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Monday, July 10, 2017
What's up coaches!

First off, congratulations to MrWitness36 and the Bengals on his Superbowl 41 win over DoubleD187 and the Saints. This is MrWitness36's first season in the MOF and he's already proven that he can hang with the big boys!!

Now onto Season 42. We have decided that we will be taking off the next two months and waiting to start back up once Madden 18 is released. Everyone that played in Season 41 will have first dibs on Madden 18 and Season 42's sign up. Although, i will still absolutely need to know if you plan on coming back when 18 drops. We will probably look to start up the season first week in September, we usually wait a week or two to make sure all the bugs are patched. So if you are coming back, just shoot me a quick email back or announce it on the chatroom so we can mark you down. If you are a veteran who didnt play in Season 41, and you want to come back, just let me know and ill get you in if we have the room. First come first serve basis.

However we will be continuing the current CFM for another season just for fun, the records and stats will NOT count towards MOF record books or your overall win loss records. For those teams without coaches, you can just simply play the CPU. We will leave the GroupMe chat open and if any staff members continue to play the CFM for fun, they can simply advance us.

Have a great summer guys!! 

*Please note i will be sending out newsletters on Mondays and Thursdays before we advance if there are games that have not been played during the current week and they require suspensions they will be pushed to the following week*

Below are the rules that have been changed for the upcoming season, be sure to know them! 


Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner
President | Madden Online Football
Website | www.mofleagues.com
MOF Radio | http://www.twitch.tv/mofradio
Email | jdypko@gmail.com 
AIM | MOFCommissioner
Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/pages/Madden-Online-Football-MOF/173217082699139
Twitter | http://twitter.com/MOFps4

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