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October 21, 2020

October 21, 2020

MOF SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS! The Denver Broncos and Coach Knightnoles have defeated the undefeated Packers 45-28! Phillip Lindsay scores 4 touchdowns and is named MVP! Congratulations to both teams for great seasons!

With that said, we are ready to begin the off-season! We will now be voting on trades so go ahead and submit them! Here is your off-season schedule:

  • Wednesday, October 21 - Advance to Off-Season After SB - Resign Stage
  • Thursday, October 22 - 8pm EST - Advance to Free-Agent Signing Stage 1
  • Friday, October 23 - 8:30/9pm EST - Advance to Free-Agent Signing Stage 2
  • Saturday, October 24 - 8:30/9pm EST - Advance to Free-Agent Signing Stage 3 & Rookie 5th deals
  • Sunday, October 25 - 8/8:30pm EST - Free-Agent Wrap-Up & Scouting (You will have 30 minutes to complete)
  • Sunday, October 23 - 9/9:30pm EST - Advance to The Player Draft
  • Sunday, October 23 - After Draft - We will advance pre-season every 10 minutes until we get to the regular season
  • Sunday, October 23 - The regular season will begin

The staff and I also have some rule changes in place for Season 58! Here is a quick overview of what is changed, but as always please go to the rules page for the full explainations: http://www.mofleagues.com/rules
  • 4th Down Changes: You may now go for a 4th down inside the 5 yard line when you are losing, tied, or winning by 7 or less.
  • 4th Down Changes: End Of Game Situations & Overtime: Any 4th down from your own 40 yard line and forward.
  • It is MANDATORY that if you can run out the clock to end the game, you MUST do so. There is absolutely no excuse or reason to run plays when you can simply take knees and run the clock out.
  • Advance Time (Regular Season): Every 72 hours at 9pm EST tentatively depending on games remaining and how fast they are being played. The staff has the right to sim your game if you are the last one left and it is not scheduled
  • Advance Time (Post-Season): Every 48 hours at 9pm EST tentatively.
  • You may NOT release players during the playoffs. You MUST wait until the off-season begins. This prevents playoff teams from picking up solid free-agents and it also helps with record checking purposes for the website
  • You are NOW allowed to substitute a HB into the FB position in short yardage situations (inside either 5 yard line).

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