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January 2, 2021

January 2, 2021

We have revamped the rulebook about usering certain positions. Please take a look below.

Here is a quick overview of what is changed, but as always please go to the rules page for the full explainations: http://www.mofleagues.com/rules

  • 2.3.1: You MUST rush at mimimum 3 players at all times. You cannot choose a play that rushes 3 players and audible one into coverage. You cannot call any plays that rush only 2 players.

  • 2.3.2: Manually Usering Defender Guidelines: You may move one and ONLY one player manually pre-snap and you MUST user that player until the ball is snapped.

    • Lurking around the line of scrimmage with a defender and leaping to intercept balls downfield will be prohibited. If you are manually controlling a defender, you must drop back into a zone or manually cover a receiver, you may NOT sit right at the line of scrimmage and jump as soon as the ball is thrown
    • Defensive Lineman:
      • A defensive lineman is defined as any defender that is on the line of scrimmage in a 3-point stance. Also known as a Down Lineman. Players that are standing on the line of scrimmage are NOT considered down lineman.
      • You ARE allowed to manually control a Defensive Lineman (Down Lineman) but ONLY for the purposes of rushing the passer.
      • You CANNOT manually drop a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. The only exception to this rule is if the defensive play that was called puts your defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage.
      • You CANNOT hot route a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. (Including covering Flats or to Spy).
      • You CANNOT manually move defensive lineman in any direction until the ball is snapped.
    • Linebackers:
      • There are no specific restrictions on usering linebackers at this time.
    • Defensive Backs:
      • If you are usering a defensive back, you may NOT move them inside the linebackers or on the line of scrimmage unless you are in a goalline situation (Inside your own 10).
      • While usering the DB and you are in zone coverage, you NEED to press or strafe and stay in your designated zone area. You CANNOT dart to the middle of the field and run all over the place.
      • If you are usering the DB and you are in man coverage, you MUST stay on your WR that you are manned up against. You CANNOT simply leave your coverage and drop into a zone.
      • Once the ball is in the air, you may leave your designated zone / man area.

    Season 59 Rule Changes:
    • Waiver system now in place: Regular season cannot cut players rated 80 or above without league permission. If so, teams will have 24 hours to put in a claim.
    • We are no longer allowed to play the CPU in absence of opponent.
    • We have turned OFF the Dev Trait Management: Developement Trait Regression option.
    • We will now be turning injuries OFF for simmed games (advances).
    • We have modified our scheduling rules located (5.2) in the rulebook. You MUST schedule your game within 24 hours of week opening.
    • Pre-Season Free-Agency: Once we move into the pre-season advances you will only be allowed to sign ONE player for the ENTIRE Preseason. This Is Done To Prevent Hoarding. If you need to fill your roster during pre-season to get to 53, players have to be rated 65 overall or lower.
    • You are NOW allowed to move OLB to DE and vise versa, without position change request.
    • We have implemented a league incentive program that gives you points for league participation. To view the entire process please check Section 8 in the MOF rulebook. If you have any questions please reach out. Coach Estrada will be the league incentive manager.

    Commissioner Jeff
    President | Madden Online Football
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    Daddy Leagues | http://DaddyLeagues.com/mof
    MOF Radio | YouTube
    Email | jdypko@gmail.com
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