is gayer than Henige running in circles with his safety at sub lb. At points in the league, multiple sources have confirmed, he is in fact the only nerd doing this. As user lb took a hit last madden, so did Henige and his montages of him picking off some poor 12 year old for the 9th time in madden 19. Henige is and always will be a cheesy bitch and a sore loser. After losing to ovo in playoffs all he had to say was “K.” He has denied blocking me after losing 3 straight games to a “bottom feeder” that “plays like a girl”, but we all know he has the mentality of a 12 year old girl experiencing mother nature for the first time. He may win the division, but don’t worry, he’s headed for another first round exit.