eXtreme Gridiron League (XGL) Rules & Regulations

General Setup: 32 Teams, Regular Rosters League with Salary Cap ON - You must Create a Coach - No stock coaches allowed.  The overriding theme in this league is sportsmanship.  What that means is that we are all here to have fun with our other league members.  Always show respect to other members. If ever in doubt about something that is not listed in the rules below, just ask yourself whether it is a sportsmanlike thing to do.  Also ask yourself if it is the sort of thing you see in a real NFL game.

Stock Playbooks: For each game, you must choose a stock offensive and defensive playbook.  Custom playbooks are not allowed for league games in this league.  Any book that comes with the game and hasn't been edited is considered stock, including books like Run Heavy, Multiple D, etc.

Team Assignment and Team Swap Trades: Prior to each Madden being released, the 32 owners will be randomly assigned teams for the coming Madden.  These team assignments will be live streamed and after assignment leading up to the release of Madden team trades can be negotiated.  Team trades can be straight up swaps or one or both sides of the team swap can negotiate in players and/or draft picks that will be sent to the other owner from the team they are getting.  Draft picks included must be owned by the team in question and can only come from the upcoming two drafts.  Check the real life NFL trades to make sure the draft pick that you are proposing to move is owned by the team in question.  Madden will reflect real life trades when the league starts.  Any player that is being moved will incur the usual cap hit that trading a player costs.  Cap penalties will never be cleared, so make sure you take a player’s contract into account before negotiating him into a trade.  If an NFL team in real life trades away a player or pick that was promised as part of a team swap trade then the owners involved may renegotiate the trade or the trade will be deemed null and void.  If this impacts any subsequent trades those will also be reversed.  Players and picks that are negotiated into a team swap deal belong with and stay with the teams they were traded to, not the owners.  Hence, any subsequent team swap deals have to explicitly include those players and/or picks if they are to move.  As an example, if owner X trades the Ravens to owner Y for the Dolphins and as a part of that deal the new Dolphins owner sends the Dolphins 4th round pick to the Ravens and the new Ravens owner sends the Ravens 1st round pick to the Dolphins, then those picks will be swapped regardless of future trades.  If owner X subsequently trades the Dolphins for the Bears then the new Dolphins owner will be the one to receive the Ravens first round pick, unless that pick is explicitly mentioned in the Bears/Dolphins trade to move to the Bears.  All team trades must be posted in a special section on the DaddyLeagues forum and agreed to by both parties then approved by a commish to be final.

Trading: Never trade with a CPU owned team.  Trades must include - Player Name - Position - Overall Rating, and Age. Trades must first be posted on the XGL Forum and then Agreed to by the other owner involved.  An Admin must then approve the trade.  Make sure you have the cap room and consider the player contracts and cap implications of every trade before agreeing.  Once approved a deal is final and must be executed.  Any player that reneges on a deal after it has been approved will face suspension, loss of player, and/or loss of ability to trade for the remainder of that season.  After approval, the trade must be processed through the in game Madden Trade Mechanism.  Never attempt to process a trade using sign and release in the game, you must use the trade mechanism.  New owners must play at least FOUR regular season games with their team and get approval from the commish committee before being allowed to trade or agree to trades.  Those FOUR games must be actually played, not simmed or Force Wins. Exceptions may be granted by the commish committee for players brought in during offseason, but if done this will be announced to the entire league before any trades are made by the new owner.

XP Sliders:  XP sliders will be set to 200% for all positions throughout the preseason and regular seasons.  This gives every owner fair opportunities to build their teams and compete for weekly goals and awards.  At the end of week 17, prior to the awarding of end of year awards and the advance to playoffs, the XP sliders will all be lowered to 50% for every position.  They will remain at 50% throughout the playoffs.  This is to address the insanely large rewards that were given by Madden for players that earn end of year awards like MVP.  It also levels the playing field a bit between playoff and non-playoff teams as the non-playoff teams do not get an opportunity to earn any XP during the playoffs.  NO POSITION CHANGES FOR XP PURPOSES:  We are instituting a rule this year that you can not change player positions prior to game prep to boost XP.  If you are caught doing this, you will be subject to suspension or loss of player.  Minimize your positional changes going forward.

Scheduling: Advances will occur on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday late at night.  Contact your opponent within 24 hours of the advance to a given week.  Be prepared to show evidence of attempted contacts (GroupMe screenshots) if you wish to request a force win.  We will keep track of which teams are causing issues with scheduling and take corrective actions.

Streaming and Archiving: The visiting team is required to broadcast gameplay.  We encourage both teams to broadcast gameplay if possible, because if you have an issue with your opponent you don't want to rely on his stream which could be turned off or deleted at any time.  Our preferred provider for broadcasting streams is Twitch.  We also require everyone to turn on the stream archiving feature within Twitch (or equivalent for whatever service you're using).  Under Twitch, go to your Account "Settings".  Under the "Channel & Videos" tab, scroll down to "Archive Broadcasts" and check the box labelled "Automatically archive my broadcasts".

Gameplay Rules
DON'T RUN UP THE SCORE on an opponent
There is a strict point limit rule enforced. 55 is our scoring limit. A sizeable and commanding lead is considered to be 21 points.  Should your lead be less than 21 points difference then you will be allowed to score again to maintain at least a three TD lead. Please do not run the score up on your opponents.  Safety’s are no longer considered as an excuse for breaking this rule. All infractions will receive a mandatory minimum of one game suspension. There will be no more warnings.

STAT PADDING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: Instances of stat padding will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the commish committee and may incur a suspension.

4th Down Rules:  You must punt or kick the field goal except in the following situations:
1.    Anytime in the 4th quarter when losing you can go for it
2.    If you are losing by 21 points or more at any time you can go for it
3.    TWO COACH’S CHOICES:  Twice per game you can choose to go for it outside of the above two situations.  However, you can not use this to abuse sportsmanship, run up the score, or pad stats if you have an insurmountable lead late in the game.  Kick the field goal or punt, do not go for it on 4th down if you have a large lead.

Two Point Conversion Rule:  Coach's Decision Always.  It will always be up to the coach to decide whether to kick the XP or to go for two points.  This adds some excitement to the 2 point conversion or extra point play.  In general, most owners will take the sure XP.  But you can always gamble whenever you choose.  Also realize part of this gamble is that the defense could return the 2 point conversion for a score to get 2 points of their own.

No Huddle Rules:  You may go no-huddle only ONCE on each drive except for the following cases
1.    If you are down by 21 points, you can go no-huddle at any rate
2.    If you are down by 9 points or more in 4th quarter you can go no-huddle at any rate
3.    If you are in last 2 minutes of the 1st half, you can go no-huddle at any rate
4.    If you are in last 2 minutes of the game, you can go no-huddle at any rate only if you are not winning.

MIX UP PLAY CALLING On Both Offense and Defense:  On any single drive, you may only call a given play out of a given formation at most TWICE.  This applies to both offensive and defensive play calling.  Running the same play out of the same formation three times on a single drive will be subject to suspension.  The only exception to this is the No Huddle situations above.  This rule does not apply when No Huddle is being run because there are a very limited number of plays to run on both offense or defense and the defense particularly may not be given time to audible to new plays and instead may be focussing on their adjustments.  If someone breaks this rule against you, send a video clip of the drive in question to an Admin for review.  Also realize that this is just one way to quantify not mixing it up.  You should not be running the same plays every drive.  Call a wide variety of plays.

RUSH AT LEAST 3 players:  You must rush at least rush 3 defenders on each play.  QB contain defenders count as rushers.  That is, you could have two defenders on QB contains and one on a red arrow blitz, or at least three defenders on a red arrow blitz otherwise. QB Spy does not count as rusher.

NO FAKES (exception coach’s choices) : No fake field goal, punt or sneak onside kicks are allowed ever.  The only exception is Coach’s Choice 4th Down Rule.  When using your Coach's Choices, you may call a fake punt or fake field goal.

Onside Kick Rule: You can only perform an onside kick in the 4th quarter when you are down by enough points that you would not be able to come back without an onside kick recovery.  That is, if the other team were to recover the ball, then the game would be effectively over.  This must be a called onside kick, no surprise onside kicks are allowed.

Short Punt Glitch: There is a short punt glitch that often can cause the receiving team to not be able to field the punt or call a fair catch; it hit's the receiver and causes a turnover.  If you kick a punt that fails to travel more than 25 yards and recover the punt, you must immediately give the ball back to the opposing team as if they had fair caught the ball.  The easiest way to do this preserving clock time and field position is to call the QB spike play 4 times to turn the ball over on downs.

No Swerve Catching:  This glitch will not be tolerated and is subject to suspension.  This is where you throw the ball then select the WR to control and swerve him to get the defender to follow you away from the ball then swerve back to the ball to catch it undefended.

Do not use the entire play CLOCK repeatedly: Occasionally you may need to use the entire play clock to run a play but let this be the exception rather than the rule.  Do not intentionally run the entire play clock down play after play just to run time off the clock; you should consistently snap before it gets into the red.  The only exception to this is when you are controlling the clock late in the game to prevent additional possession by your opponent.  But this is only allowed in the last 2 minutes of each half or with a lead of 21 or more.

BLITZING: No particular blitzes are banned at this time, but anything that causes instant pressure and leads to the QB being sacked before he finishes his drop back is suspect.  Don't intentionally glitch to produce instant pressure.  This includes Nano blitzing, D-line turbo blitzing, etc.  Instances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and penalties may be handed out or more refined rules instituted if this becomes a problem. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This blitzing rule is intended only to address flaws in the game AI where an offensive blocker is "confused" into not blocking anyone.  If the defense blitzes more defenders than the offense has in to block or overloads one side of the offensive line, then this is a hot read and it is up to the QB to get rid of the ball before being sacked.  Be smart about this and keep a RB in to block or key your hot read quickly if you see the blitz coming at the snap.

Disconnection Rules NO QUITTING: Never intentionally disconnect, quit, or otherwise cause lag or a desync or excessive grieving.  If you have an issue in a game, pause and speak to your opponent.  If the issue remains unresolved, capture video and continue the game to completion.  Discuss your issues afterwards with an Admin on the competition committee.

Quitting:  Under no circumstances is quitting tolerated in this league.  Quitting a game results in an automatic suspension.  If you are losing by a wide margin and the game is clearly over please ask your opponent if you can concede the game.  If they agree then use the game menu to quit after the 3rd quarter has started to concede.

Disconnection and Injuries Regardless of whether a disconnection occurred due to network issues, power issues, or user error, if an injury occurred prior to the disconnection, the player may be suspended for a length of time to be determined by the commish committee.

REPLAYING A DISCO: If a game gets disconnected, discuss with your opponent how to best replicate the in game situation during a replay.

CPU Games and Force-Win:  Never Play vs a CPU opponent ever; we may be in the process of replacing this owner.  If your opponent is out of town or otherwise unavailable to play, have them contact an Admin of the league so that one of us can use the Force-Win feature.

QB -> QB (No changes allowed)
HB -> WR or HB
WR -> HB or TE (Spd must be <= 85 to move WR to TE)
FB -> TE, OL
TE -> FB, OL
OL -> FB, TE, OL (OL can be freely interchanged between T, G, and C)
DE -> DT or LB
DT -> DE or LB
LB -> DT or DE
CB -> FS, SS, or LB (Spd must be <= 85 to move CB to LB)
S -> CB or LB (Spd must be <= 85 to move S to LB)
K -> P
P -> K
Movement within a position is always okay.  For example, LE->RE, OLB->MLB, FS->SS, etc.

Infractions/Suspensions Review Process: We will review all infractions against the rules that are BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION by the owner the rule was broken against. Review of the infraction will be discussed in commish chat and voted on. We are not a single person and decisions will be made as a group. We will review tape if provided and any other things brought to our attention.

Suspensions: Going forward the Suspensions will be streamlined to the following:
Tier 1:
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1 Game suspension
3rd Offense: 3 Game Suspension
4th Offense: Das Boot
Tier 2:
1st Offense: 1 Game Suspension
2nd Offense: 3 Game Suspension
3rd Offense: Das Boot
The tier you fall in depends on the severity of the 1st infraction committed.

Admins:  There are several appointed Admins in the group including JdM_EcKO, JOEYCRACK696, Maktarjive, Neo613, StateProperty247, StealthieOne, and Showout. These owners can be contacted for issues regarding unresponsive owners, trade approval, or rule enforcement.  Admins discuss issues when necessary in an admin chat room before acting, so bring your issue up before the advance deadline looms if possible.

Rookie Drafts: We will only run rounds 1 through 5 of each rookie draft and simulate rounds 6 and 7.  You are welcome to trade for 6th and 7th round picks as long as you know that the CPU will be making those picks for you.  Owners who time out on a pick will have future picks skipped unless they indicate that they have returned to make picks in the draft again.

Dropping and Signing players to circumvent the salary cap is Banned.  If you are caught dropping a player and then re-signing him you will incur a suspension and lose the player to free agency.  You also may not change a player's position to sign him more cheaply then change him back.  In general any attempt to circumvent the salary cap will incur a suspension and loss of the player in question and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

No Name Changes: You are not allowed to change player names by editing the player.  If you have changed a player's name, change it back to the original name.  If you are found to be playing with a player who has had his name changed, you may forfeit the player or have the player suspended.