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List of things competition has added

Ok , so I do not know if there will be a noticeable drop in subs this madden.  It does seem Neon Sports has some hype going behind it . So I thought I would look into what are some things that he is doing over there that DL is not offering.

First thing I will say is , that he has a Discord Chat that allows quick notification to all users when something new is added. Also has a chat where they can suggest new features . One thing I have heard several people say they really liked about it was how responsive he was and how easy it is to have an open channel to talk with him. I know this may not be something you would like but it is something customers will always prefer .

He also has a "help" chat where people can basically create a "thread" ( a newer feature in discord) where they can post an issue and he can respond and help them fix it. Then all those threads are there in the chat and others can easily see if someone has had same issue before and how it was resolved .


So it seems he has a "leagues" page as well where people can see leagues hosted by NS. One thing I noticed he has added in that is he allows a place for league admins to add a link to join their leagues discord server. Majority of leagues are using Discord over all others because it's simply better. So on some of their leagues boxes , it has a place that says "Click the link to join our discord server". Also it allows them to select what style of league it is " Competitive, Simluation. As well they can post how often they advance (24 HR, 48 HR , 36 HR, ETC).
How many members, open teams, etc as well .


Ok so he seems to have several commands that people can type in their discord chats that are linked with their league page and they return different things . Here is a list of them:

/league = Replies with your league's information.
/ps = Replies with your league's players using the arguments you entered.
/games = Replies with your league's games.
/pstats = Replies with your league's player stats using the arguments you entered.
/teams = Replies with your league's teams using the arguments you entered.
/rankings = Replies with your league's power rankings.
/standings = Replies with your league's current standings.
/threads = Create threads in your Discord server (expand for more).
/channels = Create channels in your Discord server (expand for more).
/tradeblock = Replies with your league's trade block.
/social = Replies with the social media of your choice.
/awards = Replies with your league's awards.
/gotw = Replies with your league's game of the week.

One thing i recently heard was He has some way he is allowing guys to basically post when their games are set to be played once both opponents agree on a time. This tool shows league when last game would be getting played.

-  game time feature and calendar - league admins and members can edit their game date and times. Also shows the date and times on /games command.
- Added ability for league admins to mark a game as simmed also .

He has a feature where people can select players for their "trade block". People can search for players only that are listed for trade block as well . Also when someone is "listed" thru app as on trade block it auto posts notification of that in discord .


He has a system , similar i think to yours, where people can submit a trade and admins can approve or disapprove of. One difference is they can submit them thru the app . Then  when its submitted it auto goes to their discord chat in a notification and then the admins can even vote on it from the discord bot by using emotes to vote. It then would notify the users involved in trade in discord if it was approved or not. I know its not exactly something you prob look forward to but most people are honestly moving away from websites and  want more of an actual app and discord integrations. Most just use their discords for majority of things now as it continues to improve.

This one I will have to try out more hands on and see how it works. But from My understanding of what I have heard, he somehow seems to give admins more options on how they value trade values. Moreso than just number of drafts left to change them. I think he is allowing it to be more customizable for leagues so they can better fit their feelings on trade values.

Ok this is a big one. I know you may think people were not interested in an app but they are. What people want though is a stand alone app on either android or apple store where they go straight to it. Having an app is a necessary thing in 2023. People use apps for everything now. The use their phones more often than a computer. Having an app inside another app is just another unnecessary barrier and people do not really like it. I would highly encourage you to complete the app and make it a stand alone app on both types of phones stores.

He has built a system where people can vote on who they think will win each game of each week . It posts in discord and they can vote by simply clicking a button. ( This likely is also tied to the fact that you use your discord profile to log into their site/app. So it ties your actions in discord im guess because your linked thru discord to them.

Im not sure just yet how it keeps track of how many people get right , but could be a system built so that each season there is a "leaderboard" that is updated weekly after advance. Leagues could use that as some type of "incentive" program to give winners who get most points some type of bonus in game ( Some might give a boost of an attribute or dev or something for a certain number of players) .

I do not think he has completed this yet but has said he is working on a fantasy style system as well.

Once the MCA app gets updated and some leagues are able to upload their leagues to it , I can then possibly take a closer look at exactly how things work for all this. When I'm able ill update this thread with details of what I find .


League name change

open a support ticket, stating you would like to change the name and I can handle it from there.


Ok here are the issues needing to be resolved with updated site.

I have updated the list above and removed all the things you listed you fixed and a few you didn't list but i checked and saw were fixed. So what is left is a working list of current issues.


Ok here are the issues needing to be resolved with updated site.

papi83dm wrote: 
Fixed the Standing Page and front office > salaries.

The Standings page issue is still there. If you click divisions tab , you do have color to define AFC from NFC (Conferences). But i really meant each individual division needs it. So AFC EAST should have that row with color, AFC WEST should have a row of color, AFC SOUTH same, AFC NORTH same. Same for all NFC divisions. Adding color to those rows gives a definition of where each starts and stops and just makes it look neater.

You already have it like this on the teams page . It just is good to give extra definition where each one starts.


Ok here are the issues needing to be resolved with updated site.

So i looked over the league page you asked me to as best as i could. Here are the issues i could currently see.:

1- Front Office -> Salaries Page:
I noticed an issue on this page, that it seems you also have on all other areas where you have a stats or numbers and you can click on the title of said stat to sort it. Normally if you click it once , it would sort from highest to lowest ( which all yours currently do). However if you click it again after that it should sort from lowest - highest. That feature should be added not just on the Salaries page, but all pages that has a place you can click to sort a stat or data.

   For example on the Salaries page, if you click OVR it then sorts that teams list starting with highest OVR . Option should be added if clicked a second time it sorts from lowest to highest. This is also an issue anywhere you have something like that which can be sorted on all other pages showing stats , numbers, data, etc.

Also on the Salaries page you can not click on CAP PEN . That should be able to be clicked on and shorted highest - lowest and second click lowest- highest .


            Fantasy page loads no stats or anything to show .

           Teams Stats Leaders Page:
                  When you click "complete list" and it loads that page . There needs to be defined columns to separate "offense" / "defense"/ "penalties" to make those areas easier to read and understand which stats goes with which area.
                 This page also is another example of a place where you click a title and it only sorts highest - lowest. Needs to add second click sorts lowest-highest.


                 Several players have no listed injury


                  The 2024 draft recap for each round seems to show the 2023 + 2024 drafts combined. It has 2 # 1 picks, 2 # 2 picks and so on for every pick in each round. But when you change it to show 2023 draft, it is correct.

                All those pages needs the past draft results for each option to be selected. So they all need the same box you have on the draft recap page, to be able to show the results for each category for the past drafts .

                Should add Color for each "header row" to define where each div starts . So adding color to the row for AFC EAST, AFC WEST, AFC SOUTH , AFC NORTH .... ETC.

                    Message All  - When you submit message to all , it comes up error 404 "Expected response code "250/251/252" but get code "554"

This is all i came up with at this time on my pc.


MBC (PS5) is looking for a few good owners!

MBC is starting back up after a year off and is hitting the ground running. Looking for some good owners looking to join a fun and well run league . Not only is it a fun league but we are also a part of a much larger Online Gaming league called GrownFolks Online Community which has several Madden leagues as well as groups/clans for many other games as well. So you not only join this league but you get a pool of over 200 people who play other games as well that you get connected to.

They have the following teams open :

Dolphins, Pats , Jets, Bengals, Texans , Colts , Titans, Raiders , Chargers, Vikings, Falcons, Saints, Buccs, Cards, Seahawks.

If interested you can read their rules here :

If interested in joining, you can apply here :

Be sure to select MBC as the "league" you are applying for. You should receive an email ( that may end up in spam folder) that will provide you a link to join the discord chat.


If your having issues with something with your league page , Open a support ticket for fast service .

Ok , so this seems to need to be said. I do not come here and check the forums everyday , do not have time for that. If you are having issues with your site, please open a support ticket. I will see that much faster and be able to provide you faster service. So if your having issues, open a ticket, do not post your issue in forums unless your seeking other users help .  The forums is not a place to expect customer support from , thats what the support ticket system is for. Thank you !


GroupMe Integration

Chuckgee37 wrote: 
Keeps saying unable to intergrate

Please open a support ticket


DL Companion App Missing/Not working areas

So here i will do a run down of the things i see either missing or not working in the app currently:

Missing :

- FRONT OFFICE  is no where to be found . Nor are the Tabs found in front office :
         - Sync , Trade , Post Blog , Madden Feedback , Transactions , Breakdown , Salaries

- STATS ( which seems is found under League Leaders on app) items missing there :
         - Fantasy , Rookies, Statistical Records

         - Missing the Compare Tool , Trade Calculator tabs .
        - Also for player search , there are only two "filters"  - Position and team . Under team there is no Free Agent option at all.
        -  Also missing are the filters injured, rookie, retired, practice squad only

- DRAFT RECAP : Its just totally missing . Its no where to be found . All aspects of it ( including the things i mentioned in thread on things on site that needs to be fixed) needs to be added.

- SCHEDULES:  Still missing Sports Book and Strength of Schedule .

- Rules  is missing

-STANDINGS : Missing is the Ranking tab option

- Forums : Missing ( this may be intentional as they are likely not used)

- BLOG : Totally missing

- Admin page : Its totally missing along with every aspect that is found in the admin page:
        - Dashboard , Settings,
        - Logo & colors , Banner & Background
        - Themes , Layouts
        - Members, Rules , Forums , Blog , Banner Creator, Message All , Social Media, Bad Owners, Recruit

Not Working Properly:

- Currently Not showing correct Banner that i have on the webpage

- PLAYERS TAB :  When you pick a position and team and click filter on the app , currently nothing at all happens . So it appears its not working at this time.

- TRADE CONSOLE - When you click on it , it just goes to a totally white page. Nothing showing , nothing happens and no way to back out of it either.



Areas on site that needs work


- If you are going to keep the Madden Feedback area, then change the wording to"Send us your Madden 23 Feedback" . Also i would suggest if you are collecting the feedback , find some way to present that info to EA periodically to provide them feedback and to show them your trying to help, maybe they will want to work more with you that way.

- Bottom of the sync tab, change it from Madden 22 sync to Madden 23 ( really any place on site you list the madden , just need to change em all to 23).

- Trade page just comes up error 500 . Rosters are synced to site, still getting error 500 even after clearing cache.

- Maybe change the word "Transactions " to "Roster Changes"  or "Roster Moves"

- Breakdown page comes up error 500 as well even though roster has been synced .  Even after clearing cache


It lists PSN for their gamer tag. Maybe should just remove the "First Name" and put "XBOX" there instead . That way whenever someone puts their Xbox name in profile it would show under that . No one really cares about peoples first names. However their gamertags are important.

- When using compare tool , if you select Free Agents as "team" it will only search players for the Bears Roster. Does not show any FA.


For the draft recap , you added ability to see past draft recaps of past seasons. However that same option needs to be added for all the other parts of the Draft Recap System : Top 10 , Top Tiers , Best Draft , Best Picks . All those areas needs the same option to look back at past drafts and see all the data for them from the past.


      I really still think updating this to work with twitch and youtube  to host all madden games that are live from users would be a good idea . Set up a bot to auto post on your social media feeds when a new stream goes up with a link to your Live Stream Page. Helps give the leagues more views and your site.


    Need to add features to list and change it to say Madden 23 as well.
         Features to add to the list :
                 Draft Recaps
                 Easy Website Customization
                 League Standings
                 Player Compare Tool
                 Salary Breakdowns
                 Roster Changes
                 League Standings
                 Quick & Courteous Customer Service

Also i would remove the 3 things there you have an X next to. They have not been able to be offered for years. No need to list them at all.


Past draft recaps

This update has been completed and you should now be able to see past drafts this year!


are relocatoon teams in madden 22 on dadsy league

the logo should be but the small logos you see at top of homepage under banner will not reflect that unless you manually update code for it .


Discord-Widget -Scrolling Ticker

Im honestly not following this one to well. Can you break this down in greater detail please?


More Stats & MVP Race

thanks for the suggestions , it has been added to the list of suggested ideas!