Upper Echelon General Rules
Respect each other at times first and foremost. Also this is a SIM league, let’s try our best to keep that way. Blatantly circumventing the rules is frowned upon and will get you kicked.
We are a  48 hour advance league. All Madden difficulty 7 minute quarters that allows all playbooks.
Advance will be 10pm EST. Games must be started by 9:10 pm est.
League will advance daily during playoffs
All games must be streamed by the home team. Your daddyleague profile must be linked to twitch or Ustream.
Communication is a big, please text/ DM your opponent to set up games.
Anyone found to be in violation of league rules will first forfeit PSN card and also face league punishment.
Any infraction committed in playoffs will be enforced in the subsequent game be it playoffs or next season.
Scoring more than 59 points is not allowed, unless the game is competitive and the points are needed. Going over this total will result in a suspension.You're not allowed to drop back more than 10 yards with your QB it's not realistic, if caught doing so your QB will sit next game, if it continues the user will face possible suspension!!!

Whenever someone is to be put on auto, please communicate it to a commish, be prepared to provide screenshots.
Extended absences need to be communicated to the league, to keep us flowing smoothly.
Gameplay Rules:
Disconnections: If the game is disconnected, every effort must be made to restart under the same settings as the disconnect. If you’re losing by 17 in the fourth and the game disconnects, the winning is awarded the win.
Playcalling: Please switch up the playcalling. On offense and defense no more than 30/70 run/pass or pass/run ratio is allowed. Obviously this changes depending on the score. When losing by 21 or more it is expected to be more pass heavy, conversely when up big running will be heavier. . Do not rely on one play on either side of the ball. Variation of plays will be watched closely. Teams found abusing plays or formations are subject to suspensions of owner or players benefitting from the play.  This is a game and eventually people will find exploits. We will ban plays or glitches as necessary, as the league progresses.
No Cancelling PA or hot routing RB into a route off of play action. You CANNOT hot route the RB into a blocker that’s it. It’s plenty of pass plays no need in doing that in PA.
You can not call field goal defense to be used as goal line or short yardage defense .
Calling the same play from a different formation is not switching play calling.

AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION if u stop and throw when u sprint out the pocket
With  or without pressure u Can sprint outside the pocket with your Qb you can NOT stop and throw.

4th down Rules: If you're LOSING or TIED scenario

    1) 4&2 or shorter and across your opponent’s 40 you can go for it
    2) If you're losing by 3 possessions or anytime during the game
    3) 4th QUARTER: if your losing play to win go for it at your own risk 
    4) In overtime you can go for it on 4th at any time
    5) You’re allowed 1 fake every game has to be 4th & 7 or less at your own 40

If you're WINNING scenario

    A. 4th & 2 or less on or across your opponent 40 you can go for it only if up 10 points or less
    4th QUARTER: if your wining by 10 points or less on or pass your 45 you can go for it at your own risk
    A. No Huddle Offense (not excessively): There is a time and place for the hurry up. If you choose to situation, or if you are down by 21 points or more.
    B. Blow-Outs: The 4th down rule, no-huddle rule, and onside kick rule is waived if you are losing by 17 points or more. All rules are restored once the lead/game is within reach.
    C. Onside Kicks: Are permitted in the 4th quarter if you are losing. They should be used only when the situation dictates.

  Position changes: All position changes must be reviewed by committee.
   No swapping QB handiness.
  3 Te’s or FB as 3rd TE. No WR at TE ever.
  4. Position changes are kept for a full season. If you change a players positions, he must stay there until the next season.
5. You CANNOT drop back more than 10 yards from line of scrimmage with Qb.
   No switching skill position players: Wr to RB,TE,
CB to Wr, Safeties to LBs
             1. If you manually put a WR, FB, TE, or HB in motion, then you must let them get to the other spot and get set before snapping the ball. There are some plays set up to auto snap after motion by a player, but that should be only time this happens.
            2. You may not allow the play clock to run down past 15 seconds more than 7 times a game, before either of the two minute warnings.
             3. No Playmaker Use Unless Within Pocket
            4. You may not set your teams temp to "chew clock" until after the 2 minute warnings or up by 17 or more late in a game
           5. Defensive Pre-Snap Rules: Prior to the snap, you must follow the following rules;
          6. Only allowed to move 1 player before the snap on defense
          7. You may NOT move a linebacker all the way up to the d line. He must remain at least 3 yards back from              the line if you’re manually going to move him
           8. You may move up a safety manually all the way to the LOS but you have to play as that safety on that play.
           9. You must have at least 3 rushers on defense all game.
           10. No sprinting to sidelines then stop to throw. You may scramble & throw on the run that is legal.
Sim to win will be used versus CPU

FREE AGENCY/ Waiver wire
Do not drop players and pick them up immediately. Wait one week, we monitor this closely.
No trades with CPU owned teams.
All trades will be determined by trade calculators, this is to ensure people do not destroys teams quit.
You may only have 3 trades within a season. No more than that will be allowed
New owners cannot trade in their first season.
You may not offer more than a contract of 115 million for 6 years, unless player is asking for more than that, but you must provide a screenshot proving show first before you post offer.
In Free Agent bidding, contracts may only be 1 year over what they are asking or 1 year under. If player only wants a 4 year deal, this means most you can offer him is a 5 year deal.
You may not trade a free agent that you just acquired in the off season.
Breaking any of the free agency rules will cause you to have to drop the player and eat the cap!
All rules are subject to change from season to season
NO FAMILY TRADING IN UE! Brothers or cousins not saying anyone would but to avoid a “helping hand” trade

3 1st Round Picks: Only 2 can be inside top 15 & the other one has to be 20 or higher

SETTING UP TIMES: If you agree to play your opponent at a time honor it, if can't you make it give him a courtesy text informing him you can't make it. You will also get the FORCE loss if you can not make a agree upon  time . Failure to show up for a set time 15 mins past due without contacting opponent via text or direct message(dm) results in force loss. All users need to contact their next opponent and schedule game time within 24 hours of last advance. If the last scheduled game does not start on time, it will simmed in favor of the person who made the scheduled time.

We will set up a new chat room in groupme app where you post times that games will be played and these times have to be posted within 12 hours after advance (basically by 10 am eastern time) times will be honored or autos will be handed out. If you cant make the time you originally set you must contact your opponent via text,call or in the chat room at least 1 hour before schedule time or the 15 minute rule will be enforced!

You are only allowed 3 fake punt or fg a season. You must be on or past your 40 yard line. No more than 4th and 10. Any fake punt or FG must posted to site. Failure to post when you fake you forfeit reminder of your fakes  LAST GAME MUST START ON TIME OR BE SIMMED!!!!

TANKING RULE: User team record has to be 3-13, or face the possibility of your top 5 pick being simmed!
Must Play Atleast 10 games(unless a legit reason) & win 3 games to be eligible to trade and make your selection