Mid Season Power Rankings

by Brideau5913 | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Here we go ya bunch of animals. Been barkin for some power rankings to see who's the top of the leaderboards. 
This isn't just a rando biased or purely scheddy based ranking either. some math was involved. 
Tryin to run it
1. Steelers- Congratz bruh. ya finally did it. flex if you must but ya still lost 2 in a row so enjoy it while it lasts.
2. Texans- elite defense and a great record is pretty dope but if you didn't have the jags and titans 4 games a year this is wildly different.
3. Packers- maybe his recent offense inflated his rank but Aaron been puttin in work, now keep that bench warm bitch
4. COWBOYSS- love you Fiddie <3 defense has been solid and coming away with some crucial wins early keep it going big dawg
5. The Baltimore Lamar Jacksons- fix your defense you fuckin scrub. you'd be 1 if you didn't give up all the tuddies buddy
6. Bengals- North is tough, Ross is a key component of this ranking with the elite offense and record of team. 
7. Eagles- Weird that the TOP OFFENSE IN THE LEAGUEEEE, needs a better record before they keep fliexin.
8. Falcons- Old man may not be able to run with the big boys but good luck scoring on his defense
9. Cardinals- Heyyy gurl heyy. Is what your soft ass defense says to WRs sprinting to the endzone. stop em and ill rank you higher
10. JETS- top tier defense and offense, just been having a weird opening with your record. keep at her and you're on the rise cuzo

Middle of the pack
11. Chargers- Blue? okay record, subpar offense but good defense? sounds about right... not bad for now but try and be better
12. Dolphins- similar to cards, you got some work to do on defense. but given you have the dolphins you're getting a considerable buff
13. Colts- still a little sour I couldn't take the Colts over but at least you're doing it justice. riding defense pulling your meh offense up
14. Raiders-  you are the definition of average.. do something to stand out or bring your defense up a notch. you're so close
15. Bears- what the actual fuck did you do with the vicious we all loved. #1 defense and your offense is dogshit. sort yourself out.
16. Saints- Glad they're not a CPU anymore but lets be real, they'd be better off. Proud of your defense Yeez but the rest is questionable
17. R-Words- I expected more from Breezy, but not so much from the Skins. this feels about right
18. Browns- anything better than 0 wins is godly in cleveland but a big step back from last season. Big win over Pit. Your O needs work
19. Chiefs- Dusty slinging it for a top 10 Offense, turn them points into W's and you're in business big shoots.Trade me Tyreek <3
20. Bills- Bout time Josh Allan gets the respect he deserves, just outside the top 10 offense but he's still a Bill so. what can ya do

Ya'll lookin for them draft picks?
21. Titans- you were actually rated slightly higher but with all the 21's popping up in my math you had to get knocked back a tier
22. Broncos- The Lindsay cheese finally slowed down when that dude left, guess the broncos aren't elite yet
23. Bucs- Defense is holding you back from your full potential. But so is your offense... and your record. Advice- MIKE EVANS... yw
24. Seahawks- Wilsons overpaid offense is subpar.. Legion of Boom/ more like "Lots of Room" to improve. k they're not all gold smd
25. 49ers- Nasty ass Dline is not shining so much in SF, but is doing more than the offense. But that's not saying much.. sorry fam
26. RAMS- Defending superbowl champs!!! lol what happened? offense is top 5 but damn, the rest is attrocious. good luck with the pup
27. Vikings- Divisions a bit tough you right, but you gotta get the wheels turnin or start sellin before your pieces retire
28. Pats- Beat up on the Jags... woo tough guy. since then you're 2nd last in offense in my book. keep relying on defense, it's not working
29. Lions- hey, at least it's not 2008. Suckin it for that Megatron pick? Record is slightly better than your O and D give you credit for
30- JAGS- here we go boys. POWER. FUCKING. BOTTOM. Dibs 1st overall. I'd say I'm tanking but i just fucking suck apparently
31. Giants- I don't even know what's going on, CPU? User? in either case Barkley should be a GOD. use him till he dies
32. Panthers- Offensively and defensivley, middle of the pack! however your record just doesn't balance out

Feedback/ issues? questions? shoot me a line. I won't answer.