This is the OFFICIAL website for the Madden Champions League.

The MCL is a Xbox One money, SIMULATION, Madden Connected Franchise league for individuals who enjoy the thrill of competitive games without all of the BS associated with "Ranked Games". The owners of the MCL have been running Madden money leagues for 10+ years and have over 50 seasons of experience. Welcome to the future of Madden CFM.

Game Season Team Owner
Madden 17 1 Seattle Seahawks k_for_k33bl3r
Madden 17 2 Pittsburgh Steelers b0bbyb0
Madden 17 3 Seattle Seahawks k_for_k33bl3r
• • •
Madden 18 1 New England Patriots b0bbyb0
Madden 18 2 New England Patriots b0bbyb0
Madden 18 3 New England Patriots & Detroit Lions* b0bbyb0 & killa 007 ghost

If you are interested in joining the MCL visit our FORUM and/or contact the COMMISSIONER

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If an owner is 8-0 or better the team that knocks them from the undefeated ranks will win a payout.

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