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April 11, 2020

First and foremost i want to congratulate Coach MackDaddy and the Browns on his first MOF Super Bowl title! Long awaited and well deserved! Congratulations to BigReg on a great season that just fell 1 win short you will be back im sure!

Now onto the off-season!! We are now accepting trade proposals for the up coming season, remember you have 4 trades from now until the trade-deadline.

In more big news, i am certain that we can get 2 more seasons in of Madden '20. The way we have been rolling along and with the coronavirus pandemic forcing alot of us to stay home, i think we'll be able to fit in two more seasons before Madden '21 is released! So let's do our best on that.

Here is the off-season schedule which begins tonight!!

  • Saturday April 11 - Re-sign expiring contracts - You will have 24 hours to complete - Advance Sunday at 9pm EST
  • Sunday April 12 - Free-Agent Signing Stage 1 - You will have 24 hours to complete. - Advance Monday between 8:30-9pm EST
  • Monday April 13 - Free-Agent Signing Stage 2 - You will have 24 hours to complete. Advance Tuesday between 8:30-9pm EST
  • Tuesday April 14 - Free-Agent Signing Stage 3 & Rookie 5th Year Deals - You will have 30 minutes to complete. 
  • Tuesday April 14 - Free-Agent Wrap-Up & Scouting - You will have 30 minutes to complete.
  • Tuesday April 14 -  The Player Draft: This will begin immediately after the Free-Agent and Scouting Stage at approximately 9:30pm/10pm EST
  • Tuesday April 14 -  After the player draft we will advance to the pre-season. Please do NOT play any pre-season games.
  • Wednesday April 15 - At approximately 8pm EST We will advance the pre-season every 10 minutes until we get to the regular season. Injuries will be turned off for the pre-season.
  • Wednesday April 15 - Regular Season Starts.

- Commissioner Jeff

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