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Monday, May 1, 2017
What's up coaches!

We kicked off Season 41 this Saturday and i want to thank the staff and everyone involved in getting us through the off-season and draft extremely smooth without any issues. We're getting faster and faster at turning around to a new season. 

With that said, i still need to archive Season 40 some more, so just be on the lookout. I am asking Jfon and Leet to continue their power rankings and expert picks for us, as well as Dre's column. If anyone else wants to write a column or help with website updates, please let me know!

Don't forget you must stream, we will still be handing out player suspensions for coaches who do not stream. 

*Please note i will be sending out newsletters on Mondays and Thursdays before we advance if there are games that have not been played during the current week and they require suspensions they will be pushed to the following week*

Below are the rules that have been changed for the upcoming season, be sure to know them! 


2.2.3 - There are certain plays that we have guidelines on. These plays also cannot be used in excess as well as the following situations:

  • FB Dive can only be used inside your 5 yard line or inside your opponents 5 yard line. (REMOVED)

2.3.7 - Defensive Lineman Rules: (AKA The Pauly Rule)

A defensive lineman is defined as any defender that is on the line of scrimmage in a 3-point stance. Also known as a Down Lineman. Players that are standing on the line of scrimmage are NOT considered down lineman.

  • You ARE allowed to manually control a Defensive Lineman (Down Lineman) but ONLY for the purposes of rushing the passer.  You CANNOT manually drop a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. The only exception to this rule is if the defensive play that was called puts your defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. 
  • You CANNOT hot route a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. However you CAN hot route a defensive lineman to spy or to the flats. IF you hot route a defensive lineman (down lineman) you CANNOT user control him. The only exception is if the offense calls a screen, then you can switch and cover it. 
  • You CANNOT manually move defensive lineman in any direction until the ball is snapped. 

    * The reason for this rule is because there is a widely known glitch that causes the offensive lineman to freeze once you manually move a defender who is on the line of scrimmage up into coverage manually. Doing this and then sending pressure on the opposite side is a known glitch in the madden community, that is why this is prohibited. 


2.4.7 - You are ONLY allowed to call an onside kick if you are losing in the 4th quarter or if you are losing by 28 points at any time in the game.


3.8.1 - First season of the new game Preseason counts as the offseason
3.8.2 - Injuries will be turned off during preseason
3.8.3 - Starting in Season 41 ALL pre-season games will be simmed.
3.8.4 - You will be responsible for your own team management the off-season. We will advance precisely at the times given, and if the CPU cuts a player on you and another coach picks that player up, you will be out of luck. You and ONLY you are responsible for your team.


3.9.1 - If for some reason a coach cannot play their playoff game, due to vacation or league dismissal, we will take the coach of the next best team in the conference and have them create a secondary profile to play as that team. There will no longer be any forfeit or sim wins in the playoffs.
3.9.2 - There will be times when a team is replaced mid-season and has an inside track to the playoffs. For the replacement coach to be eligible for the post-season they must play at least 8 games (no at fault sims or forfeits). If for some reason that replacement coach does not manually play at least 8 games, we will take the coach of the next best team in the CONFERENCE (not division) and have them create a secondary profile and play as that team.
3.9.3 - Continuing off rule 3.9.2 if ANY coach in the league does not manually play at least 8 games (no at fault sims or forfeits), they will NOT be eligible for the post-season. We will take the coach of the next best team in the CONFERENCE (not division) and have them create a secondary profile and play as that team.
* Exception to the rule is if a game is simmed and it is NOT your fault. That will not count against your total of manually played games.

8.1.1 - Violating any rule in the MOF rulebook will result in a player suspension. Depending on how many times you break 1 rule or if you break multiple rules you can have multiple player suspensions. There are ONLY two ways to determine if a rule was broken

NEW * If you break a rule Week 17 your player suspension will carry over to Week 1 of the new season, it will NOT carry over into the playoffs *
NEW * If you break a rule in the playoffs, your player suspension WILL be in effect the next week of the playoffs *

9.2.2 -  If you believe that your opponent broke a rule and that will directly effect the outcome of your game, PAUSE the game immediately. Do not let the game finish, because if you do, we won't be able to do anything. After you pause the game, text your opponent, and tell them that you are talking to a staff member about what happened. Post a message on the groupme chat, asking if there is a staff member here. A staff member will then reach out to you privately. Please explain what happened to that staff member. If you have video evidence, that will be needed to review. We will act quick to decide if the rule break will have a direct effect on the outcome of the game. If it does, you will quit the game and replay it. 
* If there are no staff members available, under these circumstances you MAY quit the game until a staff member can review the rule violation. However if the staff does not find a rule violation, you will receive a forfeit loss for quitting, but you will NOT be removed for quitting *

Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner
President | Madden Online Football
Website | www.mofleagues.com
MOF Radio | http://www.twitch.tv/mofradio
Email | jdypko@gmail.com 
AIM | MOFCommissioner
Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/pages/Madden-Online-Football-MOF/173217082699139
Twitter | http://twitter.com/MOFps4

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