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MBL Draft Pros Cycle Top 5 QBs


  1. Sal Masters: (12,971 yds, 159 TDs, 64 INTs, 71% Comp %, 124.3 QBR)


Sal took the MBL by storm after he was selected in the 3rd round by the Seattle Seahawks. After immediately meshing with his star WRs DK Metcalf and Jalen Tarpley, Sal showed why he was one of the best QBs in the league. With an average of 53 TDs a season, Masters is far ahead of all the other QBs on our Top 5 and that is a big reason why he is #1 on our list.


  1. JaMario Hendricks: (18,940 yds, 151 TDs, 97 INTs, 69% Comp %, 116.8 QBR)


I am astounded by the growth of this QB as he was a 7th round pick and showed the Packers enough to win the starting job his rookie year and went on to take this team to a winning record every season he was the starter, including a 14-2 record this final season. Hendricks was also able to lead his team to a SB this cycle as well, is everything you could ask of out of your 7th round QB and more. His consistency and growth is what put him at #2.


  1. Barry Everett: (11,238 yds, 97 TDs, 41 INTs, 74% Comp %, 130.5 QBR)


Carolina’s Star QB was everything they needed him to be and that was a QB that was able to produce at a high level, but not force throws and turn the ball over. While Everett doesn’t find the endzone as often as Sal Masters who was taken in the same draft as him, Barry threw less INTs, with a higher Comp % and a higher QBR than Masters. His ability to complete passes at a high level and control the game was huge for this Carolina Panthers team and is why he is at #3.


  1. Mick Jones: (16,928 yds, 112 TDs, 81 INTs, 67% Comp %, 116.2 QBR)


After an amazing rookie year, Mick Jones was never really able to replicate that type of success in terms of TDs and Yards combined. Despite that Jones was still able to put up big numbers in his 4 seasons as the Bengals starting QB. Playing in the AFC was tough for most teams as multiple times Jones led the Bengals to winning records and missed out on the playoffs. Mick Jones’ production either way is undeniable and that is the reason he is #4.


  1. Sam McCoy: (14,304 yds, 150 TDs, 66 INTs, 67% Comp %, 113.2 QBR) 


Despite having two seasons where he saw limited playing time, McCoy had shown when he was given the opportunity to play he showed up and produced with the best of them. Going from a Falcons team that did not see him as their future and going to a Titans team and showing that he is one of the best propelled Sam. If McCoy played full seasons he very well could of been as high as #2, but with his limited play he falls down to #5.




MBL Draft Pros Season 48 Draft Offensive Top 5




A class led by 3 QBs worthy to be in the Top 10 makes this possibly the best QB class we have seen. Eric Gomez out of Penn State came away with the Heisman Trophy and that makes him the favorite to be the first QB off the board, but when I look at these guys the one that shines above the rest is Ashley Newkirk. Newkirk comes from USC, while he doesnt have the same athletic ability as Eric Gomez or Conor Ford, he has all the arm talent you could ask for. Newkirk is highlighted by his canon of an arm and his ability to make the majority of the shows that he will be asked to make in the MBL. Conor Ford seems to be the odd one out when it comes to this top 3 and that is not a knock on his talent by any means. Conor Ford is cool as ice under pressure and that is a huge plus for any team in the market for a QB because of how deadly pass rush can be in the MBL.


Draft Comps: 


Ashley Newkirk: Mick Jones (Cincinnati Bengals)

Eric Gomez: Mason Lindholm (Indianapolis Colts)

Conor Ford: Sam Darnold (New York Jets)

Leighton McCarthy: Ramon Sanford (Tennessee Titans)

Mason Morgan: Zach Quigley (Oakland Raiders)





There is some big time speed at the top of this Halfback class as Trae Crosby and Clifton Farris both run a sub 4.4 40 yard dash and Andrew Livingston and Jimmy Nelson both ran a sub 4.5. Majority of teams are set at HB, but for the teams in need of a replacement HB or a starter are in major luck as this class is as electric of a class as we have seen from the HB position. The Eagles and Bucs are two teams I could see taking a chance on one of these HBs as they did not get much production at all from the HB position that they desperately needed.


Draft Comps:


Trae Crosby: Abdul Blackmon (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Clifton Farris: Antwan Holloway (Denver Broncos)

Andrew Livingston: Melvin Shepard (Buffalo Bills)

Nelson Cooks: Jordan Howard (Carolina Panthers)

Jimmy Douglas: Maurice Taylor (Jacksonville Jaguars)



Wide Receivers:


One of the best WR prospects we have seen is Martell Hollis out of UCF, with his ability to get down the field with his blazing speed and break off big play after big play he is just a nightmare for opposing defenses. This biggest critique on Hollis is his small stature at 5’10” and only 186lbs, but Hollis never let that get in his way before and I don't expect it to happen at the next level. The rest of the WRs are not any slouches, especially Nick Mullins who is known for working within the intermediate game from the slot. A very talented group of Wide Receivers at the top of this class continue to show how stacked this draft is on offense.


Draft Comp: 


Martell Hollis: Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs)

Nick Mullins: Tyler Boyd (Denver Broncos)

Deion Griffin: Antonio Callaway (Cleveland Browns)

Joseph Hewitt: Mike Williams (Los Angeles Rams)

Jameson Cherry: Dante Pettis (San Francisco 49ers)



Offensive Line:


In terms of depth at the position, this offensive line class is an extremely good class to need offensive line. I expect to see a huge run on OLine in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of tonight's draft as many teams are looking for starters and every team is looking for depth at the OLine position. The only downside is that no one jumps out at you so if you are the first team to select an Offensive Linemen you better choose wisely. 


Draft Comp:


Simon Batten: Dru Samia (Green Bay Packers)

Brian Brackins: Ray Wells (Los Angeles Chargers)

Mario Trejo: Quinn Hart (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Elliot Hollister: Hunter Dressler (New Orleans Saints)

Louis Kershaw: London Chatman (Atlanta Falcons)



MBL Draft Pros Season 48 Draft Defensive Top 5


Defensive Line:


A defensive line group lead by a lot of tough defensive tackles and not a lot of speed. Mostly big interior defensive linemen make up this this years draft class, whether that be 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT majority of these guys make their money by bullying opposing guards and centers. With DT being a major need for most teams, seeing 3 top flight Defensive Tackles is a big plus. Whether you get Perry Dickerson, Jamal Tuck or Deion Becton, you are getting a guy who is coming into your organization ready to get to work. The one DE prospect that is turning heads is RE Sheldon Ferguson who is seen as some with a ton of potential as an edge rusher in the MBL.


Draft Comp:


Sheldon Ferguson: Tyson Aubrey (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Perry Dickerson: DeMarco Bolton (Cleveland Browns)

Jamal Tuck: Deion Stevenson (Minnesota Vikings)

Deion Becton: Dexter Lawrenece (Dallas Cowboys)

Shaquille Merritt: Alphonso Levy (Detroit Lions)





A position that usually lacks in depth and is very top heavy is Linebacker and this year is no different. The 1st round talent Linebacker prospects in this draft are few and far between. Jeffery Siler is the lone MLB that is worth a 1st Round Pick, while OLBs Christian Norton and Trenton Watts lead the way as edge rushers in this draft. I am excited to see if there are any diamonds in the rough in the Linebacker position and where they end up.


Draft Comps:


Jeffery Siler: Fred Warner (Cleveland Browns)

Christian Norton: Dennis Cooks (New York Giants)

Trenton Watts: Samson Ebukam (Green Bay Packers)

Stanley Frye: Gabe Stuckey (Cincinnati Bengals)

Montrell Hatcher: Manny Northern (Baltimore Ravens)





This top 5 at the CB position has a ton of athleticism as all of them ran sub 4.5 40 yard dashes and all of their verticals were above 34”. My only issue with this group of CBs is how raw they are. Alex McMillan seems to be the only CB that is ready to come in and make an immediate impact. With his size and physicality I see McMillan transitioning to the next level very easily and I expect him to be a Top 5 pick in this year's draft. The rest of the CBs in the top 5 I could definitely see going in the 1st round I just think the need has to be there for someone to take a chance on one of these guys.


Draft Comp: 


Alex McMillan: Trayvon Mullen (Houston Texans)

Jahmeek Maxey: Will Long (Seattle Seahawks)

Anthony Boswell: Jimmy Moreland (New Orleans Saints)

Dell Bray: Jalen Chapman (Indianapolis Colts)

DeMarco Donnelly: Nelson Posey (Dallas Cowboys)





The thing that surprises me the most about this year’s group of Safeties is the size of them as all of my Top 5 are either 6’2” or taller. Randall Sermons leads this group and I could see him going as early as the Top 5 of the draft as with his size at 6’4” combined with his ability to be a run stopper and also play lockdown coverage is remarkable. One of the best classes of Safeties I have ever seen in terms of consistent talent is in this draft and I am very excited to see where these guys go as Safety is a big need for many teams in this years draft.


Draft Comp:


Randall Sermons: Ronnie Harrison (Dallas Cowboys)

Bobby Thomas: Delroy Harvey (Philadelphia Eagles)

Terrell Tyler: Terrelle Edmunds (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Shannon Arrington: Dennis Melton (Detroit Lions)

Rashard Whitehead: Marcus Williams (Miami Dolphins)



MBL Draft Pros Season 47 Rookie Awards

Offensive Rookie of the Year- WR Chauncey Ferguson - Washington Redskins


Chauncey Ferguson came out of the gates like a lighting bolt, asserting himself into the spotlight and never turning back. Ferguson turned a team that was a run first offense into a pass heavy offense just by his presence and I think the best is yet to come for Ferguson. The Redskins main issue is finding a balance in their offense and if they do that it may lead to Ferguson finding himself open more than usual due to the existing running attack led by CMC. The numbers put up by Chauncey was astronomical for a rookie and something we may not see again. 


Defensive Rookie of the Year- DE LeVeon Ball - Seattle Seahawks


In all honesty this was a very off year for these rookie defenders, despite the talent being there, the play on the field was just off. That sentiment was true for most rookie defenders, but not this guy. I have said more than enough about LeVeon Ball in my previous articles for you to know I am a big fan of this guy. Ball to come out and make an instant impact in the pass and rush defense is not seen a lot in rookies in the MBL. With the stout defense being built in Seattle, I do not see LeVeon slowing down by any means.


Biggest Surprise- QB Marc Jackson - Atlanta Falcons


Marc Jackson, QB of the Atlanta Falcons. That is not something I thought I would be saying at this time after we just witnessed an insane season from QB Sam McCoy, but the Falcons questioned if McCoy was worth the contract he was asking for and in stepped Jackson. Throwing for 24 TDs and only 7 INTs as a rookie is very impressive, especially when he did not start every game. From the looks of it, Marc Jackson has taken the reigns in Atlanta and Sam McCoy is on the outs and heading to Free Agency. As a 4th round pick, the Falcons could have found a big time steal with Marc Jackson if he can keep his production high.


Biggest Letdown- QB Damon Porter - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Now the Biggest Letdown is QB Damon Porter, or should I just put this on the Tampa Bay Organization. The situation Tampa presented to Damon Porter was one that did not leave him in a position to prosper. Having 2 All Pro WRs is nice in OBJ and Raymond Davis, but outside of that the rest of their weapons are lackluster to say the least. When you have no rushing attack to lean on and your starting TE is Bug Howard, that throws all the pressure onto a Rookie QB and I never expect a Rookie to be able to handle that much pressure.


Draft Steal- CB Juan Freeman - Baltimore Ravens


As a late 2nd round pick the Baltimore Ravens got tremendous production out of Juan Freeman. Snagging 5 INTs in Season 47 which was tied for the league lead by rookies. With the recent acquisition of Justin Layne by the Ravens, the secondary continues to get better and just at the right time as Baltimore continues its quest at another Super Bowl Title. 


Draft Bust- CB Abraham Becton - Cleveland Browns


When you draft someone #2 you expect to get high production, but the Browns did not get that from Abraham Becton. Despite dealing with injury Becton appeared in 12 games and only amounted 12 tckls and only 3 defl. This season was definitely a bust for Becton, but I have faith he can turn this around as he gets used to the speed of the MBL game and gets comfortable in the Browns defensive system.



MBL Draft Pros Season 47 End of Season Top 5 Rookie Watch

MBL Draft Pros Season 47 End Of Season Top 5 Rookie Watch



  1. WR Chauncey Ferguson - Washington Redskins (95 rec 1,633 yds 16 TDs)


The Redskins drafted the 24 yr old Chauncey Ferguson with hopes that he had the experience to come into a very young WR core and be a leader in his rookie year and they got that and so much more. Leading the MBL in receptions with 95, that number is 10 above the 2nd in the MBL, fellow rookie WR Eddie Edmonds of the New York Jets. Ferguson was also one of 3 WRs to average over 100 yds a game along with Eddie Valentine and Calvin Vaughn. Being able to haul in that many passes for that many yards and TDs is an incredible feat for a rookie and that is why he is #1 on the Draft Pros Rookie Top 5.


  1. HB Lance Arkin - Arizona Cardinals (194 car 1,257 yds 12 TDs, 52 rec 530 yds 5 TDs) 


The 2nd half of the season for Lance Arkin was spectacular to watch and that was all due to the Cardinals starting to trust their Rookie HB more. Before Week 10 Arkin only had 10+ carries 3 times, but from Week 10 on he never had less than double digit carries and he did not let his team down. A true dual threat, Arkin added 52 rec to his 194 car and there was only one game all season where Arkin did not catch a pass. Going from not being on the Top 5 list at all this season to getting all the way up to being in the conversation to potentially be #1 is extremely impressive for the speedy HB.


  1. HB Ross Preston - New England Patriots (160 car 871 yds 12 TDs, 39 rec 495 yds 8 TDs)


I think the Patriots have found their new go to HB in Ross Preston. The University of Buffalo Alumn like Lance Arkin not only showed his prowess running the football, but also catching it out of the backfield. Preston was a big time difference maker for this Patriots team as he came away with 20 total TDs on the season. A high powered Patriots offense saw a ton of production out of their rookie HB and made Tyree Jackson’s job a lot easier. Going into his 2nd season I expect Ross’ production to skyrocket, with a year under his belt he know understands the Patriots system more and the Patriots understand how they can use him effectively.


  1. WR Eddie Edmonds - New York Jets (85 rec 1,368 yds 7 TDs) 


Another player who is on our Top 5 list for the first time is WR Eddie Edmonds of the New York Jets. Edmonds showed up in a big way for the Jets as their #2 WR behind Kyle Lee. After trading away Mecole Hardman and then letting Michael Thomas hit Free Agency, this WR core was depleted and the Rookie took over the slack and delivered. The only critique I have for the WR out of SD State is that he only found the end zone 7 times. You gotta be able to get in the endzone to give your team a chance at winning games. The Jets had their worst season of the cycle in Season 47 and ranked 23rd in PPG and their inability to put their offensive weapons in the right positions to score TDs was their downfall.


  1. DE LeVeon Ball - Seattle Seahawks (34 tckls, 9 TFL, 12 sacks)


A defensive end that can do it all is LeVeon Ball of the Seattle Seahawks. Ball has been a regular on our Top 5 and his play on the field speaks volumes on why that is so. He finished the season with 12 sacks as he was the only rookie to reach double digits in sacks while also finishing with 9 TFL he showed that he can also be very efficient at defending the rushing game as well. With the ball hawking secondary in Seattle locking down the opposing WRs I expect big things from LeVeon Ball who could potentially be a Top 10 edge rusher in the MBL in the coming seasons.



MBL Season 47 Week 11 Top 5 Rookie Watch

Draft Pros Midseason Top 5 Rookies



  1. WR Chauncey Ferguson - Washington Redskins (62 rec 1,130 yds 11 TD)


This statline is amazing to see for a WR in his rookie year as Ferguson has toasted defenses all season and currently leads the MBL in receptions at 62. Ferguson has responded well to the high volume of targets, but the Redskins have not been able to string together wins. Ferguson will continue to shine, especially with fellow Rookie WR Morgan Pryor being out for the next 7 weeks with a dislocated ankle, expect Ferguson to play an even bigger role on this offense than he already has.


  1. DE LeVeon Ball - Seattle Seahawks (21 tak, 5 tfl, 9 sacks)


LeVeon Ball has been the big surprise in terms of rookie performances this season. Through 11 weeks of play he has almost eclipsed the double digit number for sacks and sits at 2nd on the Seahawks with 9 sacks. This was the perfect team for a young promising pass rusher to go to as the Seahawks have focused on developing and building their secondary and that leads to a lot of coverage sacks and Ball is feasting on those opportunities.


  1. WR Marc France - Green Bay Packers (42 rec 834 yds 8 TDs) 


After the Packers traded Davante Adams to the Chiefs earlier this season, Marc France jumped at the opportunity to take over as the #1 WR in Green Bay. Having a tremendous rookie campaign so far, France has helped the Packers to a 6-4 record and 1 game out of 1st in the NFC North. As the season progresses, I expect to see more and more of the speedy rookie WR out of Wisconsin, Marc France.


  1. Ramon Middleton - Miami Dolphins (110 car 379 yds 4 TDs, 48 rec 564 yds 9 TDs)


Ramon Middleton has not made his presence known running the football, but catching it out of the backfield. Middleton has been just as impactful as some WRs, sitting at 48 rec he currently has more receptions than our #3 Rookie, Marc France. With 13 total TDs, Middleton has been a beast at finding the endzone. Sitting at 4 now may only be temporary because I could see Middleton rising up this board to possible even #1 if he keeps producing at a high level.


  1. Damon Porter - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (175-305 2,505 yds 16 TDs 19 INTs)


#5 on this list could have gone to many different players, but Damon Porter cracks the Top 5 once again. Porter is the only rookie QB worth mentioning despite leading the Bucs to a 3-7 record and having 3 more INTs than TDs. The entire offense has been put on his back due to the Bucs Rookie HB Braydon LaFleur having only 221 yds and averaging 2.5 ypc. I believe once the Buccaneers can get a rushing game going they will be able to get the most production out of their young QB.



MBL Season 47 Week 4 Top 5 Rookie Watch

MBL Season 47 Week 4 Top 5 Rookie Watch



  1. WR Chauncey Ferguson - Washington Redskins (25 rec, 445 yds, 4 TDs)


Chauncey is a very intriguing player, the 6’4” WR out of USC was selected by the Washington Redskins as the 16th pick in the 1st Round. The talent is definitely there as we can see from his big time performances through the first few weeks. The Redskins who were primarily a run first team last season with Christian McCaffery have made it known that they want to throw the ball more. With the Redskins at 0-3 and their next WR at 11 rec and 182 yds, some feel this may be a case of over targeting a Rookie and I share that sentiment.  


  1. QB Damon Porter - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (76-124 60% Comp. %, 993 yds, 7 TDs, 3 INTs)


The 19th overall pick, Damon Porter has been exactly what the Buccaneers need with an aging Andrew Luck regressing tremendously. After a stellar debut where he threw for 431 yds and 4 TDs against the Saints, Porter was met with some tougher opponents in the Falcons where he struggled a bit. In those games we saw a total of 380 yds, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Moving forward I expect big things from the Buccaneers Rookie QB as he continues to get acclimated in their system.


  1. HB Ramon Middleton - Miami Dolphins (44 att, 173 yds, 3 TDs, 22 rec, 235 yds, 4 TDs)


With their 2nd Round Selection, the Miami Dolphins selected HB Ramon Middleton out of Penn State. Middleton was known for his pass catching ability out of the backfield and that has definitely translated into the MBL. With 7 total TDs, he leads all rookies in TDs and with 361 total yards he leads all rookie HBs. This is looking like an A+ pick for the Dolphins if Middleton can ride the momentum of this hot start for the rest of the season.


  1. DE Leveon Ball - Seattle Seahawks (5 tckls, 5 sacks) 


The first defensive player on the list, Leveon Ball did not play Week 1, but once he was given a chance he showed how dominant he can be. Recording 1 sack in his first game and then 4 sacks in Week 3. As a 2nd round pick Seattle had some hope he could develop into a great pass rusher, but Ball is showing them he has the skills to be great right now and could finish this season with double digit sacks as a rookie and fight for DROY honors. 


  1. HB Manny Henderson - Detroit Lions (34 att., 307 yds, 5 TDs, 6 rec, 71 yds)


Manny Henderson comes in at #5 and that is because of his huge Week 3 game, rushing the ball 17 times for 209 yards and getting into the endzone 3 times. With Dalvin Cook leading the Lions rushing attack, Henderson has shown that he is more than capable of making this a very dominant 1-2 punch for Detroit. With limited carries it may be hard for Henderson to fight for OROY honors, but expect some more production from the speedy HB out of Texas Tech.



MBL Draft Pros S46 Defensive Top 5


A lot of big guys in this years draft class as we don’t see a ton of edge rushers highlighting this group. The lone edge rusher of the group Josh Lowell is a mystery to everyone after he was not able to be at the Combine.



The best MLB prospect I have seen this cycle is in this years draft and his name is Donnell Thomas. Thomas is a jack of all trades and a real leader on defense. The UCLA MLB posted 1st in almost all the major combine categories, the 40 yard dash was the only thing he missed being 1st in and he recorded the 2nd fastest time.



Maybe the best CB draft class of the cycle is highlighted by Kirkland Jones. We have 5 players here that all have Star potential. These guys could be big difference makers for teams in the early half of the 1st round looking to bolster their defense.



This Safety group are pretty lackluster in the fact that I dont see anyone who can make an impact day 1. There will have to be some development to get these guys on the right track, but dont sleep on this class if they get put in the right situation.


MBL Draft Pros S46 Offensive Top 5



This QB Class is definitely not the greatest class we have seen this cycle, but we do have the odd pairing of our top 2 QBs coming from the same school. Barry Everett was the star at Auburn and while Wesley Lynch was poised to take the reigns next season, he surprised everyone and announced he was going to enter the MBL Draft. Lynch is a longshot but I could see a desperate team taking a shot on Lynch early in the draft.




A star studded HB class led by the speedster Abdul Blackmon. With a bunch of teams already set at the position you may see a couple of these great players slip and fall into the late 2nd possibly 3rd round. 




A lot of questions in this WR class as no one is a certain hit. Ronnell Fitzpatrick and Jayden Burley lead the pack as 1st rounders, but if they have the ability to live up to that level is not a guarantee. My sleeper of the WR position is Jalen Tarpley as he possesses all the tools to be great, he just needs to be put in the right situation to maximize his potential.




A very top heavy Offensive Lineman class that is headlined by Perry Stead. After this Top 5 the class gets extremely thin and I don’t see a lot of potential in any of them. 


MBL Season 44 Draft Pros Defensive Top 5 Position Rankings


A strong interior defensive line presence in this year's draft as the amount of edge rushers is very slim. Maybe a team can find a diamond in the rough that will produce on the edge but I expect these top DTs to be difference makers day 1 for the teams that select them.



Another weak LB class in terms of depth at the position. Outside of Treyvon Williams, I really do not see a player that can make a legitimate difference on a team from the jump. Wade Bedell and Dylan Harrell both have potential at the MLB position, but I am curious to see if their development depends on where they are selected.



I love the CBs in this Top 5, they all have great potential and look set to be big time playmakers wherever they go. In terms of size, speed and skill they definitely have all the tools you are looking for in a great CB.



A nice Safety class in this year’s draft, but that is just it, nice. I do not think that there is a Safety that sticks out that much of the pack. I really think it all depends on where these guys are drafted and that will decide the productivity of each guy.



MBL Season 44 Draft Pros Offensive Top 5 Position Rankings


An extremely deep QB draft, we could potentially see all of the QBs in my Top 5 fighting for starting jobs during the preseason. Led by Freddie Felton the Heisman Award Winner and the QB that I believe is gonna end up packing his bags for San Francisco as the #1 pick in tonight’s draft. I am very excited to see where these QBs end up after the dust settles and the draft is over.



The one thing I can say about this HB class is that they definitely do not lack speed. With 2 HBs in the Top 5 running sub 4.40 40 times, I could see a team or 2 reach on HBs to try and bring in a big play guy to add some firepower to their offense. The Chiefs and Colts are my teams who I see HB being a big enough need to make a move in the 1st round so we shall see what happens tonight.



A BIG time WR class with an emphasis on BIG. With every WR on my Top 5 being 6’0” and over, the size factor makes this class a very intriguing group to follow. I expect the majority of these guys to go very early and all of them to be off the board when the 1st round comes to a close. There are a bunch of teams with WR as a need and these guys are top notch talent.



A solid group of Offensive Linemen as we head into this draft. This group has high potential and should have a couple of these guys going inside the top 10 picks. With Offensive Linemen getting older in the MBL, every team needs potential replacements at this position and this may be the best draft to do it with the depth at the position.



MBL Draft Pros Season 43 Offensive Top 5s







MBL Draft Pros Season 43 Defensive Top 5s