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Rookie Deep Dive: Rookies of the Year

Rookie Deep Dive:
Offensive/Defensive Rookies of the Year



The regular season of MBL Season 45 has concluded, and there has been some strong play from this year’s rookie class. In the last blog we highlighted the offensive side of the ball, and this blog will take a deeper dive into the defensive side. We will conclude with our picks for Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year.



Ny Giants PNG Transparent Ny Giants.PNG Images. | PlusPNG

Giants RE Brian Rodgers

3rd Round, Pick 13

31 tackles, 7 TFL, 8 sacks


In a defense that touts one of the best pass rushing duos in Uchenna Nwosu and Lorenzo Carter, Brian Rodgers was unlikely to see significant time in the pass rush rotation. However, the third round pick from Vanderbilt quickly showed why he deserved to be on the field for every snap. Rodgers ability to make plays in the backfield in the run game, and get to the quarterback in the pass game, enabled him to earn the starting role at DE for the Giants. Perhaps most impressively, Rodgers 8 sacks ranked him second among all rookies. 


Seattle Seahawks Logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Seahawks LOLB Nazir Beachum

3rd Round, Pick 26

26 tackles, 4 TFL, 6 sacks


With Shaquem Griffin emerging as the featured pass rusher in Seattle’s trenches, the Seahawks were looking for some youth to shore up their defense. It appears they’ve found it in 21 year old Beachum out of Michigan. Beachum’s speed and bull rush enabled him to have a strong performance in his rookie season, and he will likely be a staple within this Seattle defense for years to come.


Carolina Panthers Logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Panthers CB Wesley Kelly

1st Round, Pick 23

40 tackles, 1 TFL, 5 interceptions, 3 deflections, 1 forced fumble, 2 touchdowns


Coming out of Buffalo, Kelly had the tools to be successful in all phases of the defensive secondary. While he didn’t excel at any one thing, Kelly was a jack of all trades, able to play man, zone, press, and had the speed to keep up with elite receivers. Kelly showed his ability to thrive this year, leading all rookies in interceptions with 5. Kelly helped the Carolina defense to rank 3rd in points allowed and 8th in passing yards allowed per game.


Green Bay Packers Logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Packers ROLB Dashawn Dawkins

1st Round, Pick 17

42 tackles, 6 TFL, 5 sacks, 3 interceptions, 3 touchdowns


Coming in a 6’2”, 250 pounds, Dawkins showed why he deserves to be considered one of the most impressive rookies of this year. The linebacker out of Hawaii was truly capable of doing anything — from rushing the passer or dropping into coverage — Dawkins succeeded in every phase of the game. Dawkins led all rookies in defensive touchdowns with 3. An amazing year from the young man. 


New Orleans Saints Logo PNG Transparent & SVG Vector - Freebie Supply

Saints CB Bryson Drayton

Round 1, Pick 6

58 tackles, 5 TFL, 1 sack, 4 interceptions, 6 deflections, 1 forced fumble, 1 touchdown


The Saints selected Bryson Drayton to play opposite Marshon Lattimore, and the youngster from FAU has impressed. Drayton clocked in as one of the fastest players in the MBL Season 44 draft, and he excels in his man coverage ability. New Orleans has found the guy to help improve their secondary.



Without further ado, let's circle back to the offensive side of the ball, and tell you our pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year for MBL Season 45.


Cincinnati Bengals Logot transparent PNG - StickPNG

Bengals QB Mick Jones

Round 1, Pick 8

4,114 passing yards, 242/376 completions (64%), 42 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, 124.1 QBR

Pro Bowl Appearance


After being heavily criticized for abandoning Will Grier, who has 2 years remaining on a $52.1M contract, the Bengals selected Mick Jones with the 8th pick in the MBL Season 44 draft. Despite the doubters, Jones has been nothing short of spectacular. After being a close second in our predictions earlier in the year, Jones emerged as the clear favorite for Rookie of the Year as time progressed. 


The Draft Pros reached out to Bengal’s owner iamastra, and asked how replacing Grier with Jones has impacted this team. “We felt we had reached our max potential with Will; with his age and arm strength we felt our offense was limited. Mick can spread the field out more. [He is] able to take more deep shots and fit the ball into tight windows. We don’t listen to the outside noise when it comes to our trades . We believe in the personnel we bring in no matter the cost.”


Jones led his team to an 11-5 regular season finish, and won his first playoff game. He’s also responsible for a passing game that ranked 4th in total yards per game and 7th in total points per game. As a result, Mick Jones is our pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year for MBL Season 45. Congrats, Mick!

Honorable Mentions:


Cowboys QB Will Varga

3,717 yards, 255/386 completions (66%), 27 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, 101.1 QBR


Giants WR Ellis Morrison

584 yards, 35 receptions, 2 touchdowns



Now, let’s get into our pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year for MBL Season 45.


Green Bay Packers Logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Packers ROLB Dashawn Dawkins

1st Round, Pick 17

42 tackles, 6 TFL, 5 sacks, 3 interceptions, 3 touchdowns


Dawkins was a remarkable player this year, and has received our pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year! Dawkins came in to help Rashan Gary in the pass rushing game, and has not disappointed. Additionally, Dawkins forced a number of turnovers, helping his team to a 12-4 record and a NFC North title. The Packers earned themselves a first round bye and will host the Giants in this year's playoffs. Can Dawkins continue to make an impact for his team and lift them to the Conference Championship? Time will tell, but for now, Dashawn Dawkins is MBL Season 45 Defensive Rookie of the Year! Congrats, Dashawn!



Rookie Deep Dive: S45 Offense Edition


Dallas Cowboys QB, Will Varga

Round 1, Pick 5

155/219, 70% completion percentage, 18 TD’s / 14 INT’s, 106.7 QBR



The featured quarterback of the MBL Season 44 Draft is off to a solid start for the Dallas Cowboys. Will Varga has amassed 2,360 yards through 219 passes, completing 155 for a 70% completion percentage. He adds 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions through the halfway point of the season. The Cowboys are 5-4 — looking to get over the hump in order to reach the playoffs.


The Draft Pros reached out to Cowboys Owner, OSU, who had this to say when asked about what a Varga-led playoff berth would mean to the franchise, “It would mean everything. We have prioritized youth with this team and it would mean our strategy paid off. I know some fans haven’t been happy in the short term, but this whole plan has been about creating long term success. Will has stepped in and been a leader and the sky's the limit for him.”


With a 2-0 record versus divisional opponents, Varga has shown he is capable of winning the NFC East. However, he’ll be looking for more consistency down the stretch, as the rookie quarterback has failed to record consecutive wins thus far.



Oakland Raiders WR, Darrelle Yates

Round 1, Pick 1

31 receptions, 429 yards, 0 touchdowns



As the flashiest player in the MBL Season 44 Draft, the Washington State product has the speed and athleticism to create separation against any defensive back in the MBL. However, Yates has yet to find the endzone this season, and has taken a back seat to second-year tight end Jimmy Decker — who has 6 of the team's 7 receiving touchdowns. While the Raiders are just 2-6, Yates has helped the team to its most successful start to a season in years, and will look to improve on his role in the offense going forward.



Washington Redskins HB, Kristian Sexton

Round 2, Pick 21

406 rushing yards, 73 attempts, 5.6 ypc, 3 touchdowns



Kristian Sexton and Devonta Freeman combine to create a rushing attack that ranks 10th in yardage so far this season. In a draft that was weak in the running back position, Sexton served as perhaps the most talented of the group. As a result, Sexton leads all rookie running backs in yardage (406). As Sexton continues to solidify his status as the feature back in Washington, the 6’2” 229 pound power back will likely make opposing defenses think twice before tackling him in the open field.




Draft Pro’s Pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Dallas Cowboys QB, Will Varga


Will Varga is the current frontrunner for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award in MBL Season 45, and is our pick to win the award at the end of the year. While Varga shares the lead in this award race with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Mick Jones (1,968 passing yards, 121/203 completions, 59% completion rating, 18 TD’s / 7 INT’s), he should maintain a lead over Jones for the title of Offensive Rookie of the Year. Both Varga and Jones will face a similar strength of schedule to finish the year, but Varga has a better supporting cast than Jones, and he is likely to improve as the year continues.


Bengals Remaining Schedule:

Week 10 vs Ravens

Week 11 @ Steelers

Week 12 @ Chiefs

Week 13 vs Titans

Week 14 vs Browns

Week 15 vs Eagles

Week 16 vs Chargers

Week 17 @ Giants


Cowboys Remaining Schedule

Week 10 @ Saints

Week 11 vs Giants

Week 12 vs Ravens

Week 13 @ Redskins

Week 14 vs Buccaneers

Week 15 @ Giants

Week 16 @ Falcons

Week 17 vs Redskins



Giants Offseason Moves | Preseason Preview


The #MBLseason35 has begun and that means lots of moves were made this offseason. The New York Giants have started off their preseason 1-0 against the Dolphins, and will look to improve on their 14-2 season a year ago. 

The link below will give you a little insight into what went down this offseason, what's in store, and who will start at QB!

Check it out: 




Madden 19 Preview

What's up Grid,

Here's a small look into my favorite team and teams I'm looking forward to using in Madden 19.


Fav Team: Seahawks

There's no secret here. I've been born and raised in Seattle and unlike most Seahawk fans, I know who Shaun Alexander, Mike Holmgren and Matt Hasselbeck are. So with that, I'll be looking forward to using my favorite team and hopefully getting them during Grid team selection. 


Top 3 teams to use: Seahawks, Texans, really any team that runs a 3-4

I'll obviously use my favorite team the most, but honestly I'm not all that comfortable with running a 4-3 in Madden. I've always ran a 3-4 since about Madden 25, and I never ran much of 4-3 because I think it sucks in a lot of ways (personal prefference). That being said, I won't pass up using my hometown team.

The Texans are a 3-4 team that's loaded with talent. You've got Nuke Hopkins, Desean Watson, JJ Watt, Honey Badger and Clowney. That roster is stacked. 

Again, I'm comfortable with any team that runs a base 3-4, so Packers, Rams, Patriots (sorta), Steelers, Titans, etc. I like a mobile QB too, so teams with those I generally seek out. 


Whelp there's a little look into how I view Madden teams. Only a few more days to go!


Madden 19 Preview

What's up Grid,

Here's a small look into my favorite team and teams I'm looking forward to using in Madden 19.


Fav Team: Seahawks

There's no secret here. I've been born and raised in Seattle and unlike most Seahawk fans, I know who Shaun Alexander, Mike Holmgren and Matt Hasselbeck are. So with that, I'll be looking forward to using my favorite team and hopefully getting them during Grid team selection. 


Top 3 teams to use: Seahawks, Texans, really any team that runs a 3-4

I'll obviously use my favorite team the most, but honestly I'm not all that comfortable with running a 4-3 in Madden. I've always ran a 3-4 since about Madden 25, and I never ran much of 4-3 because I think it sucks in a lot of ways (personal prefference). That being said, I won't pass up using my hometown team.

The Texans are a 3-4 team that's loaded with talent. You've got Nuke Hopkins, Desean Watson, JJ Watt, Honey Badger and Clowney. That roster is stacked. 

Again, I'm comfortable with any team that runs a base 3-4, so Packers, Rams, Patriots (sorta), Steelers, Titans, etc. I like a mobile QB too, so teams with those I generally seek out. 


Whelp there's a little look into how I view Madden teams. Only a few more days to go!


Buy / Sell: Grid Edition

Good evening gentlemen, welcome to the 1st edition of BUY/SELL where we analyze the
“stock” value of each team for this season and whether you can trust them going forward or not! Here’s a few teams worth mentioning:






Minnesota Vikings


BUY BUY BUY. Through 6 weeks this is the hottest team in the Grid.  Through 6 games the Vikings have allowed just 75 points, thats just 12 points per game. With a 5-1 record and week 1 victory against the Super Bowl runner up Cardinals, this team looks poised to make a run for the Lombardi trophy heading into their buy week.


Jacksonville Jaguars


Big buy here too, possibly bigger than the Vikings. With a 5-1 record, the Jags sit on top of a tough AFC South division, with some notable victories to start the season against the Falcons, Bills, and their division rival, the Colts. With the 5th and 6th ranked offense and defense respectively, coupled with a pretty soft schedule going forward, look for this team to continue to dominate the AFC.


Pittsburgh Steelers


It’s time to buy into the Steelers. This regular season juggernaut was 13-3 a season ago and with a weaker schedule it looks like they could repeat that success. 4-2 At this point in the season but going forward they won’t face any traditional powerhouses until they play the Cardinals in week 15. Don’t be surprised if the Steelers win the next 8 games going into week 16.


San Francisco 49ers


This team is a soft buy, so don’t go putting a second mortgage on your house to bet on these guys. After a 2 game skid to start the season, the Niners have won the last 4 games heading into their week 7 game against he Bengals. They were also able edge out the Cards in a 33-30 track meet in Arizona. This squad is in the middle of the pack in terms of offense and defensive rankings, but the important thing is they’re finding ways to win games. 


Philadelphia Eagles


Through 5 games this team is 3-2 but they have something that these other teams don’t, and thats the best turnover differential in the league. With a +10 turnover differential, this team is finding ways to take care of the football. Coupled with their 72 points allowed in 5 games, this team will look to ride its defense to the promise land. 




Houston Texans


Sell em! You heard it here first folks, I don’t believe in the Houston Texans, despite their 4-1 record. Through 6 games they currently tote the number 3 ranked offense, but also have the 28th ranked defense, allowing a whopping 28 points per game. Not only that, but they have yet to play either the Jaguars or the Colts within their division, both of which will likely take advantage of that soft defense. If you’ve got faith in the Texans this season, don’t hold your breath.


Detriots Lions


These guys are 4-2 but lets pump the breaks. The lions have had top 10 picks every draft this cycle for a reason, and while it looks like they may have found a bit of a rhythm at the beginning of the season, I question how sustainable it is. This team is averaging 29 points a game but can’t figure a way to stop opposing offenses, allowing 26 points per matchup. If they want to continue their success this season, they’re gonna need to find a way to slow teams down.


Carolina Panthers


It’s time to sell em while you still can fellas. Previous power rankings had this team going 11-5 this season, but already at 2-3 I question if this team can turn it around. Consistency is going to be key if they want to find some success. In their 3 losses they have 7 turnovers to their opponents 2, and in their 2 victories they have just 1 turnover. The Panthers are going to have to find a way to protect the football if they want their stock to rise back up.


Miami Dolphins


Sell em, boys. The Miami Dolphins have become a bit of a retirement home, with aging superstars Stefon Diggs, Rob Gronkowski and others trying to squeeze out their last bits of football. With an a questionable roster and a tough schedule where they’ll face the 4-1 Pats twice, Cowboys, Colts and Steelers among others, it’s a tough road ahead for this franchise. 


Grid Power Rankings 10-1

Here it is! The first edition of the Grid Top 10 Power Rankings! In the future I'd like to make this more concise and more visually appealing so I may delve into some graphic design. But for now, enjoy!



10) Pittsburgh Steelers


Coming in at number 10 we’ve got the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sitting at 3-1 the team is currently 1 game behind the undefeated Browns in the AFC North. 


Offensive Rank: 14 (25 PPG)


The Steelers offense is well balanced attack lead by quarterback Joshua Hobbs and running back Le’Veon Bell. What Dobbs lacks in his passing abilities (6 TD, 6 Int, 252 ypg, 91.9 QBR) he makes up for with his legs. Dobbs averages 11.3 yards per carry and has 1 rushing touchdown to start the season. The steelers employ a balanced approach to their receiving core, which gives them the opportunity to spread the ball around easily. Shaman Prentice, a fourth year receiver out of Louisville seems to be their top target, however. With just 6 turnovers in 4 games, If the Steelers can continue to take care of the football they should be able to ride this balanced offense further. 


Defensive Rank: 19 (25 PPG)


The Steelers defense could use improvement. They’re allowing an average of 225 yards through the air, 27th in the league. This perhaps signifies their lack of leadership in the secondary. While they no doubt have the talent, the defensive backs may be lacking the enforcer they need to take their defense to the next level. Averaging almost 4 sacks a game this defense should ride its speedy front seven to continued improvement. 



9) Los Angeles Rams


The Rams pick up number 9 on this list and are 3-1. Their most influential wins come against division rivals Cardinals and Niners. Both away games, the Rams will look to improve upon their division record with some of their toughest games to be at home. 


Offensive Rank: 12 (26 PPG) 


There’s no secret here: the Rams run their offense through running backs Keith Curtis and Todd Gurley. But with an average of 3.8 yards per carry (ypc) and 3.5 ypc respectively. Is it sustainable? Jared Goff’s arm has not been exactly reliable to start the season. With just 3 TD’s to his 7 int’s and a qtr of 67.2, this offense will need to find it’s stride if it wants to keep its place in the top 10. 


Defensive Rank: 21 (26 PPG) 


This defense, lead by defensive end Aaron Donald, isn’t anything to write home about necessarily, but what they lack in star power they make up for in winning the turnover battle. 9 interceptions puts the Rams defense in the top 10 for interceptions of teams in the Grid. In order for this defense to improve, it needs to be able to get to the quarterback. The Rams have gotten just 10 sacks in 4 games, allowing 240 passing yards a game, which ranks them at 31 in pass defense.



8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers


At number 8 we’ve got the Super Bowl Champion Bucs. At 2-2 in the NFC South the Bucs will need to edge out the Falcons for the top spot in the division. Their only notable loss comes by 3 points to the Browns. With their Super Bowl victory, they’ve been matched up with some of the toughest teams in the Grid. Only time will tell if they can keep up their success.


Offensive Rank: 9 (28 PPG)


This Bucs offense has proven that it’s not something to mess with, as Jameis Winston and Mike Evans team up to overpower defenses. Winston current sittings at 7 TD, 4 Int, 245 ypg and a 115 QBR. Griffin Hagler, the 6’2” beast of a halfback, has become the feature back in this offense and has shined all season, averaging 115 ypg with 4 TDs and no fumbles. With the 3rd highest yards per game from the offense (363), this offense will continue to give teams trouble. 


Defensive Rank: 23 (28 PPG)


The glaring issue with this team so far is their defense. While their offense has been able to pick up the slack at this point, the defense will need to step up if they want to repeat as champions. The consensus in the Bucs facilities is that they need to force more turnovers. With just 3 interceptions and no fumbles in 4 games, the defense will need to step up and do their part in order to lift this team to the next level. 



7) Atlanta Falcons


The Falcons are a solid playoff caliber team and sit at 3-1 and first in their division. With their only loss coming from the higher ranked Cardinals, this team has the potential to be an 11+ win team. 


Offensive Rank: 6 (29 PPG) 


Apparently letting go of Julio Jones in the offseason hasn’t hurt the Falcons passing attack, as they average 240 passing yards a game, 4th in the league. Running back Antwan Myles spearheads this offense, averaging 5.2 ypc. Sophomore quarterback Joey Maynard may need to pick up his game if this team is to continue its success. With 7 TD’s, 11 INTs and a QBR of 83, the signal caller may need some mentorship.


Defensive Rank: 7 (17 PPG)


The defense in Atlanta is stout. The front 7 are young, fast, strong, and damn good, which shows as the Falcons have allowed the fewest yards of any team in the Grid through 4 games. Forcing 4 fumbles and getting 12 interceptions has also enabled this team to suffocate opposing offenses. 



6) Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles have started the season 3-0 but it could be argued that they’ve yet to be tested. Following their week 4 bye, the Eagles host the undefeated Colts in what should be a heavyweight matchup. 


Offensive Rank: 10 (28 PPG)


Carson Went’ return to Philly looks like it’s been a success thus far, with 6 TDs, 4 INTs and a QBR of 111, the now veteran QB will look to continue his good work. Rookie superstar receiver Joseph Dimance is without a doubt the number 1 target. With his combination of size, strength and elusiveness, this receiver is a candidate for Rookie of the Year. Dimanche carries an offense that lacks a central rushing attack. 


Defensive Rank: 4 (13 PPG)


The Eagles have looked strong thus far on defense, forcing 10 interceptions and recovering 2 fumbles. Lead by safety Caleb Shepard, this defense will hope to continue its success. With just 3 games under their belt however, only time will tell if the early bye week comes back to bite this team in the rear towards the end of the season. 



5) Arizona Cardinals


The Cardinals are 3-1 and are atop the NFC West. After just squeezing into the playoffs last year, the Cards are off to a much better start and will look to become the Championship caliber team that they know they can be. 


Offensive Rank: 18 (21 PPG)


Ex Colts QB Andrew Luck has stepped into his role as the starter in Phoenix and is showing he’s got plenty of juice still left in the tank. With 7 TDs, 2 INTs and a QBR of 136.4, the signal caller is leading the offense and taking care of the football. Young receivers Serderius Ali, Keliko Perryman and Traivon Octavien (love the names) give an explosive burst to this offense that may be unparalleled. The only thing this offense needs to work on are its fumbles: 4 fumbles already in the season.


Defensive Rank: 6 (17 PPG)


Going into the season, some said that the aging stars on this defense might be a liability, but they sure haven’t been to start the year. AJ Bouye, Darius Slay, and Chris Harris are the corners on this team and they look to prove they’ve still got it in every game. 11 interceptions on the year is tied for 4th most in the league. The Cards are also tied for 2nd with a +8 turnover differential, something they pride themselves on in this ball club. 



4) Cleveland Browns


The 4-0 Browns have looked stellar to start the season with their 23-20 victory over the Bucs being the highlight of their season thus far. Their ability to vastly outscore the opponents has been their calling card, and they will look to keep it up.


Offensive Rank: 3 (34 PPG)


Quarterback Deshone Kizer is not off to his usual MVP start, with 3 TDs, 3 INTs and a QBR of 112, one can safely say that the offense is being carried by the rushing attack. Kizer has been running more than in years past, with 134 yards on 15 carries so far this season. Rookie Derrick Alden uses his speed and agility to run past defenders, and already has 10 TD’s this season. The offense will likely need to be less one dimensional if it wants to keep up this undefeated record. 


Defensive Rank: 11 (21 PPG)


Myles Garrett and the defense have done well for themselves so far this season. Garrett already has 10 sacks this season and it doesn’t look like he’s leaving much for anyone else, as the rest of the team only has 6 sacks to their name. With 9 interceptions for the defense, the rest of the squad will need to pick up some of the slack. 



3) Indianapolis Colts


The Colts might be back to prominence in the AFC South after a lackluster season missing playoffs. Sitting at 4-0, this team looks like it might be getting back to what it does best: Defense.



Offensive Rank: 5 (31 PPG)


Quarterback Hunter White isn’t going to wow you with his numbers, but he prides himself in taking care of the football. With 6 TDs, 3 ints and a QBR of 107, the passing attack has been directed towards rookie WR Moses Woodson, the 6’6” beast out of Nebraska. Running back Rodney McFoy has also been producing, averaging 90 yards per game and 5 TDs. 


Defensive Rank: 1 (11 PPG)


No doubt this is what this team prides itself on. The D is first in sacks with 20, first in interceptions with 15, and has 4 defensive touchdowns. Lead by FS Malik Hooker, this defense might just be back to its reputation of being at the top of the Grid.



2) Minnesota Vikings


The Vikings are off to a great start and have been absolutely destroying defenses. They’re no slouch on defense either, but the offense of this team will likely carry it to a high seed in playoffs.


Offensive Rank: 1 (37 PPG)


This team is averaging 37 points per game which is absolutely bonkers, and Rookie QB Conner Barbre and receivers Brandin Cooks, Rayqueez Harkey and Stefon Diggs are leading the way. Averaging 253 passing yards per game, Conner Barbre and the offense have looked sharp. Barber has 10 TDs, 3 INTs and 127 QBR and is putting together a rookie campaign that may net him Rookie of the Year.


Defensive Rank: 5 (15 PPG)


This strong defense gives opposing coordinators headaches because they have the ability to strike from anywhere. With 10 interceptions, 3 fumbles and 14 sacks, this defense constantly makes plays. Outside backer Solomon Roth is the likely candidate to take down the QB this year, with 4 sacks already.




1) Dallas Cowboys


Americas Team is the currently the number 1 team in the Grid. They’ve had tremendous success offensively and defensively thus far, have a 3-0 divisional record, and are red hot. If they can keep up the pace of their stout defense and rushing attack, this team could easily represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. 



Offensive Rank: 2 (35 PPG)


The Cowboys are averaging a whopping 35 ppg and that’s largely due to their strong rushing attack. Averaging a league-best 151 rushing yards per game, backs Zeke Elliot and Wayne Gallman lead the charge on the ground. QB Dat Prescott will need to pick up some of the slack, as right now he sits with 3 TDs, 4 INTs and a QBR of 92. Sophomore receiver Howard Mullins leads the charge in the air with 240 yards and 2 TDs through 4 games.


Defensive Rank: 2 (11 PPG)


Like the Colts, the Cowboys have stifled offenses so far this season. With 17 sacks, 13 INTs and a league high 7 defensive touchdowns, this defense is what’s propelling this team to victory week in and week out. The best part about this defense? It’s young. 5 of their 11 starters are either rookies or have just 1 year in the league, and their balling out by contributing to the sack total and interceptions.



Grid Power Rankings 32-11

With the first quarter of the season coming to a close, the first edition of the power rankings are set. The list below will ranking the teams 32-11 with a brief description. The top 10 rankings will come out later tonight with a more in depth look at each team! Enjoy and stay tuned!


32) Baltimore Ravens (0-4)


Starting with the best of the worst, the Baltimore Ravens have started the season 0-4 and haven’t been facing traditionally strong opponents. While their margins of loss are currently not horrendous, don’t expect this team to turn around quickly as they face the Browns, Jaguars and Buccaneers in the coming weeks.


31) Tenesse Titans (0-4)


Also starting at 0-4 is the Tennessee Titans. The only reason they didn’t end up at number 32 was their strength of schedule in the first 4 weeks, as they faced the Texans, Jaguars, Browns and Colts respectively, but got obliterated by each. With looming suspensions, this Titans team is in hot water. 


30) Detroit Lions (1-3)


The Detroit Lions start the season 1-3 with their only win of the season coming against the Redskins. A team that is known for losing the turnover battle, the Lions need to find a way to take care of the football if they want to improve upon their record. 


29) Washington Redskins (1-3)


The Redskins have just one win to start the season and have struggled out the gates. Averaging just 14 points per game while allowing an average of 28, this team will need to find answers heading into midseason. 


28) Carolina Panthers (0-4)


The Panthers have started the season defeated but may turn it around before the end of the yar. Every game they’ve lost has been by one possession, and their week 4 game against the Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers was a narrow 38-28 loss. If this team can improve its defense it should squeeze out more wins. 


27) Los Angeles Chargers (1-3)


Inconsistency has bee the name of the game for this Chargers team. With just a 1-3 record their one win comes on a 12-10 victory against the Chiefs, while one of their losses is by just 3 to the Broncos. Their other two losses were by 27 points and 19 points respectively. This team will need to find its bearings going forward if it is to compete in their division.


26) Chicago Bears (1-3)


The Bears have had a tough schedule to start the season, facing the Packers, Vikings, Jets and Cowboys. All their losses were by 2 possessions, and this team will need to find a way to narrow that gap as the season progressses.


25) New York Giants (1-2)


The Giants have yet to play their week 4 game before these rankings will be out, but their one win comes against the Packers, and their 2 losses come against a strong Cowboys team. With playmakers on both sides of the ball, the Giants will look to improve their record going forward.


24) Oakland Raiders (1-2)


Known as the “draft gurus”, the Raiders have started the season 1-2. With their week 4 game coming against the Seahawks, this team could likely start 1-3. The Raiders have the ability to go either way this season, and its anyones guess which direction they’ll go.


23) New York Jets (1-2)


The Jets have started 1-2 and their 2 losses come to teams lower on the list than they are. With their bye week coming in week 4, this team will need to use the week of rest in order to turn their season around. 


22) Houston Texans (1-2)


Under new ownership, the Texans have started the season 1-2 but have some promise going forward. With their 2 losses coming to the Colts and Eagles, look for this team to return to .500 with their week 4 game being against the Giants.


21) Seattle Seahawks (1-2)


The Seahawks reside in one arguably the toughest division in The Grid. With their two losses coming from the Cardinals and 49ers, this team will be looking for some much needed confidence in the coming weeks in order to defeat the competition in their division. 


20) Miami Dolphins (1-2)


The Dolphins headed into their week 4 bye week sitting at 1-2, but have the possibility to turn their record around. With the Patriots, Jets, Bears and Lions on their schedule in the next few weeks, this team may have that opportunity. 


19) San Francisco 49ers (1-2)


A regular playoff team, the 49ers aren’t off to the start they wanted sitting at 1-2. Their first loss of the season came against the Super Bowl Champs. This team prides itself on forcing turnovers, so look to them to get back to the basics after their week 4 bye. 


18) Denver Broncos (2-2)


The first .500 team to hit this list is the Denver Broncos. The Broncos can be inconsistent at times but start the season with 2 division wins against the Chargers. Facing the Texans in week 5 and then a bye in week 6, this team will be looking to get into their rest period above that .500 mark.


17) Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)


The Bengals have been able to pull off a decent start even while transition into new ownership this season. At this point its still not certain where this team will go and that’s why they’ve landed in the middle of the pack on this list and in the standings. 


16) Buffalo Bills (2-2)


Like the Bengals, this team is under new ownership and will have to prove itself in the coming weeks. 


15) New Orleans Saints (2-2)


The Saints? At 15? 2-2? Yup, believe dat. The Who Dat Nation is .500 for the first time in recent memory. Perhaps their large amount of early first round picks have started to develop into stars. This team will have to prove itself in order to climb any higher.


14) New England Patriots (2-2)


Another team that isn’t always in the top half of the rankings, the Patriots sit at 2-2 heading into the second quarter of the season. Young QB Waler Dobbs went down with an injury but luckily veteran Ben Roethlisberger will take over with a wealth of experience. 


13) Green Bay Packers (2-2)


The Packers are another unproven team sitting at .500 and will look to improve in the coming weeks. The Vikings look to be controlling that division and they will need to find some answers if they want to compete. 


12) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)


The Jaguars are a championship caliber team that has the potential to go deep into the playoffs every year, but their record doesn’t show it to start the season. The roster is loaded with talent, and they’ve displayed that bye demolishing the Broncos and Titans in their two victories. With a weaker AFC South than in years past, the question for the Jags will be if they can overcome the undefeated Colts. 


11) Kansas City Chiefs (2-2)


The Super Bowl runner-ups from a year ago are .500, but they should be able to improve as the season progresses. With their two losses by a total of 9 points, the Chiefs will hope to make another unlikely push for the Lombardi trophy. 





Mid-Season MVP rankings

What’s up y’all. Before Madden releases its picks for the MVP race, I decided to compile my top 10 of who I think will be in the hunt and who wins Mid-Season MVP! Check it out:



WR Chad Williams, Eagles

501 Yards, 83.5/Game, 7 TD’s (only played 6 games)



Chad Williams has been a huge target for Matt Ryan in Philly this season. His league-high 7 TD’s prove he his a big redzone threat, and Matt Ryan's looking like he’s found comfortable home with the Eagles. Look for Chad Williams to continue Mossing defensive backs throughout the season. 



HB Joe Mixon, Bengals

566 Yards, 80.9/Game, 8.3 YPC, 7 TD’s, 1 Fumble

135 Receiving Yards, 1 TD



Joe Mixon has been electric this season and that shows in his whopping 8.3 yards per carry. His 7 rushing touchdowns and contributions in the passing game make him a darkhorse for MVP this season. While Mixon will face some tougher defenses in the Browns, Chargers, Jaguars and Bears to finish the season, his performance thus far should not go unnoticed. 



WR Bradford McLendon, Dolphins

660 Yards, 94.3/Game, 5 TD’s



Joseph Lee’s not-so-secret weapon has dominated in the receiving game this year. With nearly 100 yards per game and 5 TD’s, look for this dynamic duo to continue to flourish. McLendon will face some weak pass defenses in the Ravens, Steelers, and Colts to finish the season. Look for him to have big games in those ones. 



HB Shon Hamner, Jets

627 Yards, 89.6/Game, 5.8 YPC, 4 TD’s, 3 Fumbles

100 Receiving Yards



This guy is a monster. Flat out. Shon Hamner can run past you or through you with ease, and has shown that so far this season. While his 4 TD’s and 3 Fumbles won’t put him the highest on this list, expect Hamner to finish strong this season. 



LOLB Nick Perry, Packers

31 Tackles, 6 TFL, 9 Sacks, 1 TD



Nick Perry has dominated in the trenches thus far, and is tied for the league lead in sacks with 9. His ability to snuff out plays before they develop has also netted him 6 tackles for loss. With his team on a 4 game skid, look for the Packers to cut him loose to finish off the season. 



HB Antwan Myles, Falcons

705 Yards, 100/Game, 5.3 YPC, 5 TD’s, 0 Fumbles

126 Receiving Yards, 1 TD



Running back Antwan Myles has had a monster year thus far, averaging 100 yards per game. Despite his team record of 4-3, which has included some blowout losses, Myles has continued to produce game after game. The second year player out of FIU looks impressive to start the season, and will likely continue to dominate against some softer defensive opponents in his future. Myles' contributions in the passing game have also benefited his position on this list.



QB Deshaun Watson, Texans: 

1,782 Yards, 11 TD’s, 4 INT’s, 133/194 (68%) Completion, 107.7 QBR

23 Rushing Yards, 2 TD’s



Watson’s rise to prominence this year is due to his ability to stay on the field and take care of the football. Through 7 games he’s thrown just 4 interceptions, enabling his offense to continue to drive and score touchdowns and rack up yardage. Watson also plays in arguably the toughest division in the Grid, albeit the AFC South hasn’t been as stout this year as in years past. Look for Watson to stay in the hunt for MVP throughout the rest of the season. 


MLB Reuben Foster, 49ers

30 Tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks, 6 INT’s, 2 FF’s, 1 TD



This guy has seriously done it all. Tied for the league lead in interceptions, Reuben Foster has been a sideline to sideline linebacker who has made a big impact in every phase of the defense. His ability to rack up impressive stats has landed him a high ranking on this list. While his 49ers defense will face some tough teams in the Cardinals (twice), Colts, Titans, Jaguars and Seahawks to finish the season, look for Foster to continue to have an impressive stat line week after week. 



QB Deshone Kizer, Browns

1,636 Yards, 13 TD’s, 4 INT’s, 92-131 (70%) Completion, 132.9 QBR

38 Rushing Yards, 1 TD



Kizer’s 6-0 team look impressive to start the season, and the former MVP will likely make a strong push for repeating his title before the season ends. Like the Dolphins QB, Kizer’s ability to take care of the football has largely attributed to his success thus far in the season. While at this point Kizer doesn’t quite edge out Joseph Lee, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pass the others and repeat for MVP this year. 


Drumroll please......



QB Joseph Lee, Dolphins

1,704 Yards, 13 TD’s, 4 INT’s, 93/119 (78%) Completion, 141.1 QBR

62 Rushing Yards



Rookie phenom, anyone? Holy cow, this kid has dominated the league thus far with near perfect throwing stats in just his rookie year. Lee has lead his team to a 5-2 record this season, defeating prominent teams like the Jets and Panthers. Lee’s greatest asset has been WR Bradford McLendon, who has been a nightmare for defenses. Lee will face some tough teams in the coming weeks, but based purely off stats, he’s our clear frontrunner for MVP at this point of the season.


A Look Into Possible Free Agents!

One of the most exciting parts of the offseason is who will become a free agent, where will they land, and how much money will they be getting! Below is a list of players that are currently without a contract extension and could potentially be free agents this coming offseason. This list compiles players with a DaddyLeagues overall of 84 and above. Player ratings, positions, and contracts may change prior to free agency.


Post in the chat who you want to be the next addition to your team! Enjoy!





Ben Roethlisberger 89
Matt Ryan 89

Cam Newton 87



Dalvin Cook 93

Demarco Murray 86

Spencer Ware 84

C.J. Anderson 84


Kyle Juszczyk 97

Andy Janovich 87

Roosevelt Nix 85

Will Johnson 84

Kendrick Sharpton 84



Julio Jones 98

Keenan Allen 94

T.Y. Hilton 91
Mike Williams 84

Emmanuel Sanders 84



Travis Kelce 98

Zach Ertz 89

Evan Engram 87

Kyle Rudolph 87

Marellus Bennett 87

Richard Rodgers 85

Gerald Everett 85



Trent Williams 93

Cordy Glenn 89

Bryan Bulaga 88

Garett Bolles 84



Joe Thomas 92

Kelechi Osemele 91

Andy Levitre 89



Alex Mack 85

Pat Elfien 85



Larry Warford 89

Dorian Johnson 86



Marcus Gilbert

Spencer Long 84






Jason Pierre-Paul 89



Ndamukong Suh 91



Cameron Wake 92

Cameron Jordan 89



Jamie Collins Sr 89

Sean Lee 86

Parnell McPhee 84



Bobby Wagner 96

Dont’a Hightower 92

Brandon Marshall 85



Duke Riley 88

Robert Quinn 85



Patrick Peterson 93

Aqib Talib 90

David Amerson 84



D.J. Swearinger 84



Devin McCourty 89

Shawn Williams 84



Marquette King 85