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February 20, 2020
The Commissioner has sent out a newsletter regarding the rule changes for Season 54.

  • You MUST rush at mimimum 3 players at all times. You cannot choose a player that rushes 3 players and audible one into coverage. You cannot call any plays that rush only 2 players.
  • Trading Players: You CAN now trade free-agents you picked up in the same season, any player you acquire in the same season and any rookie.
  • Playbooks: You are now allowed to use the NFL live playbook option.
  • Waiver System: You cannot drop any player rated 75 or above without league approval. If you wish to drop someone rated 75 overall or above, please contact a staff member.
    • We will hold a waiver wire claim for the player cut.  You will have 24 hours (or less depending on when we are set to advance) to put a claim on the player.
    • The waiver order will be from worst to best overall record. 
    • We will contact you via discord for your claim status. We will give you adequate time to respond.

Please visit the rules page for the entire rulebook.

- Commissioner Jeff

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