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Past draft recaps

This update has been completed and you should now be able to see past drafts this year!


are relocatoon teams in madden 22 on dadsy league

the logo should be but the small logos you see at top of homepage under banner will not reflect that unless you manually update code for it .


Discord-Widget -Scrolling Ticker

Im honestly not following this one to well. Can you break this down in greater detail please?


More Stats & MVP Race

thanks for the suggestions , it has been added to the list of suggested ideas!


Past draft recaps

This is supposed to be added this year, sorry for the delay on that.


Contentyze- Weekly Recap Feature-With Formula-Excel.csv

Nice stuff there Junior ! Thanks for posting this for the community


With new madden soon coming out , a few things to think about and look over

Possible add a  few more themes to the choices people can choose for their page layout themes. One addition would be a "dark mode theme" and maybe a few other choices to be added.


With new madden soon coming out , a few things to think about and look over

Hey papi , so i know you have been busy but at the same time i thought it might be a wise thing to go over and look over some things on DL . Some of these things i will just list here for not , some of these things i will try to work up some graphics/examples  this week so you can look over things and see what can be done.

First thing i want to bring to your attention is the fact there is a high chance of getting in a lot of new customers this Madden. The reason i say this is , this year they seem to have really put more of a focus on Franchise mode. They brought in some changes many people have been asking for. Also EA has advertised this as well . This has a potential to bring back more players and leagues to franchise mode than ever before honestly. Many people who left madden in the past have been talking about picking it back up and restarting leagues. I myself had even entertained this idea of rejoining MBC , but not as an admin just to play. Why am I bringing all this up? Well , because i think there is a potential to have some growth in DL this year because of this .I do not know if your aware of this but DL is widely knowing by the online league community as the biggest name when it comes to hosting their leagues. This combined with the fact of the focus on franchise this year and adding features leagues wanted, there is a potential for a franchise boom this year. That said , i want to bring some things to your attention about the site and ways I see the site needs some upgrades  to be more appealing to new and old users alike .With the potential for more users , it would be a wise thing for the site to be updated well and a refreshed look. As well maybe more social media presence to possibly reach more people in order to draw in more users . Below i want to to go over some things to just bring to your attention.


    The homepage kinda looks outdated honestly. One you have madden 21 and mlb the show 20 graphics up. These need to be updated  ( I will provide some screenshots tomorrow in replies here for some things i kinda worked on thru inspect element and changing some code to update how it looks . One big thing is anywhere on the site where it says anything about a past madden needs to be upgraded to say madden 22.  With new people coming in , you do not want it to appear as if you have not been active in upgrading and keeping up with the site. That is a number 1 red flag to potential customers.  The homepage could for sure use some refreshing.


So i noticed this earlier on this page - Sign Up Page LINK

If you go down and look , it says UPGRADE?
"Looks like you already have a league for Madden 20. Use the upgrade option to use that league for Madden 21."

First it needs wording changed to Madden 22 not Madden 21, also there is no option there to click anything to upgrade. Maybe this is a reason so many people renew by buying a new league instead? Just thinking there should be a button next to the word Upgrade.

Also on this page, below this is says :

"After you sign-up if you do not receive an email right away, "

Maybe change this to say :

" After you pay for your league by either upgrading or buying a new league page, you should receive an email from DaddyLeagues that will provide you a link you need to click in order to finish your setting up of your league page. Please check your spam folder. Some email providers will flag our email as spam."


  First the graphic and page looks outdated. I will work on trying to find or create a new one for this . Also the first item below the graphic says M18 Players . This needs to be updated to M22 Players .

Madden Tab

  On the Madden tab ( at top nav bar), when you go to page the first search box says search madden 21 players, needs to change to madden 22 players


FINISH DRAFT RECAP - Ok so the draft recap was something many people told me their leagues really liked. A couple things that need to be completed in dealing with it though. There needs to be a way so someone can select any past years draft recaps for each page of the draft recap. Like on each page of the draft recap there needs to be a place to select what year draft recap to look up so people can look up past drafts.

Also to go along with this , on each teams page add a tab for Draft Recaps that will simply list who they drafted each draft ( and an option to select any seasons draft they did ).

WAIVER WIRE - I sent you an email a few years ago detailing this . If you do not have it still let me know and i will see if i can find it .


         So add a pick em "league/leaderboard" to each league. So each week any member of that league page can go in and pick who they think will win each game ( before it is played) . Each one that is correct gives them 1 point and 3 points for picking the correct winner of the game of the week. There would need to be a leaderboard somewhere on site as well (found in nav bar), compling the points in two different sections  - 1 - for that season alone , 2- total points for that entire madden.

This could greatly increase traffic to site as well as give guys in leagues some fun ways to interact with their leagues. You could send a push notification to their chat thru the bots they have when a league advances to a new week. It could have a message like " The league has advanced ! Don't forget to make your Pick'em Selections Now - (insert link here to take people to that weeks Pick'em page.)

For the scoring of points , one thing that will need to be coded in is only counting points for games that were selected before that game is updated in the app. Maybe have it to only allow picking your selections within first 24 hours from when league is updated to a new week  or something so people have to pick them early and can not wait for many games to be played before picking. If a league has been updated to a new week , then a game or two is played quickly after and commish updates thru app, then when people go to pickem page to pick , those games which have already been updated on site are locked out from picking.


I broke down details on this in this thread - TRADE BLOCK DETAILS LINK


I also broke this down in a thread last December.

I think this would be another cool addition to set DL apart from your competitors because they have not yet done this .This is one thing you see every week before real NFL games. The announcers go over different areas in which each team has an advantage over the other . Sometimes its having a fast good wr against a slower DB crew , or having a beast d line , or having a runner who is averaging high ypc vs a dline that is ranked 28th in league against stopping the run. There are many things you could add to the formula for this of course would have to code it all but i really think taking the season stats and or having system look thru areas based on attributes of players at positions that go against one another in game could be used to highlight better match up preview data and provide new graphics and data for people to look over in their match up previews that would remind them more of what they see for real NFL games.

Stats to add

Show on teams page what they rank in league for turnover differentia

Another great idea, i've felt team pages needs more boxes to go along with the 8 things it shows currently ( 4 offense and 4 defensive) stats and how each team rates in the league overall for each.Ive always thought having more boxes there on team pages, or have a tab on team page to show all kinds of different stats and what your team ranks in each one, each season in the league.


Here is a link for some other stats you could possible add as well:


With Youtube being used by so many to stream now in days , really should look into a way to add linking youtube streams in peoples accounts and allowing them to have push notifications when they go live as well to chats.


I made a thread on one part of this - AUTO POSTING LEAGUE OPENINGS

This should post to twitter and facebook automatically every time someone adds to their league openings. The more your social media accounts post things the more traffic you are likely to generate plus more exposure. This feature would be something need to make everyone aware of so they are more likely to use it to help get more exposure to their leagues as well.

On top of this option I still think it would be a good option to fix the issues stopping the Live Stream Page from showing live streams linked to it, but with some changes.  I have a thread in which i detail a slight change in what you allow to stream to that Live Stream Page here LEAGUE STREAM CHANNELS POST TO LIVE STREAM PAGE LINK

This would be a change in the option to opt in to only be for commisioners to choose . If they opt in , then it gives them a place to link their twitch or youtube league channel. This could be a feature you can use to highlight leagues that have their own league channels. Many leagues that do have their own channels also do their own live commentary or other cool things with their streams. This could be used as a way to promote the leagues going above and beyond in the community as well as highlight them. Send out a message to everyone who created a league page to notify them DL is looking to highlight leagues doing extra things with their streams to help promote them. This could promote more commisioners to opt in. Part of this "program" would be whenever one of their linked channels goes live , it would auto post a post on your social media platforms ( twitter and facebook) with a link to the DL Live Stream Page. There people would be able to see the live streams that are live , as well generate more views on DL.

At the end of the day , im trying to find ways for things you can add that will provide customers with more value for their money , plus bring in more views to DL pages ( which i believe was something you have been wanting to do ).  I know this list is a lot . If there is any way you can think of , that you can allow me access to anything where i can help take care of some of these things ( like going in and changing all the places old maddens are mentioned or whatever , where i can just change wording) or really any place you can think of i can help you with these things , I am more than happy to help , just let me know. Also Nate has told me he is willing to do things as well if you need them, graphics , videos , etc. So I know its a lot to take in . I know you have been busy and I try not to seem pushy either. I just want to see DL excel to not only a good place to host a league but by far the best place.  I know the limit that comes from the app , which is why i keep trying to find other things you can pull from the data you do get to add things . People just love as much data and stats they can get as possible.

Also , im curious how the partnership with GamerSallon and Pigskin Ballers Esports is going ? Did that ever take off? I can not seem to find anything on DL about it. If it did take off might need to add a page on DL for links to them and info on it.

Again , i really am only trying to help . If you have any questions just let me know .


Updated List of Out of Date things on site 3-8-21

I believe everything on this list is till outdated on site and still needs to be updated to make it appear as if your keeping up with the site well.


Advance Clock

only for website , there is no way available to auto advance your league.


Discord Updates (madden)

Please open a support ticket on this issue.


Features to Add going Forward

Ok , I still have a few lists i think :

Here is one - 1 list of stuff to add

Also here :
Some more things to add

This one would be really good if EA would just send the data needed for this from the app:
Another feature

Also :
Something else to look at adding

Things Ive seen people post about or people have reached out to me about :

- Trade Block addition where people can select players they want to put on trade block. Could add place for them to do this and then add the filter box "Trade Block Players Only" on player search page like how you have it for injuried players only to make a quick way for people to search for players on peoples trade blocks. Someone mentioned this back in like madden 18 and you commented you really liked the idea..... but has not been added yet.

- Ability to export to Excell.csv file / I know you have been against this for a while but i have seen many asking for this . Mymadden offers it as well .

- One thing i think would be really good overall for your site but it may cost to get someone to be willing to do it, but in long run i think can be helpful.

    - Get someone with good video editing skills to make you several "how to " tutorial videos to show all the things people can do on DL . Maybe have them go over 3 things in each video and have them showing in video how to find each thing and explain how to use them and how they work. I know it would take quite a few videos for this person to go over everything on site , however , we both know many people dont seem to really understand how to do or use many things your site even offers. Also people have short attention spans so making long videos to show all the features , people likely wont watch it all . So it would be better to break it down in smaller portions .  Maybe create a DL Youtube page and have the videos posted there. Then once all are complete , send out a mass email to all your users with links to each video and explain you want to make sure everyone knows and understand everything the site offers and how to use it all. I really feel like this could help people know more about things they dont know about and maybe get them using site even more.  I would do it but honestly i do not have good video editing software and it really should look professional so it can last a while. Then as you add new features you could get this person maybe to do individual tutorial videos on them as your announcements for the features added. People really need to see how to use stuff on your site i think .

- If EA will add the info about cordinators to the app , maybe adding the info on them in leagues sites somewhere would be a good addition as well. Maybe even adding a search for cordinators as well ( depending on how all that works in next madden)

I will add more to this list as it comes to me or i hear about things from others over the next few months.


Updated List of Out of Date things on site 3-8-21

Ok ill try to list things that seem outdated and need updating here:

- Best Draft Award page - The team logo is small and on far left , should prob make team logo bigger and center it under the award picture. Also just remove the small DL draft logo there as well. Also on Draft Recap - it was posted that people would be able to go back and check past draft recaps , but that option is not currently actually showing for people to be able to do , this option needs to be added.

- Under front office - for Madden Feedback - it says give feedback for madden 20


Under Chat Notifications : maybe change wording to "Send to your league chat the notifications of your choice from the options of weekly schedule, ....."

- STREAMS  - Need to remove ustream from the wording there and even option in settings. No one uses ustream anymore. If possible add youtube as an option in settings for people to be able to link and add youtube there in place of ustream if that is possible.


- Add to list of features :
       - Ability to link your live streams to notifications
       - Draft Recap
       - Free Agent & Player search
       - Player Comparisons
       - Transaction Logs
       -  Coaches Info
       -  Power Ranking
       -  League , Division , Conference Standings
       - Player Contracts
       -  Banner Creator

     -Need to fix  issue where if you filter for only XBOX  Series X  no leagues so up if you select ps5 only 2 leagues show up.


-  Add in PS5 and XBOX Series X leagues to this formula and change the titles to Playstation Leagues  and XBOX Leagues since there are 4 consoles between the two.


   - This page still needs to be fixed to work , Whatever needs to be done with the twitch api , maybe look into it . I have a post in secret forums on a way i think this area could be used to draw more traffic to site if fixed and updated .


   - Forum Thread for reporting Madden bugs still says "Madden 19 Bugs" , should say 21.


Next Gen for Daddyleagues

Well DL has been waiting on EA ( who is the maker of the app and we have no control over) to update the app to even give the option. They have since done so but im hearing reports no one on ps5 can get the app to connect to the madden servers to even have an option to export . I have no idea if this is also and issue on the new xbox or not. I would suggest people to report all issues like this to EA Support to let them know its not working correctly.